Anyone else training for a 10k or half marathon?



  • CLanzaMartin
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    I just started training for Tough Mudder, in Nov....never done anything like this before. :smile:
  • Dgross1
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    I've run one 1/2 and a handful of 5ks. I am supposed to be training for my 2nd half in April, but have been struggling since I've been doing it on the treadmill. I might forego this one and run one this fall, instead. Feel free to add me!
  • aelphabawest
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    I survive treadmills by keeping them relatively short and alternating my pace - I start at what is slow for me, then ever half a mile I increase the pace until I'm doing a pace that is very fast for me, then start decreasing in the same manner.

    If it's above "Feels like" 15F and not too icy, I also run outdoors. But I can't quite bring myself to colder than that, or cold + wet.

    Oh, and re the initial burst - I always sign up for my next race *before* I finish the one I'm training for. So like, I signed up for my 10K before I had ever run my 5K, which I had been training for. Then you can't stop.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
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    HM here, 30 Mar. And a few more after that. I'm in it to sharpen up my PR from last June. Feel free to friend me (anyone else too) for support/advice/humor :)
  • TAsunder
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    Did a half last year. Trying out a training plan for a full, but it's starting to not go too well (aches, pains, tiredness). I might switch it up to a different plan (e.g. Jeff Galloway's conservative plan) or just settle on a half for now (there's one in May).

    I am terrified of running outdoors right now. I don't mind the temperature usually, but the condition of sidewalks is super scary. I ran outside on the one truly nice day here, and some parts were perfect, and others were icy enough that I had to carefully walk.

    How do you folks deal with the road conditions? Even stuff like yaktrax and stabil-icers don't fully protect me from ice.

    For treadmill runs, for me the key is to mix it up. I change speed and/or incline every half mile and alternate between podcasts, music, and zombies, Run!
  • Phaedra2014
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    I am going to start training for 10k, and would love to friend other people who are also just getting into running (or getting back into running) so we can cheer each other on!

    I have done a few 10ks and half marathons, but that was a long time again and I was living somewhere that I always had a training buddy. Now I dont having any in-person training buddies, but I'd love some virtual ones!

    I'm going to do a 14 week training program, and sign up for a 10k in early June.

    I'm on week 3 of Hal Higdon's 10K training for novices.
  • Dawnog
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    Hi there, im running a half marathon on sunday, this will be my 3rd and by far the hardest to train for. The weather certainly hasn't been on my side, but knowing I have this half ive battled through hail storms, torrential rain, floods and ankle deep mud, but hey its been good fun, just hope all my training in the awful weather pays off on sunday.:happy:
  • Hello I am running my first Half this Saturday, and have another Half planned by the end of the year. feel free to friend me always love having new running friends
  • Stripeness
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    I'm doing a half in May. Been a couple of years since my last one. You're welcome to add me, and my weekly workouts were posted in my blog - an extended version of a Hal Higdon program :-)

    Happy Training! :drinker:
  • Bounce2
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    Not always training for a race, but run 5 or 6 days a week and lift 2 or 3. That being said I am working towards a trail marathon in May. Always happy to add friends who run or are active and working towards a goal.
  • PunkRockChris
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    Yes!! Hopefully running in Late May then Long Beach Marathon in October. Feel free to add me! I also track my runs using Endomondo if you want to find me on there too. Good Luck!

  • janinab75
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    I started running in August. I used to be a couch potato before that. I recently hit my goal weight. I am running my first 10k (Actually my first event ever) on March 29th. I'm following a plan set by So far so good. 4 weeks to go!!!
  • GenoPrice
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    Hello I am running my first Half this Saturday, and have another Half planned by the end of the year. feel free to friend me always love having new running friends

    Hi am also running my first HM tomorrow (Saturday). Anyone can add me, always looking out for more running friends.
  • czmmom
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    Feel free to add me - I am running a half in May and maybe another one in the fall. I also do numerous 10k, 15k and 20k races.
  • Daisy471
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    All are welcome to add me. I'm running a 10k in 2 weeks, the third and last of a winter race series (in Michigan - brr!) and a half marathon in April.
  • My first HM is May 18, I've been running indoors all winter and can't wait to get back outside! I did a couple of 5k's last year and have a couple planned for this year along with a 10k I hope after the half! Feel free to add me too!
  • IronmanNYC
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    I'm coming back from an Achilles injury so I'm basically starting from scratch, hopefully within the next week or two.

    Pretty new to MFP, so anyone can feel free to add me.
  • fast_eddie_72
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    Training for my 5th half marathon right now!
  • velocityc6
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    Would love to be on your FL. Started with the C25K program in December, ran my first 5K Feb. 8th. I immediately set sight on the 10k training program. Sunday will be day 1 of week 13, mostly dreadmill due to the cold. Week 12 seemed very difficult.
  • michable
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    Hi, I'm running my first half marathon in May, another in July, and another (hopefully) in September. Feel free to add me, and anyone else can too.