100lbs in 2 years with PICTURES



  • Valton18
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    GREAT JOB!!!! That's awesome. Stories like yours keep me motivated.
  • gurlygirlrcr80
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    congratulations and continued success to you!
  • Kara52217
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    You will lose more shoes sizes .. Crazy right...

    Congrats you have done AMAZING thus far keep it going!!
  • milmomto2
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    Wow! Thank you for sharing your amazing story! I love the pictures with the dates. You can SO see the changes!
  • pimsbim
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    Congrats on your amazing success! It takes such hard work and dedication! I am so happy for you! I know you will have the same determination for the next 100! Great job!
  • brendaks62
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    Awesome job! you look great. cant wait for more progress pics in another year - or sooner. keep up the great work!
  • Thank you for sharing & inspiring :flowerforyou:
  • seltzermint555
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    You look fantastic!!! Way to go!!
  • nancyluckhurst3
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    Started in April 2012 at around 400lbs. Both new pictures are from this month with a 103lb weight-loss. Down from 32 to 24 size jeans & I even lost a shoe size 11 to 10. Most importantly, I FEEL AMAZING!!! If I weigh 297lbs and feel this good, I can't imagine what another 100lbs will feel like.


  • skinnylady2014
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    Wow!! Losing 100 lbs. takes a lot of work and daily commitment. You look beautiful, as well as a lot healthier and happier!!!! You go, girl!!
  • you are doing a fabulous job!
  • KariOrtiz2014
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    That is so awesome! Great Job on the loss thus far!!! You will be at your goal in no time!
  • Congratulations!!! You look FABULOU!!!!
  • amazing I lost 94 pounds-I know the feeling you look amazing
  • sarainiowa
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    You're doing great. Congrats on your loss!!
  • Pusarah
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    Great job! You look beautiful and happy! Can't wait to see the next bunch of pictures from all your success :)
  • miniimuscles
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    Amazing difference :) Congrats!
  • favoritenut
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    beautifully done! you are so worth this! :flowerforyou:
  • ecrtne
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    WOW! That is very impressive. Takes alot of dedication and consistency. ~APPLAUSE~
  • mollybuck
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    You are spot on. Get rid of the negativity! Lots of applause from me!