1 year comparison photos! See the amazing shrinking girl



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    i am so blushing over here - thanks everyone for your comments.

    to answer some of your questions
    1) I did this under a doctor's guidance - basically went on a diet where I only ate a certain amount of food a day - I had to have routine lab work to monitor and adjust for missing nutrients - these were done in cycles of 4 months and then I took a break for a 1200 calorie diet for 3-4 weeks and then resumed the next cycle. All food was bought and cooked by me from the grocery store = no special products, no diet pills

    2) for the first 4 months, the only exercise I did was work out with a trainer 2 times a week, when I took the first break from the diet, I started incorporating walking daily - now I still work out 2 times a week with a trainer and walk between 2-3 miles daily

    3) I have not had any surgery/medical procedure either for the weight loss or to remove any skin -- I do have some skin but it's not hideous and I want to wait and see what happens after I have been on maintenance for a year or so. But right now, I really don't see the need for it and am leaning towards just loving my body as it is

    I do want to note that old me did not cook at all - I ate a whole lot of take out and pringles and crap -- so my diet/lifestyle has totally changed from then

    Old me did not care about serving sizes - a can of pringles was a serving usually eaten mindlessly at the computer with a side of dip -- today's me will stop after the 7 chips and go take a walk or drink a bottle of water etc

    Vegetables were not even a thought previously (unless they were drenched in cheese) to now being probably close to 50% of my meals

    So I went from eating blatantly not caring about what I was shoveling into my mouth to paying attention - MFP has been great for that although sometimes it feels like I just traded addictions :P

    Hope you all are having a great day
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    Your transformation is mind blowing! You don't even look like the same person. My eyes got huge when I saw your after pic LOL!!! Great job!
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    WOw. wonderful for you. congradulations. I know you feel so much better,
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    Amazing!! Congratulations! You look great!
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    Wowser!!! That's absolutely amazing. You just feel amazing :heart:
  • way to go.
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    Wow!!! Great job!!! You are motivation for anyone who thinks they can't do it!
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    I am so proud of you! Congratualtions!
  • Wow! you look amazing! Awesome job!
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    You did THAT in a YEAR, WITHOUT WLS?!...You are my HERO!! Wow. Way to go sweetheart!! :flowerforyou:
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    Absolutely amazing! Congratulations and job well done on all your hard work! :smile:
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    Wow! I love reading these stories. Great job and you look beautiful in both pictures, healthy in the last ones!
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    Now that's what I'm talkin about.... FANTASTIC JOB . So happy for you
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    I have 98lbs left to loose and wow, i mean how on earth?! You look amazing! You should be so proud of yourself!
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    Wow, amazing work! What a transformation!! :flowerforyou:
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    WOW!! No words. Two big thumbs up!!
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    Very impressive! Can I ask how long you were with a personal trainer and what kind of workout did you do?
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    Wow, that's phenomenal!
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    Wow! Inspiring! Great work :)