1 year comparison photos! See the amazing shrinking girl



  • toronto_j
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    Well, that is just insane. You should be so proud.
  • amruden
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    That is amazing~
  • Krikit34
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    Great loss! 300-500 calories a day would be way to scary for me.
  • Nickle526
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    that just blew my mind!
  • leeshults
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    awesome!! You don't look like the same person! Congratulations!
  • Jarahal
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    That is amazing, good for you!
  • DebraYvonne
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    awesome! I know that was hard work. You look GREAT!
  • ChaplainHeavin
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    First row 4/24/13 @320 lbs
    Second row 4/24/14 @160 lbs
    Total weight lost -- 180 lbs (I didn't take the pics until I was a month in and had already lost 20 lbs)
    Currently in maintenance


    The problem with posts like yours is that you've just taken away the excuse of, "I just can't do it." By the way, I love your quote in your profile, "Looking to become half the person I was - Literally"
  • clioandboy
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    That is one major transformation!
  • laura_802
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    Amazing!! Inspiration for us all!
  • Mrsum3
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    WOW! you look amazing. Congratulations!
  • navygrrl
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    Wow! Awesome job!
  • beertrollruss
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    You look great! Thank you for sharing.
  • shrinkingshreya
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    Your living proof -- that it can be done. Amazing, amazing transformation-- truly an inspiration!
  • aleenazaz
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    Such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing :)
  • lifegoeson25
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    You are looking so amazing!
  • Thinn2Winn
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    GREAT JOB!!!!!! :tongue:
  • BekaBooluvsu
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    WOW!!! That is incredible!
  • 71jules
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    Awesome job...you are motivating me...great great great job...congrats on all your hard work.
  • AllieBear88
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    :happy: Holy crap! That's amazing!! Congrats to you!!