1 year comparison photos! See the amazing shrinking girl



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    You look amazing! Congrats!
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    WOW... you look so good! Congratulations on your wild success and new life!!!
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    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations.
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    WOW! You look Amazing!! congrats!
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    Incredible, what an amazing transformation - you go girl!
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    You look AMAZING..so tell us..what did you do in this past year that has changed you to this wonderful creature?
  • alfranklin23
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    You look AMAZING....How did you do it? what was your diet? Did you have any surgeries?
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    Whoa!!! Very nice job!
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    WOW!!! Truly awesome! Thank you for sharing; it’s very inspirational to see others success.
  • Lisa_Dubh
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    First row 4/24/13 @320 lbs
    Second row 4/24/14 @160 lbs
    Total weight lost -- 180 lbs (I didn't take the pics until I was a month in and had already lost 20 lbs)
    Currently in maintenance


    Wow that is truly inspiring! You look incredible!! =D
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    You look fan-freaking-tastic!!! Well done hunni xx
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    *high five* *standing ovation* That is nothing but dedication. Amazing Job!
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    you look amazing! Congrats! :smile:
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    I keep telling ya.... You ARE an INSPIRATION !!!!!!
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    Amazing results. You should be so proud of yourself you look great :flowerforyou:
  • Amazing. you should be so proud of what you've achieved. x
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    Holy inspiration!
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    Nice after pics! Congrats!!!!
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    Awesome! You inspire me. :D I just got started and have 100 pounds to go. You make me a believer! Totally possible.:happy: