1 year comparison photos! See the amazing shrinking girl



  • mandy5135
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    Simply Amazing!
  • ga3873
    ga3873 Posts: 10 Member

    Well done!
  • gracieqtpie
    gracieqtpie Posts: 3 Member
    Amazing !!!!! you look great....
  • funkim55
    funkim55 Posts: 214 Member
    Congratulations!!! You look like a new person; I am so proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for sharing!!!
    SCSTWG Posts: 182 Member
    Wow is right. Beyond impressed.
  • Kst76
    Kst76 Posts: 920 Member
    Awsome. You look 10 years younger too. It's nice to see this work. I feel like I struggle to lose my 30 pounds and then I see posts like the OP and she lost close to 200! Makes me feel kind of stupid.

    OP. You really do look so much younger and hot. good job!
  • Curtruns
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    Wow!!! unbelievable progress!!
  • brandtsgirl
    brandtsgirl Posts: 9 Member
    You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
  • bepeejaye
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    Brilliant! Good job! Carry on!!
  • Kevalicious99
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    Amazing. You should be so proud.

    This is by far the best part of MFP .. the Success Story forum.:flowerforyou:
  • skittlesnhoney
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    Congratulations! You look FABULOUS! WTG on your fitness goals!
  • ImaWaterBender
    ImaWaterBender Posts: 516 Member
    Look at you! You look great!
  • That is simply amazing, So inspiring. Good job!
  • Wow, inspirational.
  • OnlyMissy
    OnlyMissy Posts: 122
    WOWsers girlfriend! You look incredible! I applaud you! :D You're such an inspiration. :)
  • WallyH4EverVersion
    WallyH4EverVersion Posts: 172 Member
    You have done something truly amazing....you have taken control of your health and well being! Congratulations to you and you get a standing ovation !!! Truly, truly wonderful accomplishment !
  • alliephillipspage
    alliephillipspage Posts: 2 Member
    you are amazing! So inspirational! Your before pics look similar to me now. Just wonderful to see someone succeed!
  • Add76
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    What a result! Great work, I hope your pictures inspire others.
  • runforestrun35
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    Congrats to you for all the had work and determination!!! You look amazing!!!!
  • charlie_anne
    charlie_anne Posts: 46 Member
    In just a year? Amazing!