WEIRD things that are strangely attractive to you



  • paulawatkins1974
    paulawatkins1974 Posts: 720 Member
    -Waaay older men. I mean like, 20+ years older then myself.
    -Unattached ear lobes.
    -Someone with a hella strong eyebrow game.

    I love older men too, i will never date someone younger than me.

    I tried dating someone closer to my own age before I met my husband and it SUCKED. 2/10 would not recommend.

    Men or should i say boys, my age are childish and pigs, well most of them anyway.

    I did too when I was younger. Dated a 40 yr old in my 20's) Now, they are just gross to me (60 lol) Now, I prefer someone my own age, or younger.
  • kjo9692
    kjo9692 Posts: 430 Member
    Don't think this is really weird, but considering many people go for the bad boy, smooth, confident type, is it strange that I'm the exact opposite?

    I really attracted to guys who are genuinely nice, very polite and shy. And if they get nervous and/or become clumsy around me, I need to keep myself in check so I don't fall for them.

    The first type of men you described, I'm usually attracted to but not for dating. But the second type, it's the type of guy I totally fall in love with as well :love:
  • ShaniWulffe
    ShaniWulffe Posts: 458 Member
    Ok another thing... It's not that I find this sexually attractive, but I could stare at ballerina feet, legs, and backs forever. I mean the REALLY good ones, like...


    And these:

    ...Ok I'll stop geeking out now
  • Pirate_chick
    Pirate_chick Posts: 1,216 Member
    Guy liner. or a straight man that is confident enough to dress in drag for whatever reason, be it Halloween or a photoshoot, whatever.

    I was going to say this earlier but thought I was the only one haha. I go straight to Jared Leto with his guyliner. A straight man with enough confidence to get a little feminine is sexy as all hell. It's "take me now" sexy!

    YES!!! Jared Leto, James Franco, Johnny Depp I love how secure they are...and when they add a little liner so sexy!
  • climbing_trees
    climbing_trees Posts: 750 Member


    instant +100 sexy points
  • RainRedfield
    RainRedfield Posts: 595 Member
    Blood and Wounds
  • Beards and GOOD FOREARMS!!

    I am a sucker for good forearms. And stubble or beard. unf <3
    Yes, i'm in ^_^
  • I love women with tattoos, they are just so sexy on a woman. I'm a big fan of gothy girls as well.
  • jchap389
    jchap389 Posts: 54
    Bikers with records...I can't be trusted when drinking in a biker bar.
  • marissabakescakes
    marissabakescakes Posts: 35 Member
    Robert Downey Jr !

  • RosieRaz
    RosieRaz Posts: 282 Member
    Working collar kinds that work with their hands like AC guys or Carpenters. MMMmmmmm...
  • 120by30
    120by30 Posts: 217 Member
    Robert Downey Jr !


    OP wanted WEIRD things. I think most females find him attractive. Lol!
  • nmncare
    nmncare Posts: 168 Member
    Beards and noses. Oh my gosh.. noses.
    But my fav? When a man can't sing and does anyway. :flowerforyou:
  • benniesmother
    benniesmother Posts: 269 Member
    not particularly weird but stubble. stubble stubble stubble stubbbbbbleeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (not for women tho hehehehe)
  • tmaryam
    tmaryam Posts: 289 Member
    I don't know how "weird" it is, but I'm a big fan of prominent eyebrows on men. (And I think women with prominent eyebrows are beautiful too. I like to keep mine all natural, no plucking necessary!) I also like the naturally pigmented dark circles under my hubby's eyes. :love:
  • Bobtheangrytomato
    Bobtheangrytomato Posts: 253 Member
    Younger, shorter, shy and geeky guys (luckily my boyfriend is all of these haha). I have to agree with the clean sweat smell after a work out too.
  • bciloveme2014
    bciloveme2014 Posts: 213 Member
    hair on chest
    thick eye browns
  • ktaylor1188
    ktaylor1188 Posts: 141 Member
    im a huge "hand" girl...strong, short fingernails, hard working, but not too rough. :D
  • LassoOfTruth
    LassoOfTruth Posts: 735 Member
    a scruffy beard. yum.
  • JulieGirl58
    JulieGirl58 Posts: 158 Member
    I find prominent adams apples strangely sexy.