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  • lleeann2001lleeann2001 Member Posts: 454 Member Member Posts: 454 Member
    brenn24179 wrote: »
    70 degrees here in Va today. I brought out my shorts and they were loose, no better feeling than that! 30 lb loss since last July so it really makes a difference.

    oh my goodness. i am so jealous of that 70 degrees. It was snowing just ghe othef day i n. Boston
  • Catho36Catho36 Member Posts: 107 Member Member Posts: 107 Member
    Catho36 wrote: »
    I miss the gym! I have an 11 week old gorgeous German shepherd puppy who needs lots or attention right now, had her 3 weeks and managed gym once. I’ve been on the puppy diet and lost 5 lbs as no time to eat much lol. Hoping to fit in gym next week or so once can take puppy out for long walks (can gym when she sleeps). I adore her, but never thought I’d be someone who misses working out lol

    Same here. I get mildly agitated when I have to skip a workout. Your puppy, though, will get you plenty of cardio with walks.

    She sure will! 3 days until I can take her out for a walk, can’t wait, she’s currently 17lbs so I’m getting lots of strength training in carrying her when out! She’s so adorable x
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