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    Pamela_Sue wrote: »
    Received my lab results from my 6-month checkup:

    Diabetes A1C: From 8.8 (Diabetes level) to 6.1 (Pre-diabetes level). Next goal is below 5.7 (Normal level).

    Cholesterol: From 214 to 210. Next goal is below 200 (Normal level).

    Triglycerides. From 276 (High Level) to 174 (Borderline Level). Next goal is below 150 (Optimal level).

    My doctor was very pleased, said to keep up the good work and shall see me again in 6 months. I hope to lose another 25 pounds by then, and continue with my healthier eating and exercise.

    Very good news! It will only get better! Be proud of

    Very nice! I had my doctor's appointment on Wednesday and she was "blown away" by what she read and saw! Quoting the classic song "Ain't no stopping us now, we're in the groove!!"
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