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What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • holli1ch
    holli1ch Posts: 673 Member
    holli1ch wrote: »
    We had an issue last night that ended with Boyfriend needing to go to the hospital. I couldn't go with him. But I did not make brownies, or eat everything in the fridge. I talked it out with Girlfriend and then went upstairs, took a bath, and went to bed.

    Hope BF is ok.

    He is very sick, feeling very sorry for himself, and swearing never to do that stupid thing again. I thought he had the sense not to do the stupid thing in the first place, but there ya go. (sigh) He'll be okay, just miserable for the weekend, probably.

    And on topic, I didn't know losing even twenty pounds would bring me so much of a feeling of serenity and competence in crisis. I can handle it. I'm able to manage, and I'm good. I'm really curious as to the changes that will occur for me as I lose the weight. Heck, maybe when I get all the way down to goal I won't clinically have an anxiety disorder any more. (That would be nice!) And I also didn't realize that there would be substantial mental health changes as well as physical changes.

    Glad BF is okay.
    I believe the mental goes along with the physical. The better our body feels we are even better mentally to handle stressful situations. Perhaps the anxiety disorder will dissipate as you continue on your journey and not wait to go away until you are at maintenance.
    Happy Saturday.
  • brittanystebbins95
    brittanystebbins95 Posts: 548 Member

    Feeling confident enough to wear shorts 😊

    And looking good in them, too!
  • MarissaRiv23
    MarissaRiv23 Posts: 393 Member

    Feeling confident enough to wear shorts 😊

    And looking good in them, too!

    Thank you! 💕