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Quest Bar Flavor Reviews - Share Yours!



  • gloriaeffe
    gloriaeffe Posts: 75 Member
    - Double Chocolate Chunks: 8/10. I microwave it for 45 seconds or so. Then top with mixed berries (warmed up so they're juicy) and a couple of tablespoons of greek yoghurt. Tastes like dessert!

    - Apple Pie: 9/10. This is probably my favourite. I normally eat it straight from the package cause I can't wait to do anything else.

    - Banana Nut Muffin: 7/10. I really like this one too cause it's filling and I love bananas in general. I prefer it when it's not microwaved for some reason I can't explain.

    - Coconut Cashews: 6/10. I like it but find a bit too sweet for my tasting.

    - Chocolate Peanut Butter: 4/10. I find it quite plain and flavourless.

    - Cinnamon Roll: 6/10. Very sweet but it does remind me of real cinnamon rolls, and I love cinnamon!

    Can't wait to finally find the new Cookies & Cream in Australia too.
  • evileen99
    evileen99 Posts: 1,564 Member
    My favorite is coconut cashew.
  • _lyndseybrooke_
    _lyndseybrooke_ Posts: 2,561 Member
    I finally tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I'd give it a 6 or 7/10. Not as good as I was expecting with all the rave reviews. Double Chocolate Chunk and Cookies and Cream are way better, but it wasn't too bad.
  • Cathalain
    Cathalain Posts: 424 Member
    Just an update: tried the Banana Nut Muffin. As expected, I didn't like it. The taste was just... off. It didn't taste like banana, but it didn't really taste like anything else, either. I'd give this one 1/10 (only because the lemon creme pie was worse).
  • mpmama2re
    mpmama2re Posts: 212 Member
    I have tried a couple of flavors, so in order from least to most liked:

    5. chocolate peanut butter
    4. banana nut
    3. coconut cashew
    2. cinnamon roll
    1. white chocolate raspberry

    I ordered a sampler box off amazon and will try microwaving to see if there is any difference. I really like the texture of the bar though. overall- 7/10 average for the ones I've tried.
  • psych101
    psych101 Posts: 1,842 Member
    So interesting - I'd never consider buying any fruit flavoured ones lol its chocolate or nothing!

    That said, they're super expensive over here. I enjoyed the cookies and cream flavour (8/10), the cookie dough heated (8/10), did not like the chocolate chunk one - tasted too much like chemicals.

    I've started making my own, and they're just as good!
  • malibu927
    malibu927 Posts: 17,564 Member
    Cookie dough is really good! If I have the money for a box I'll definitely order them. The brownie was alright and strawberry cheesecake was kind of meh. I only have one left to try from my purchase, but it's the lemon one so now I'm afraid to.
  • ronrstaats
    ronrstaats Posts: 294 Member
    The only one I don't care for is the Lemon one..

    But they do need warmed up a little before eating...
  • One_Last_Time
    One_Last_Time Posts: 125
    - Cinnamon Roll - right out of the package - 3/10 - Not a fan. Even warmed up, still wont buy again.
    - Chocolate Brownie - microwaved for 10 seconds - 7/10 - soft and warm brownie. Weird texture though.
    - Double Chocolate Chunk - microwaved for 10 seconds -5/10 It was decent warmed up but to sweet.
    - Cookies and Cream -package -2/10 tasted really salty. I don't like white chocolate.
    -Chocolate chip cookie dough-warmed or package-9/10 My 3nd fav bar.
    -Banana nut muffin- package or warmed- 10/10 my fav bar
    -Peanut butter supreme- out of package-2/10 Rock hard, think i got a bad one. I'll have to retry.
    -Cheese cake-out of package-6/10 pretty good flavor, good when I want fruit over chocolate.
    -Vanilla Almond- warmed or package- 9/10 second fav bar. So good.
  • popsicklestar
    popsicklestar Posts: 166 Member
    I am the fitness nerd who has tried EVERY quest bar flavor.
    Here it goes:

    Cookies n Cream: Very good. It grew on me. I approve of any "health food" that involves oreos.

    White Chocolate Raspberry: Another flavor that grew on me. Super yummy. Although, not all quest bars have the same amount of calories, and I hate that its calorie content is higher

    Vanilla Almond: This flavor is another flavor that I like that I'm annoyed that it's one of the higher calorie ones

    Chocolate Peanut Butter: One of my faves. The only peanut butter quest bar I really like. And only 160 calories!

    Cinnamon Roll: This is my favorite quest bar flavor. Tastes like a cinnamon roll. Amazing.

    Apple Pie: Really yummy. Definitely a good one to try.

    Chocolate Brownie: Don't care too much for this flavor. Not bad, but it's not as good as double chocolate chunk, so I'd rather just eat that.

    Strawberry Cheesecake: This one was really disappointing. Doesn't taste like cheesecake, just artificial strawberry tasting. Totally bummed it wasn't better.

    Mixed Berry: This one is too high calorie for how much I like it. It's okay, but not worth the extra calories to me.

    Coconut Cashew: Meh. If you're into coconut candy, you might like it, but it didn't impress me.

    Peanut Butter Supreme: Too hard and chalky :(

    Lemon Creme: I really love lemon bars normally, but this one was disappointing. It's okay, but wouldn't buy a box again.

    PB & J: Again, too hard and chalky. Bummed because I thought this one would be awesome. Also, a higher calorie quest bar, so not worth it.

    Banana Nut Muffin: I love this one. Really tastes like a banana nut muffin

    Double Chocolate Chunk: I love this one. If you're craving chocolate, just have one of these! Only 160 calories and tastes awesome!

    Chocolate Chip cookie dough: Had heard rave reviews of this one, so it was the first one I tried. It's good, but I'll admit I was expecting more. It's one of the higher calorie quest bars, but I do like this flavor enough to eat it sometimes.
  • Cathalain
    Cathalain Posts: 424 Member
    Chocolate Brownie: Yum yum yum yum YUM. 9/10. Maybe even 9.5/10. Did I say yum? :love:

    Also scored a box of Apple Pie over the weekend for 19.25 (before tax). :love: :love:
  • kaaaaylee
    kaaaaylee Posts: 398
    I'm obsessed with raspberry white chocolate and cookies and cream.

    Not wild at all about any of the peanut butter and brownie and chocolatey bars that I've tried.
  • _lyndseybrooke_
    _lyndseybrooke_ Posts: 2,561 Member
    I caved and bought an Apple Pie Quest Bar this weekend and ate it before my workout this morning. Wow, I'm impressed. I thought I'd hate it, but it was actually really good. The little pieces of apple were great. I'll be purchasing more next month when I finish the 12 I have left. :)
  • sappy42
    sappy42 Posts: 65 Member
    This thread got me trying Quest Bars lol! Now I think I'm addicted...

    Cookies n Cream...nuked as suggested and really enjoyed it. 9/10

    Vanilla Almond Crunch...LOVE almonds, was very happy it was real almonds and not just favouring. This is probably my fave so far 10/10

    Cookie Dough...yum! I can see why they can't keep them in stock. 9/10

    Choco Chunk...very rich, not bad but not a fave. Lasted thru both snacks yesterday so I guess that's a plus. 7/10

    Trying Peanut Butter Supreme soon. I really wanted to try Lemon Pie/Lemon Creme (whatever the lemon is called) but I'm nervous that it'll taste artificial. May try Banana Nut and Coconut Cashew next time.
  • EnviDreams
    EnviDreams Posts: 12 Member
    OMG u guys are tripping!!! Quest bars are DELICIOUS!!! So far I have only tried the cinnamon roll and peanut butter & jelly---both amazing!! 10/10 & fills you up & makes u feel satisfied. Amazing product
  • callas444
    callas444 Posts: 261 Member
    I've liked all the ones I've tried, but faves are cookies and cream, cookie dough, and vanilla almond. I never warm them.
  • Julieboolieaz
    Julieboolieaz Posts: 644 Member
    I've tried just about all of them... And ALL of them are better heated. Haven't tried the oven yet, but micro works in a pinch, but I live in AZ and leave one on my dash board when I'm in the gym and come out to warm melty deliciousness! :love:
    I think the fruit flavors are more challenging and I also prefer the ones with lower cals and fewer sugar alcohols...
    My favorites:
    Double chocolate chunk-absolute favorite!! I have one almost every day!!
    Choc. PB, choc brownie, oreo, PB supreme and coconut cashew are second place options

    Not gonna buy again:
    White choc raspberry
    Cookie dough
    Cinnamon bun
    Banana nut muffin
    Vanilla almond

    I get them at hi health and save $2 on 2 boxes and get a $10 card off my next they come out to about $2/each. That I can live with! I NEVER stop for Starbucks or other quick treats, so this is my indulgence :).
  • Jelaan
    Jelaan Posts: 815 Member
    Bought 12 assorted flavour bars today at Popeyes Fitness, I got the box discount so they cost $2.49 each. I have tried most flavours and my favourite is white chocolate raspberry, my least favourite chocolate and brownie ones which is odd because I am a chocoholic. I don't mind them right out of the wrapper but I like them better warmed in the microwave. Away from home I follow the suggestion of the salesman at Popeyes and leave them on the dashboard of my car in the sun. Yummy!!

    I also get Popeyes bucks when I buy them for use on future purchases - free Quest bar soon yay!
  • CindyMarcuzAdams
    CindyMarcuzAdams Posts: 4,006 Member
    My favorite is coconut cashew.

    To me this one tasted like vomit

    The chocolatey ones are pretty good. I guess our tastes are so varied its hard to compare flavours.
  • earlnabby
    earlnabby Posts: 8,171 Member
    Chocolate Brownie: 9
    Chocolate Peanut Butter: 9
    Cinnamon Roll: 8
    Lemon Creme Pie: 7
    Mixed Berry Bliss: 6 (didn't like the crunchies in it)
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: 5 (don't like the chunks)
    Cookies and Cream: 6 (didn't like the chunks)
    Double Chocolate Chunk: 5 (chunks again)
    Strawberry Cheesecake: 7
    White Chocolate Raspberry: 7

    I have never heated any of them. I like them room temp.