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5'7" ladies



  • nico1025
    nico1025 Posts: 8
    amazing.. congats :)
  • o2cnpl
    o2cnpl Posts: 23 Member
    My highest weight ever 180, Im down to 160 now, last year I got down to 152 and for my body frame, I looked way to thin and so I gained some weight... I may try to hit 155 but for my age 45 I am comfortable at 160 It depends on your body type muscle mass etc..
  • claudineer
    claudineer Posts: 144 Member
    I am 5'7
    When I joined my fitnesspal my starting weight was 230LBs.
    I lost weight and was at 205LBs.
    However, after my miscarriage I ate myself to over 240LBs
    My current weight is 194LBs
    My mini weight goal is 180LBs for Summer '14
    My ultimate goal weight is 160LBs
    Oh, my waist is 31.5 inches, Hips 50, Arm 11.5, Calf 17, Chest 38.5, Thigh 27.5,
    At the moment I look small to a number of people because I lift weights with my trainer. Also, my body shape makes my waist look small.
  • MyChocolateDiet
    MyChocolateDiet Posts: 22,281 Member
    Very pretty...congrats!
  • H0llyG0lightly
    H0llyG0lightly Posts: 214 Member
    Bump, and...

    Highest weight: 185ish, US size 14
    Current weight: 155ish, US size 6/8
    Goal weight: 135, US size ??


    Me around 155
  • tripamy
    tripamy Posts: 7 Member
    I'm between 5'7 and 5'8" and I weigh 152. I started at 164.4 and a tight size 12, and I'm just now starting to fit into some 10 pants. I carry most of my weight in my stomach/butt, but I'm a medium in most tops. I'd love to get to 145. In the past, when I've gotten to 148ish, I've gone back to old eating habits, and regained. My goal is for my size 10 pants to fit well.
  • dingbat5
    dingbat5 Posts: 17
    I'm 5'7, SW 179, i'm in the high 160s right now but I haven't weighed myself in a couple weeks.
    goal weight is 145, just because as the BMI scale goes, 145 seems a nice healthy medium between under and overweight.

    left: 177 right: 170
  • lavendah
    lavendah Posts: 126 Member
    I'm between 5'6'' and 5'7'' and this is me at 155 lbs(CW):-

    (I honestly think I'm looking smaller than what I am due to the outfits here though)

    I've been aiming for 120 lbs just b/c my friend who is 5'6 looks perfect at that weight LOL but it really depends on when I feel contented, will stop right there :)
  • vlhurley
    vlhurley Posts: 7
    I'm 5'7" with a medium frame. My goal is 145-150. I've been there before and think it's perfect for my build, as long as I'm that weight being active regularly and toned. 150 is a size 10 for me.
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