What do you do after falling off the wagon for a day?



  • Koldnomore
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    Life happens. No one is 100% perfect every day. You don't have to DO anything, just try to make better choices the next day. Eventually it gets easier to make better choices but even people who have been doing this for a long time have "binges", 1 day isn't going to completely derail you - unless you let it :)
  • Karababy51
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    I just log it and move on from there with my usual calorie deficit the next day. Like others have said, the scale is probably showing water retention from the extra sodium content in the food you ate. I personally might drink a bit more water to help compensate, but that's it. You would've had to net 7,000 calories over your maintenance to truly have gained 2 lbs.

    For me, I usually still lose weight when I occasionally eat more than my daily deficit. It's always a pleasant surprise when that happens!

    I believe life is too short to stress yourself out from overindulging now and then. :flowerforyou:
  • do not fast its not good for you and my get to hungry and make wrong choices , just go back to what you were doing it will come back off.
  • gmadkins2
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    I lift heavy weights, so instead of calling it a cheat day, I call it a bulking day. :laugh:
  • drojen
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    First of all, one week of no weight loss is not a plateau. Second, you didn't gain 2 lbs in one night, it's water retention, likely from sodium in food. Realize you didn't fall off the wagon, you went out and lived your life for a night. Get up, brush yourself off and carry on. There is no need to fast. Change your mindset. You are not on a diet, you are changing your life. We will out go out to eat once in a while and that means we will likely eat more than we should. Oh well, that is life. Enjoy it and refocus to healthier choices the next day and carry on.
  • Joanwetz
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    I am sure one day is just salt. We all have days like this. Don't fast just continue what you were doing. I have reached my goal weight and don't worry too much on weekends...but every Monday......back on my routine. This works for me.
  • slk_5555
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    First thing I do to get back on track, is rather than ignore whatever I just over ate on, I log it in MFP. I start my week on Mondays (I weigh on a Monday) so if I slip up early in my week, I will look through my food diary for the rest of the week & see where I can make up for the calories. The other option is to increase exercise over the rest of the week. If I don't do this, I have a tendency to give in for the whole week. By nipping it in the bud quick & getting straight back on track - I can still have a good week.
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    i have done this 3X in 7 weeks of doing MFP my biggest "fat day" been 4500calories over this was due to not seeing the MR for 4 weeks and just wanting a good time lots of alcohol and rubbish foods lol. each time i have gone over my calories allowance which tends to be on a Saturday i then eat a lot lot less throughout the week after to make up for it and push harder at gym this is something that makes me feel really miserable if im honest and it does feel like “I’m punishing myself” . so my advice would be don’t fall in to the same trap just ignore it move on fresh start I will be taking my own advise next time I have a “fat day” lol I also won’t log my calories on a night off this just makes me feel 10X worse. Enjoy life except a gain now and then if it was worth it who cares! 