My boss is...?



  • aliu00
    aliu00 Posts: 61
    I am my own boss.Awesome.
  • Lxgogo
    Lxgogo Posts: 37 Member
    Pervy sometimes (and he knows it). All-in-all he's actually a really great boss...but his boss is questionably a back stabber.
  • csman49
    csman49 Posts: 1,100 Member
    not a bad bloke at all. Sometimes he has to follow the rule books, and i get and respect that.
  • gettinthere
    gettinthere Posts: 529 Member
    my boss is amazing....down to earth, understanding, supportive, and takes me out for lunch once in a while!
  • caramelgyrlk
    caramelgyrlk Posts: 1,112 Member
    The absolute best. She keeps us informed and firmly believe in the power of the 3 C's (communication, collaboration, cooperation). She is my mentor and part of her sucession planning is training me to assume her position. She really does define/exceed what a boss should be.