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If you could spend the day with anyone.....

RoadDogRoadDog Posts: 2,946Member Member Posts: 2,946Member Member
Living or dead. Name the woman and the man. Doesn't have to be for any particular reason like enlightenment of wisdom, just someone to spend a day getting to know. No spouses lovers, etc. Someone you don't know.

Man: Levon Helm

Woman: Bonnie Raitt


  • lutzsherlutzsher Posts: 1,153Member Member Posts: 1,153Member Member
    Hard to choose only one . . . . .

    man: Robert Plant, or if he is busy perhaps Martin Luther King
    woman: my great grandmother
  • barbosa22barbosa22 Posts: 178Member Member Posts: 178Member Member
    with Jesus!!!!!
  • RoadDogRoadDog Posts: 2,946Member Member Posts: 2,946Member Member
    Hard to choose only one . . . . .

    man: Robert Plant, or if he is busy perhaps Martin Luther King
    woman: my great grandmother

    Robert Plant. I was so close to choosing him over Levon Helm.
  • CreativeRedheadCreativeRedhead Posts: 2,166Member Posts: 2,166Member
    :laugh: Man: Brandon Flowers (lead singer of The Killers) simply because he's nice to look at, seems down to earth, and could at the very least sing to me for entertainment. :wink:

    Woman: Ellen Degeneres because I admire her, she makes me laugh, appreciates everything in life.

    Now can you somehow make both of these happen...please. :smile:
  • LshizzLshizz Posts: 44Member Member Posts: 44Member Member
    Justin Timberlake. :)
  • lilRickililRicki Posts: 4,555Member Member Posts: 4,555Member Member
    woman: Margaret Meed

    Man: David Suzuki
  • ambercoleambercole Posts: 426Member Posts: 426Member
    Quentin Tarantino!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!!!!
  • rjadamsrjadams Posts: 4,102Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,102Member, Premium Member
    laura ingles wilder or charlotte bronte
  • ♥jewelchristian♥♥jewelchristian♥ Posts: 3,666Member Member Posts: 3,666Member Member
    Ellen Degeneres

    My grandfather on my father's side. He died when I was just a baby.
  • cathyfigueroacathyfigueroa Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
    The dog whisper Ceaser Milan, and Oprah Winfrey
  • red01angelred01angel Posts: 826Member Member Posts: 826Member Member
    Woman: Hillary Clinton because she's brilliant and I'd love to pick her brain.

    Man: Jimi Hendrix circa 1968-1969 for the amazing music and the sick parties. Clearly. ;-)
  • lisafrancis629lisafrancis629 Posts: 287Member Posts: 287Member
    Robert Pattinson (yes, I'm shallow)

    Jackie Kennedy Onassis
  • carrieliz81carrieliz81 Posts: 489Member Member Posts: 489Member Member
    Man: Tom Hanks or my nephew

    Woman: great great grandmother (assuming I get to go back in time to chill with her and not the other way around)
  • mommyhof3mommyhof3 Posts: 551Member Member Posts: 551Member Member
    Man: Jesus

    Woman: Mother Teresa
  • plcarpenterplcarpenter Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    with Jesus!!!!!

    Man: For sure Jesus because he was a righteous dude, I have a ton of questions and if Jesus is unavailable because he's schedule is full with real problems...

    then Ewen McGregor because he's hot and I read an article about him how he believes the best education for kids is to actually experience the outdoors.

    Woman: Hilary Clinton, because I agree...she should have been president.
  • plainjoe81plainjoe81 Posts: 53Member Member Posts: 53Member Member
    Ben Franklin
  • chevysarahchevysarah Posts: 188Member Posts: 188Member
    Nick Carter.. of course! I couldnt deny my 16 year old inner self that pleasure.


    Drew Barrymore... there is just something about that woman!!! :D
  • karenjoykarenjoy Posts: 1,852Member Member Posts: 1,852Member Member
    Woman - My late Mum, not even a day, just an hour would do me, half an hour even if that is all you can manage to get me.... Just enough time to say how much I love and miss her, how utterly fabulously wonderfully marvelous her grandchildren are and introduce her to my Billy.

    Man - Winston Churchill
  • robbienjillrobbienjill Posts: 456Member Member Posts: 456Member Member
    Michael Douglas; my brother in law (deseased)- so I could update him on his children:); Anderson Cooper from CNN-I just love his blue eyes!
  • danacrileydanacriley Posts: 35Member Posts: 35Member
    Man: Yeah I have to pick Jesus, but also King David because he was complicated and relevant.

    Not religious -
    Man: Stephen Spielberg or Walt Disney - love the crazy and creative

    Woman: Susan B. Anthony for shaking things up that needed to be or Lady Gaga cuz she's nuts and can actually sing haha

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