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If you could spend the day with anyone.....



  • jodie_tjodie_t Posts: 308Member Member Posts: 308Member Member
    Woman: Shakespeare's mum . How did she produce that genius??
  • WiitabaxWiitabax Posts: 284Member Posts: 284Member
    I know we can't have spouses, but I'm STILL saying my wife... I spent a long time wanting to be with her and when it happened for us, I was so happy - we've been married 11 years now, and I couldn't live without her.

    Okay though... don't get the sick bucket just yet... here's some others then...

    MAN: Christoper Lee - very talented, and great to see him going strong in his senior years - I work in Older Persons' Healthcare, and I'm all for people keeping active both physically and mentally - to me, Mr. L. is a great ambassador!!! :smile:

    WOMAN: Lady Gaga... just because I think she's unbelievably talented!!! Mind you... she'd have to 'dress down' a little - she'd look a little out of place in my street - nothing wrong with eccentricity and individuality, but it's cold here at the moment - she'd catch her death in some of those outfits she wears!!!

  • happinessblossomshappinessblossoms Posts: 375Member Member Posts: 375Member Member
    Man: Paul McCartney
    Woman: Gwen Stefani
  • nomoremuffintopnessnomoremuffintopness Posts: 275Member Member Posts: 275Member Member
    Man: Paul McCartney
    Woman: Gwen Stefani

  • catcrazycatcrazy Posts: 1,837Member Member Posts: 1,837Member Member
    My son asked me this yesterday and I honestly couldn't pick just one but heres my shortlist

    Brian Johnson of AC-DC...saw him on Topgear and the guy had me in stitches, proper Northern sense of humour
    Jon Bon Jovi - simply because PHWOAR :love:
    Roy Orbison - He could sing me a song with that wonderful voice
    David Cameron - I'd love to give him a piece of my mind as regards student fees. Plus a few other things!:explode:

    Princess Diana - I'm not a royalist but would love to get a better picture of her as I think the Royal public image was way off her true personality
    Victoria Beckham - One to feed the girl up and Two to try and get over my dislike of her (i'm sure she can't be as bad a my mind has her and I hate disliking someone without knowing why)
    Mother Theresa - simply because, religion aside, she was a wonderful person
  • ron2282ron2282 Posts: 2,772Member Member Posts: 2,772Member Member
    Woman: My mother-in-law, so I could tell her what an amazing man her son grew up to be. And to reassure her that she made the right decision by letting his grandparents raise him.

    Man: My dad. Because I miss him every day but also so that I could introduce him to my husband.
  • amelia_atlanticamelia_atlantic Posts: 942Member Member Posts: 942Member Member

    Female: Natalie Portman
  • chickadee2010chickadee2010 Posts: 1,389Member Member Posts: 1,389Member Member
    Robert Pattinson
  • MrsMills712MrsMills712 Posts: 350Member Posts: 350Member
    Male: Kevin James
    Female: Jennifer Aniston
  • FlashBangFlashBang Posts: 136Member Posts: 136Member
    Easy. I want one more day with my late husband



    O.K. I admit it, that knocked me down and picked me right back up again.

    I would spend a day with Jesus, oh wait, I already do that!

    I would love to light up a cigar with C.H. Spurgeon.
    Hanging out with any Apostle, Origen, irenaeus, a host of early Church fathers.
    Spending a day with Dave Scott, Joe Friel, Crowe, or Christy Wellington going over training strategies would be a good day.

    If I had to choose just one, my Dad, he died when I was 17 and we did not get each other. There are a few conversations that would be real handy.
  • toots99toots99 Posts: 3,794Member Member Posts: 3,794Member Member
    Woman: My Mom, no doubt.

    Man: Rob Lowe :love: :love: :love:
  • binary_jesterbinary_jester Posts: 3,319Member Posts: 3,319Member
    Thomas Jefferson
  • KityngirlKityngirl Posts: 14,400Member Member Posts: 14,400Member Member
    Man: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Woman: Dorothea Lange :heart:
  • LadyPersiaLadyPersia Posts: 1,449Member Member Posts: 1,449Member Member
    my birthparents
  • AsaThorsWomanAsaThorsWoman Posts: 2,313Member Member Posts: 2,313Member Member
    Male: Sigurd Viking Warrior Hero

    Female: The Volva's who's pouch is on display at Uppsala
  • renae5renae5 Posts: 391Member Posts: 391Member
    My Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazing Mom!! Love and Miss You, Momma (8-20-05)!!
  • bzmombzmom Posts: 1,352Member Member Posts: 1,352Member Member
    Women: Selena Quintanilla

    Men: Vin Diesel (yummy!!)
  • bzmombzmom Posts: 1,352Member Member Posts: 1,352Member Member
    Easy. I want one more day with my late husband



    Wow I didnt read the replies before I posted but I would give my day up as well to give you yours.
  • sillygoose1977sillygoose1977 Posts: 2,159Member Member Posts: 2,159Member Member
    Man: Anthony Bourdain
    Woman: Susan B. Anthony
  • BigGailBigGail Posts: 465Member Member Posts: 465Member Member
    Man - Freddie Mercury

    Woman - I can't decide between Marilyn Monroe and Vera Lynn so I'd have to do half a day each
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