Binge eating.. The never ending cycle of self sabotage



  • For me, I only ever binged after under eating, or cutting out food groups.

    I also have body image problems,health anxiety and other issues.

    They trigger the under eating, and then it's the physical sheer lack of food that triggers the overeating.

    I hope you find a balance. Sounds to me like you would benefit from getting into weight training. Then you can eat lots for a really great reason. Muscle growth. Guys don't like skinny girls anyway I've found. They like strong curvy ones. Wish I'd known that when I was your age.!

    Keep searching for answers angel!

    Yes! It took me so long to take to I to heart and fully understand that my binges were triggered by undereating (dieting in a restrictive way). Now I eat enough food for me to be satisfied and I haven't binged for quite a while.
    My weight had stabilized and I eat whatever I want.

    Same here! But how much do you reccomend i eat? I already bumped it up to 1800 cal a day!
  • In my case, it's almost like my body knows what weight I should stay at. Every time I managed to lose a few pounds and slimmed down a bit, it just bounces back...

    When ever i loose the weight i alwaysss bounce back like my body is holding on to something that is SO unnecessary!! Thats why i am saying it is self sabotage and complete insanity. It drives me nuts you are not alone.
  • You are not alone. You are also not a failure - binges are not failures and they never take you back all the way to square one. I worked on this issue for years. For me, it was about emotions. I read tons of books on emotional eating and learned how to figure out what I was feeling so that I could learn to deal with the problem without just having, "I feel sad, must eat cookie dough," be how I dealt with everything. It was interesting to me that I was such an emotional person, but I couldn't pinpoint a feeling enough to deal with it without the ice cream.

    My local library had so many great books...some of which I ended up purchasing. I recommend starting there. Hournaling is recommended in all of them. I am not a journaler by nature, but I did use it as a tool and it helped. I also read some books on brain chemistry and how to balance it through diet. I felt like I had unnatural responses to things like donuts and cake (i.e. trigger foods) and that if I balanced my dopamine or serotonin, I'd have a better chance of changing my life. A book I liked was called "You! on a Diet." - It's yellow and red. Bad title, great book. I suggest it.

    Great! Thank you!
    Exactly- something i want to pinpoint here - Do i have low serotonin/ dopamine levels? Is that why i am doing this? To feel those emotions. I feel like i could be depleted in them and that may be what causes these episodes.. How can i balance them out - I am avery happy person though! Could there be something wrong with my brain chemestry though? Could i possibly be out of balance - if so how can i fix this?

    That book I mentioned covered those issues. It had little tests so you could pinpoint what brain checmicals you needed to focus on and then diet plans (more like, foods to include in your diet) for each. I found it really helpful. I'm much more even now since changing my diet to include less carbs and mroe good fats and getting off the birth control pills. I had to make some pretty large stirdes in my diet, but elimintating trigger foods was key.

    Ok i will check it out - How do you take these tests you are mentioning? I am very interested in learning about the chemistry and balance of my body and brain. Something is not quite right, I was also on birth control pills and they didnt agree with me and completely screwed up my body - Could that be another trigger that is causeing this imbalance? If so what do i do? I have already talked to my doctor and he is not to sure on what to do as well. :/?

    They are like little personality tests and they are in the book. Do you have a library card? I suugest going to get one...they are fantastic! I, personally, am very affected by hormones, so it is what was part of my problem. Also,k how the foods I ate affected my hormones. I suggest you try talking to a different Dr. Not all are well schooled in every subject. Do some research for what kind of Dr you need to see and find one with good reviews. For example, in AZ, we have an integrative medical center (University of Arizona) and they focus on health from a whole body perspective.

    I also think it may have something to do with my hormone imbalance. This didnt start until i played with BC. Ah!!!! I am so upset and frustrated by this!!!
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    I don't want to make this post about me because clearly you are in need of some sound advice, thoughts and opinions. But I got into that same cycle a little while ago, it lasted for a few months and I was finally able to break through.

    I was always the "fat" girl growing up and I always wanted to be skinny. At some point I made the decision to really change and in one day I changed my entire routine e.g., exercise, clean eating, juicing, tons of veggies, fruit, protein, no carbs, etc. The weight fell off of me and I progressed quickly. I felt awesome. I never had any disorders and I always had plenty of confidence but I was absolutely soaring... loving my progression, getting stronger and healthier, loving my new body, buying new "cute" clothes and all that. I never stopped...

    Once I was at my goal I was happy but not satisfied, I just wanted to be thinner and thinner. I started with various vitamins which turned into various supplements which turned into diet pills and remedies and slim tea and slimquick and up to seven or eight pills, three times a day including some from Asia that really messed me up. I knew that I was in the cycle of binge, diet, exercise, restrict, binge, puke, guilt, exercise, restrict, etc. I also knew it was about body image and the fact that I was freaked out at the thought of gaining weight back.

    Then my energy level crashed and I didn't feel good at all, then I really started hating my new body for not allowing me to push it where I wanted it to go. At some point during my journey, although I was successful in losing all of my weight and becoming underweight, I lost track of the difference between skinny and fit/healthy.

    I took two weeks off... full recovery... and I thought hard about what it was that I really truly wanted. Do I want to be skinny? yeah sure... but is being healthy and happy more important than skinny? Well... honestly the verdict is still out on that for me. One day after getting sick I took a good look in the mirror and wondered what the hell I was doing to myself. It just wasn't worth it anymore. I looked like ****, I felt like ****, and all the nasty effort was not really changing anything cept for maybe an ounce or two.

    So I slowed things down. I remembered the fact that in the beginning when I started, all of my weight loss and all of my awesome progression happened without starving myself, and without the use of any supplements. So I started again. I went back to the beginning... I re-learned to listen to my body, I eat when I am hungry and I eat all clean foods that I know will nourish my body, I give my body what it needs based upon my activity level, I don't alienate food groups from my diet although I do very well on low, low carbs and limited sugars. I also started incorporating more than just cardio to lose weight, e.g., lifting, boxing, sculpting, running (yeah that's cardio but great for the legs). The few times I fell off the wagon and had a binge instead of feeling guilty and running to the bathroom I told myself that one, it happened because my body needed the extra calories/food and two, I'm in great shape so I'll burn thru it quickly and most likely weigh less the next day as a result and guess what... that rings true for me (calorie cycling).

    While I never gained any real weight back I do still have a goal number that is sort of un-realistic, but I'll hit it. Only this time I'll hit is slowly and doing things the right way. And yeah... I am doing 1200 a day which many people feel is too low and/or unrealistic, but I know what works for my body and for my life. And hey, sometimes that number goes up, sometimes it goes down.

    I guess my point here is... I know you feel stuck where you are right now but remember, this is a journey not a sprint. Sooner or later, with or without help, you'll realize that you're going down a bad path and it's just not working for you. It's only then that you'll be able to make some positive changes. People can give you advice and ideas all day long but nothing will work unless you decide to make the change.

    You are here and you are working at it. Good or bad, it at least shows that you have some motivation and will power. No one can fix you but I have confidence and faith that you'll figure it out and do the right thing. In the meantime, try to remind yourself that the guilt won't change anything. **** happens.

    I hope reading this has helped a little. Sometimes just knowing that others understand where you are in your head helps.

    Wow! thank you so much for taking the time to write this - Very interesting story you went through! I do have the modvation and will power but for some reason when ever i slim down i bounce back like my body want to hold on to the unnecessary weight.. You are very strong wiled and are very determined. You succeded only eating 1200 cal a day? That is very low and i feel like that restriction for me is what would make me binge! How do you do it?

    You are asking the wrong question when you ask "How do you do it". This is simply what works for me, my body, my lifestyle, my health, etc. Every body is different and has different needs. Believe me, my body wants to stay right at its healthy weight (120). I battle with it to get it down to 115 and hopefully 110 at some point. But I know that's not realistic or sustainable... just want to hit that number then maintain a healthy 120.

    When I went through the crap you're going through I was eating under a thousand a day. Not enough to survive on let alone pull of two or three workouts a day. That's why I was doing what I was doing. I wasn't consuming enough calories during the day to be able to have any will power at the end of the day. Even if I didn't snack or binge at night I'd often times find myself waking up in the middle of the night to mindlessly stand there in the kitchen and eat. My body was screaming for calories.

    Trust me, if you treat your body right, it will know exactly where it is healthy and it will fight to stay there no matter what you do. If you go to the extremes you'll be able to pull it off for a while, but then you'll make yourself sick. Are you willing to sacrifice health and months of hard work just to have a set back for recovery? I don't think so...
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    @cushman5279 and OP

    I so feel not alone now...

    I know my body like the current weight but I also have hard time to accept that. I have never been thin in my life while all my friends were small and slim. I guess I am getting the wrong signal on the internet every time when I see someone claim they lost weight even they were already smaller than me. And in this forum, all you get is "you are eating more than you think" and it makes me feel such a big loser and failure because I can't eat less than I do...anyway, thank you for posting this thread...
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    @cushman5279 and OP

    I so feel not alone now...

    I know my body like the current weight but I also have hard time to accept that. I have never been thin in my life while all my friends were small and slim. I guess I am getting the wrong signal on the internet every time when I see someone claim they lost weight even they were already smaller than me. And in this forum, all you get is "you are eating more than you think" and it makes me feel such a big loser and failure because I can't eat less than I do...anyway, thank you for posting this thread...

    Ya know what... I know this site is great and has been a life saver for a lot of people. But... for me, the more I trusted in this site the less progress I had. I lost All of my weight before even coming here and since being here I've lost nothing really. Sure I've gotten some really great tips and tricks and I did learn how to track and log my foods accurately. I do log my calories and keep an eye on them but at the same time by being here I lost my inherent ability to just listen to my own body... put faith and trust in my own body signals and common sense. Instead, I put it all into this system and that just doesn't work for me. I am still here tracking because I am trying to get good at hitting my macro's.

    There's no magic trick to accept yourself for who you are. You have to look into yourself, not at others, not at their stories or suggestions or ridicules or advice, and you have to be happy with where you are. It's ok to be happy and not satisfied. Just set new goals, attainable and realistic goals and word toward them. When you reach them, set new ones and so on and so forth.
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    I read your profile...If you already have a shaky body self-image, I'm terribly sorry to say...modeling is not an appropriate profession for you. It will destroy you and spit you out as a miserable shell of who you once were. It is a terribly difficult, cuttthroat line of work that you will NOT do well in if you do not already have a rock-solid sense of self worth, one NOT based on your looks. Please seek counseling, and also an alternate line of work. Best of luck to you.
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    story of my life. sending friend req now
  • I think lonliness is the trigger for my binge eating.... I usually start out the day well but if I am by myself in the house I want to eat.

    I ate porridge and a banana for breakfast and then a tuna roll for lunch..... then the binge started I ate two bowls of cereal, a big choc chip muffin and a can of coke all within about 15-20 mins. (this is a small binge).

    I can't keep boxs' of cereal bars or have chocolate or bagels etc.. in the kitchen as i know if i am left alone with them i will feel tempted to keep eating and eating until i feel sick.

    I know what you are suffering from and its really embarassing. I havent told anyone I know in my everyday life about my secret.