What's your secret?



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    I would tell you but then I would have to kill you!

    By all means, keep it to yourself!
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    Plan ahead

    But don't get bogged down with specifics, right?
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    I use no heat on my hair or, really, anything besides shampoo and conditioner. People are amazed at how healthy and long it is. Can't figure out why theirs won't grow and proceed to tell me how they flat iron and etc.

    Does that count?

    Bar of soap, that's it. No conditioner, no shampoo, just a bar of soap. :bigsmile:
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    We follow a Dave Ramsey style of financial responsibility and were completely debt free (including mortgage) when the economy went over the cliff in 2008. It has literally changed our lives!

    How did you get your spouse on the same page?

    I can't speak for the OP, but really all I had to do was get mine to watch one of the FPU videos (2006 version -- the new ones are not as energetic or engaging). Dave's personality and presentation style pretty much carried the whole thing.
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    I'm Batman.
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    My secret is ancient and Chinese...
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    I most often get complimented on:

    My kids behavior - every single time we go out in public, someone mentions how well behaved they are. This is due to setting clear expectations from an early age, and generally being lucky enough to have good kids.

    And how I "juggle" it all - I stay at home, and homeschool my girls, my husband and I run a small business and I recently started up a non-profit agency. I get this done by really intense focus and knowing when to take a break. And fail a lot ;)
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    My secret to life being easier is to be good with money. Its true money won't make you happier, but it will make life easier. I've been a saver since I was 12 years old and started babysitting. As I got to my 30s, settled down and had a child and the real expenses (housing, childcare, medical) started coming, my saving started to make a HUGE difference. It hasn't always been easy because my husband is not as frugal as I am, and there have been tough financial times (housing crash, my husband lost his job at one point), but the tough times have been made a lot easier by being able to rely on savings rather than go into debt. I'm grateful, but at the same time I realize that in the present economy, there are many people who by necessity live hand to mouth and can't save, so I'd never judge anyone who can't do it.
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    Once when I was very young I remember overhearing my father and one of his business partners arguing in our parlor. The voices kept getting louder. I couldn't sleep so I climbed out of my bed and crept down the hall. I was just curious and wanted to get a closer look.

    The door was cracked just enough for me to peek in. I could only see them some of the time. But they kept yelling and I could tell from daddy's slurred speech he'd been drinking. That was more and more common during those days. The business was in trouble and he wasn't handling it very well.

    I almost screamed when I heard the glass shatter. Jack must have thrown his drink at the wall or something... the yelling turned into the sounds of fighting, things being knocked over... I was so scared but I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed. I couldn't look away from that crack in the door.

    I saw Jack go flying across the room, like he'd been thrown. I heard my father utter something unintelligible, just anger and frustration fueled into a drunken roar... I saw him raise the bust on the mantle piece over his head and

    I don't want to talk about this anymore.

    Lol! Thank goodness I came in this thread. As for something I do well, I can make even the most depressed laugh. I usually sacrifice dignity while doing so though, so I don't guess I'm all that "great" at it.
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    I don't let other people, books, tv, media, etc, anything define me. I was never one to join a clique in school, I always floated around and never had to depend on other people to know who I was or what my worth was. I define myself.
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    You know you're being your true self and pursuing your own goals in life when it sucks horribly but you still can't stop.
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    I'm scared of the dark.
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    I click on and purchase everything that Babajala3957092nightsecretsmanlove has to sell. That dude is super serial about the products he endorses.

    Rock on Baba!
  • abbyblackcft
    I hear people on MFP get asked what their secret is to weightloss. I want to know your secret to something else - something that makes being excellent easy or easier.

    Do you have a special product that you use, routine that you follow, or way you organize something to maximize your productivity? What do people always compliment you on, and how do you do it so well?

    Yes, I use a special product. Yes, as I trainer I have a routine I have designed for my fitness goals. I do my workout in the morning before my husband and son get up so I have the rest of the day to spend with them. Sometimes it doesn't work out and I workout while he is down for his nap. I always take time for my workout. No excuses. What helps is that I have a home gym that I use 6 days a week.

    I get complimented on my dedication, persistence, and drive.
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    1. When on a trip, I print out copies of all bookings for hotels, boats, flights etc, and keep them in a clear folder in the order they will be required.

    My frequent flier secret: download Trip It Pro.

    All your bookings and itinerary in one app. It grabs the info from your confirmation emails. Absolutely no effort needed and it automatically orders my itinerary. One click takes me to google maps. I can change seats within the app. Check rewards programs. etc

    A huge time saver when you are going through multiple airports a week.
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    My secret is ancient and Chinese...
    LOL! I grew up with this commercial. Must have seen it ten times a day for ages!
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    If I told you my secret I'd have to kill you
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    Here's one for making super fast no mess pancakes.

    Set this up next to your stove before you go to bed. Very large plastic cup. In the cup is a fork and a spatula. Next to the cup is a box of pancake mix (the just add water kind). Next to that is syrup. A flat griddle on the stove.

    The cup is the mixing bowl. Pour the mix in the cup, add water and stir with the fork until it's the right consistency. No messing with measuring cups and spilled egg whites. Heat the griddle, get some butter or margarine, lightly grease warm griddle. Pour the batter from the cup onto the griddle. Pouring makes perfect circles, so no need for a spoon or a ladel. Flip with the spatula you didn't have to look for, and serve with the syrup you didn't forget and save a second trip to the cabinet. Rinse all impliments, wipe down griddle with paper towel, put back the stuff in the cup.