Greek turkey burgers YUM!



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    I will definitely try these....a dollop of low fat sour cream on top...
  • veggiesnyc
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    Just made this last night for diner and it was FANTASTIC! I used ground chicken instead of turkey and used sheep milk feta (creamier than most store bought Feta) and it was so good.
    I made 4 big patty but unlike beef it doesn't really shrink when it cooks, next time i'll make 6.
    Thanks for the recipe!

    I'm so glad you liked them! Think I'll be making these again this week myself :)
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    bump for later! thanks!!
  • labrennan
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    saw this recipe on all recipes....sounds delish and they do have a fat free feta athenos....its not bad
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    I do a very similar recipe, except that I do saute the onion and minced garlic together first, and I also add in a box of frozen/thawed WELL DRAINED spinach. I think it was a recipe I got from Rachael Ray, and then just kind of played with to suit my tastes. Fab in a pita with homemade tzatziki and lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and raw onion.
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    yum! This sounds great! Thank you for posting!
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    They sound lovely, I must try them, and they should make a nice alternative to my rather simple beef burgers :)
  • Francl27
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    I changed the proportions a little bit but made some tonight and it was delicious.. with homemade tzatziki sauce and some pitas. Each patty was 190 calories for 135g (raw). Totally hit my craving for gyros and the kids loved it too! Thanks so much for posting this.
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    This is also really good with chopped tomatoes and spinich mixed in.
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