Do you have cellulite?



  • _lyndseybrooke_
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    I had a bit of....uh, texture, on the backs of my thighs, but since I started lifting heavy it's gone bye bye for the most part.
  • QuietBloom
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    morebeans had an awesome thread a while ago showing pictures of very fit women with cellulite, many who are top athletes. if i can find it i'll post it.

    cellulite is genetic and doesnt really care is you're at your goal weight or not, so dont be bummed.

    I think that was posted in a group. Maybe even a private group. And I don't think it's active anymore.

    Yeah it was.

    There is this:

    Which I'm a little torn about, honestly, because the amount of cellulite she's showing is much less than what I have.

    What a great link! Thanks! :drinker:
  • aedreana
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    I had cellulte (thighs/butt) from a young age. When I was 12, 112 lbs. at 5' 2 1/2," I noticed in gym class that my thighs didn't look like the other girls' thighs. And at age 14, at 106 lbs., photos snapped of me from a good distance away clearly showed my cellulite visible through a leotard and tights. And because I had cellulite so young, I never associated it with aging/deterioration and it never bothered me to have it. In my late 40s, when I was premenopausal, most of my cellulite went away. So therefore I believe cellulite is fat deposits under the influence of female hormones our bodies produce during childbearing years.
  • ShibaEars
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    I do too. Since losing a bit of weight though, and lifting & running, it's still there but it has definitely gotten a lot better!
  • alexuh
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    I'm only 20, have never been overweight and infact quite a low weight but have cellulite on the backs of my thighs. I used to make myself miserable worrying about it, found out my friends all have it too and that my bf really doesn't give a hoot!! I truly don't care anymore. It's life. :glasses:
  • SezxyStef
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    I use to have some cellulite on the back of my thighs but after I lost some weight and started running and lifting. 42 I had cellulite for 20 years..(since I got fat) it's gone now.
  • freddi11e
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    yep. i have it on my upper thighs and butt. I didnt have it 3 years ago. then I gained weight. Now it's here. I hear strength training helps... i havent started yet.