What do you all do when your calories run out?

Im really struggling because even at 1400 calories per day Im feeling hungry 1/2 the day. . . what do you guys do when you can't have anything else to eat and it's only 4pm???? I do walk/bike for exercise but am limited by an injury. .. Im trying to lose 20 lbs in 8 mos so I will look good for my daughters wedding but im not feeling very positive that I can go hungry 1/2 the day and all night. . . HELP!! PS Im eating whole grains, chicken, veggies . ..not junk.


  • Chalesie
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    I've been making myself drink tons of water and I'll throw in a shot of crystal light flavoring so I don't get bored. But I've had the same issue and downing the water really has helped. :smile:
  • ebheilman
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    Because 1,400 calories is not enough! You need to figure out how many calories your body needs a day based on your height and your weight. :)
  • glassgallm
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    I do more exercise to earn a few more calories. I use a heart rate monitor with a chest strap to get an accurate account of calorie burn. I measure/weigh all my portions. I drink water in between meals, also coffee and tea during the day. Yesterday I passed my 1000th day of logging in on MFP without missing a day. Keeps me focused.I'm doing this for a lifetime, not an event.
  • DeguelloTex
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    Stop eating, but the only time it has ever an issue is evening snacks, a couple of times.

    ETA: I was at 886 calories at 4 in the afternoon.
  • CupcakeCrusoe
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    I find it helps to pre-log my meals, to be sure I don't run into the scenario you describe. That way even if it's 4pm, I've already accounted for dinner. Also, I load up on things like carrot sticks, which don't have a lot of calories,

    If you open up your diary, I can help you out more specifically. :)
  • chrs86
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    You shouldn't be hitting the 1400 so early in the day. 350 breakfast, 350 lunch, 500 dinner, 200 for snack or however you want to do it. Try spreading it out and drinking diet drinks or water. Good Luck.
  • leahraskie
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    I'm at 1200 and I know the pain, going to the store makes me want to cry. I can't have anything. Usually I'll try not to use as many calories up during the early part of the day. Like for breakfast I'll try to do like an apple or a small serving of cereal. So like max 200 for breakfast. Then like 400-500 for lunch then another 500 for dinner. Or less for lunch and more for dinner. As long as you don't starve yourself then your metabolism should be alright.

    Don't drink your calories unless they are protein or meal shakes also. Liquid calories kill you when you're dieting.
  • SameMe_JustLess
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    Cry. ;)

    Just kidding! I usually do pretty good about spreading out my calories so when I run out its time to brush my teeth and drink water! Some people recommend mint gum.
  • amandzor
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    When I run out? I stop eating.

    I treat calories like a bank account. When I've spent them all, I have no more eating options.

    In time you'll learn to budget your "spending". Pre-planning helps me a lot. I'll log in the mornings, so I know exactly what I can have, what I can't have, then adjust my dinner accordingly throughout the day.

    If you're still having problems feeling satiated, perhaps change the kinds of foods you're eating. Go for low cal veggies and lean meats rather than the higher cal starches and carbs. Protein helps me feel fuller, longer.
  • rainynight3L33
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    Space out your meals so even if you are starving at one point in the day, you have a meal saved for later. Save some calories for dinner. Or, eat lower calorie foods and get low calorie snacks.
  • chelsealeaette
    I don't know how long you have been at it, but it does take a week or two sometimes to get used to eating less. When I'm hungry and "out of calories" I go ahead and eat fruits or veggies, Ive done weight watchers forever and really liked that those were 0 point foods and it has always worked for me to treat them as "free foods" because if I am really hungry then I will eat an apple or celery or carrot sticks, not chips and cookies. I also drink a lot and use gum and essential oils to help suppress hunger.
  • diannethegeek
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    My calorie goal is 1700-1800 calories, but I know that my maintenance calories would be around 2200. Usually I'll have some decaf tea or a diet A&W once I've reached my goal, but as long as I stay below my maintenance then I'm okay with going over my calories every once in a while.
  • hkristine1
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    I also drink a LOT of water through the day to help me feel more full, longer. (e.g. I will put out a serving of almonds, and after eating 2 or 3, force myself to drink a bunch of water before I can have 2 or 3 more - and then have to drink more water, etc). I know a LOT of people think that higher protein foods make you feel more full for longer. I don't necessarily find that to be true, for me, but it might work for you.

    I would also try to find some other exercises that you CAN do with your injury. For instance, if it's a leg injury, maybe there are some upper body weight training things you can do to get your muscles firing more, which will not only give you extra calories from exercise, but it can also boost your metabolism. I think that doing anything you can, physically, to gain strength and define your muscles will really help (being mindful of your injury, of course!).
  • Rocket_Man44
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    Eat more broccoli , keeps you full !
  • Angela26point2finisher
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    I don't run out of Calories. Some days, I just have more Calories. The number of Calories per day is a suggestion, and if you are making healthy choices, eat more. Especially, if you are getting angry or irritable. You want to find a plan that works long term, a plan that you plan to stick with a while.
  • jkal1979
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    Plan your days out ahead of time and pre-log them. This will give you some time to figure out what to eat and play around with the portion sizes so you have enough to get you to the end of the day. Add in foods that are high in protein (my favorite is Greek Yogurt) and it will help with the hunger.
  • doctorregenerated
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    Share your diary and MFP community can help make some suggestions.
    But in general, substitute any high carb snacks and bread for high protein.
    Keeps you full longer. Carbs go right through you and make you hungry.
    Also, if you are drinking diet soda, eliminate it. Also makes you hungry.
    Good luck :)
  • Msmeganrock
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    Have you looked at the types of things you're eating? Changing the types of things you eat usually can make the food last a lot longer. For example, 200 calories of something high in protein will keep you full a lot longer than like 200 calories worth of bread.
  • GothyFaery
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    You shouldn't be hitting the 1400 so early in the day. 350 breakfast, 350 lunch, 500 dinner, 200 for snack or however you want to do it. Try spreading it out and drinking diet drinks or water. Good Luck.

    Agreed, I try to keep breakfast and lunc under 300 each and if I can work a snack I do, if not I just skip it. Try looking at the types of food you're eating. Maybe you can opt for more filling options with similar calories.
  • shreddedtrooper
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    agreed, sometimes not enough.

    too many variables so I wont comment on how much exactly only this:

    You need to find your own BMR (basic metabolic rate) then include the Harris Benedict multiplier which applies and find your baseline. Then research and see if "carb cycling" is right for you, slow and steady wins the race and you can do it. MFP is a great app however for weight loss it does not include cycling and rather cuts off an amount straight off the top. People then plateau as their body acclimates to the lowered "deficit". Our bodies are smart, so you can continuously lose without feeling hungry, cycling can often times offer an alternative to continue weight loss.

    Now as far as "x" calories per day, if you find you are running out, perhaps spacing them out may help. Best of luck and be consistent,you can do anything you set your mind to!