Help with goals

So I decided I want a raise so I started working harder and putting in “extra” each day in order to get that raise. However at the end of the week my boss didn’t give me a raise, can you tell me what I’m doing wrong. Here is my log for the last 5 days.

Normal work hours are 8:30-5:00
Day In Out
Monday 8:00 5:03
Tuesday 8:13 5:18
Wednesday 8:34 4:40
Thursday 8:28 5:15
Friday 8:20 4:55

I’m really not sure what I am doing wrong like how come my boss hasn’t notice all the extra work I’ve been putting in? This is way outside the norm for me so I should of at least received some sort of instant gratification by now… .

I know I slipped up on Wednesday but I figured they wouldn’t notice.

IDK if someone can help me that would be amazing!!

See what I did there??? Now go put in the work / effort your not going to get a raise in a week!