anyone dont measure and still lose?



  • maddyk91
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    I just guesstimate. I try to avoid getting too OCD about it and just get to the general portion. Which is why I also eat about 100 calories under what I am supposed to because I know that I over estimate by at least a little!
  • Holla4mom
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    I'm just getting started too and I don't have a scale. I did get some cheap measuring spoons, that are easy to use. One set is for measuring cups and one set for tablespoon and each set is on it's own ring.

    I don't weight anything, but I do measure, because I have major issues with portion control. I especially measure my brown rice and peanut butter, because I love these things immensely and I had no clue the hundreds and hundreds of calories I was overeating with my large portions.

    My meat, I haven't been measuring, so I use the database (2 drumsticks- medium) for instance. Most of my meat is pre-portioned (like salmon in a pouch, or individual fish fillets) and I use the package info.

    Most helpful to me has been starting in maintenance. I am learning so much about the accuracy of my TDEE, BMR, and calories because I am purposely eating at maintenance before I move into weight loss and I have been able to keep my weight almost to the pound for the last couple of weeks.
  • seltzermint555
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    I measure with cups and tbsp. etc but have never tried a food scale for weighing food. I always said I would if I hit a major plateau, but I've gone from 307 lb to 173 lb over the past few years and honestly don't plan to lose more than 10-15 more pounds I don't see myself buying a scale. If I was starting at 173 hoping to get to 135-140 then yes I probably would though.
  • neveragain84
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    I don't measure anymore, but I also run 9+ miles a week so it balances itself out.