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Long time maintainers how do you do it



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    I found a helpful mindset is, keep thinking longterm and ask yourself will I be able to sustain my current eating and exercise habits for the rest of my functional life? If the answer is no, than might find it hard to keep it off. If your answer is yes, than you should be fine. So the real trick is to find habits and lifestyles that keep you fit and healthy for you. If you have zero idea where to start, may I suggest joining a 45 HIT program 3-4 times a week and eating whole foods with as little sugar as possible.
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    Great thread!
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    6 years ago I lost 30 kilos (66 pounds). I have maintained this loss, except in December I gained 3 kilos (6.6 pounds) and decided I wanted to lose 11 kilos (24 pounds). I maintained this loss by doing lots of walking, using an exercise bike for an hour a day, and tracking my food everyday for the year after I lost weight. I read that for one year after you lose weight, your hunger levels are increased and your metabolism lowered. Also I weighed myself everyday, it really helped to keep me on track.
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    ladyreva78 wrote: »
    Before anything else: Thank you for all the people who took the time to answer the OP's questions (no matter how long ago it was asked). Reading through this made me realize that I need to start working on some habits I've been neglecting. I've only been focusing on getting the weight off and not on what's going to happen after, which is where I've failed every single time (I just never realized that this is where I was failing).

    I'm still working on losing. I have about 20kg to go (depends on where my doctor says 'you're good now', but from our discussions, I fear the 20kg is the upper range of where she wants me) of the total 50kg I started out at and know that at the rate I'm going, it'll take me another 1-2 years to get there.

    I guess (from reading the above) the three points I need to work on in the coming months/year are:
    1. get more movement into my day (I started at a 1K step average last year and I'm up to 8K, but I want to diversify as I tend to get bored with 'same ol' same ol''. Starting September my commute will include a 7km bike ride, so I guess that's a start :smile: I'll be unemployed for about 1month this summer, so biking to community pool one town over - they have an Olympic size pool that's nearly always empty - or to the beach in the other direction and swimming is probably going to make it onto my list of past times. )
    2. Eat what I like but learn what an appropriate serving size looks like (tracking my food seems to be the way to go there :wink: . Slowly change eating habits to fit the necessary nutrients for my health. I'm working on getting a more varied and colorful way of eating without neglecting those lovely taste buds of mine. So far only the brussel sprouts were a bust. The other things I've tried are actually all yummy!).
    3. Do something about that annoying snacking habit. Dinner time arrives far too often with no calories left in my day because I was mindlessly snacking.

    Number 1 and 2 are on a good way. They're slowly entering the realm of 'habit' and are becoming second nature. I don't think about going on that lunch break walk anymore, I just do it (even if it's raining). I don't consciously have to think about logging my food anymore, I just do it. My serving sizes have become smaller without needing to double check on the kitchen scale (I do weigh out chips/peanuts and such because the serving sizes are just so pathetically small that it's easy to over do it. Even when I take far more than I should, I still weigh and log it.)

    Number 3 is going to be much harder for me as I need to develop boredom strategies. Keeping my hands busy in front of the TV is already a start, but doesn't always work (I'll talk myself into a snack with the excuse of: "well, I'll just have to wash my hands before I get back to my knitting). Not having snacks in my drawer at work helped there, but it's still far too easy to talk myself into a trip to the vending machine. I don't snack because I'm hungry. I snack because it's habit. It's a hard habit to change. Now that points one and two are slowly slipping into the realm of habit, I feel I'm ready to work on this third point.

    One last thing I learned from all the wonderful answers on this thread: Don't stop weighing myself. That's how a 20kg loss turned into 50kg to lose last time I managed to get any large amount of weight off.

    So again... thank you for the enlightning reading! It was just what I needed at my current time and place :smiley:

    Great post! (I was the OP)
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    Baconville wrote: »
    I use an old Nordic Track Ski Machine for an hour every morning Monday – Friday. It gives me a great workout in a short amount of time.

    Congratulations on your loss and maintenance. Also, I thought I was the only human left using a Nordic Track. Good to know there is at least one more out there! :wink:
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    How do we know what an appropriate # of calories is when we are ready to start “maintaining”???
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    sellis2844 wrote: »
    How do we know what an appropriate # of calories is when we are ready to start “maintaining”???

    If you've been losing weight and tracking calories you should have an idea.

    If not, put your stats into the Goals portion of this website and go from there.
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