Post here if you want more friends!



  • raaachelmarie
    raaachelmarie Posts: 67 Member
    I'm looking for more friends after being inactive for a bit :)
  • norcalichick395
    norcalichick395 Posts: 12 Member
    I'm so game for more friends... looking for motivating folks!
  • rich1882
    rich1882 Posts: 56 Member
    Add me! I could use some motivation , advice AND distraction from food
  • donhuzayfa
    donhuzayfa Posts: 13 Member
    Hi guys add me, just started on my fitness journey
  • MayaX0
    MayaX0 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! I'm back after falling off for a few months. I'm ready to stay on track, I'd like encouragement though. Feel free to add me, I have no friends on MFP.
  • AishaBraziel
    AishaBraziel Posts: 30 Member
    therocpile wrote: »
    Post a reply below if you want people to add you, Let's keep each other motivated and on the right track!!

    Anyone is welcome to add me!!!

    I need some weight loss friends
  • kosmo24
    kosmo24 Posts: 56 Member
    Feel free to add. The more support people have the better for everyone
  • vickyb__
    vickyb__ Posts: 1 Member
    Could always do with more friends for motivation and support to reach my goals! Feel free to add!
  • augustmomof3
    augustmomof3 Posts: 1 Member
    Been on and off on MFP but I'm trying to get serious now! Feel free to add me! We can all use extra support.
  • bunny3269
    bunny3269 Posts: 28 Member
    Add me please!
  • cassi82
    cassi82 Posts: 20 Member
    Feel free to add me! I love being motivated by other people and helping to motivate them as well!
  • bmr2005
    bmr2005 Posts: 5 Member
    Add me please!
  • jloane01
    jloane01 Posts: 10 Member
    Friend me. I log every day both food and exercise. I also have my diary open. Thanks!
  • Countrybabe_75
    Countrybabe_75 Posts: 33 Member
    Always looking for more friends..... *Forewarning..... My page is not totally related to fitness. I like to have a good time, it's what keeps me here.
  • That_Country_Girl82
    That_Country_Girl82 Posts: 122 Member
    ocnldy wrote: »
    Looking for new friends and accountabili-buddies. I lost 100lbs but gained 40 of it back when I decided to “take time off from dieting” last October. I am 50lbs to goal and going to hit it and keep it off. Please add me as a friend

  • AishaBraziel
    AishaBraziel Posts: 30 Member
    I need more friends
  • SpideyWebSlinger
    SpideyWebSlinger Posts: 26 Member
    Always good to make new friends
  • 3M_TA3
    3M_TA3 Posts: 1,036 Member
    Let me see if I have more luck on this thread. Always looking for interactive friends. I am fairly active and not everything is fitness related but is all in good fun....
  • Fade2Blacc
    Fade2Blacc Posts: 11 Member
    Always looking for new friends