Post here if you want more friends!



  • tofiggy
    tofiggy Posts: 44 Member
    I love having people keep me motivated and giving support to others - feel free to add me
  • Melanie79SO
    Melanie79SO Posts: 63 Member
    I've been on MFP for over 1.5 years. I log daily and am a runner. It's always great to have more friends to help with motivation. Feel free to friend me.
  • JessiJayne92
    JessiJayne92 Posts: 55 Member
    Add me! I adore new friends. :)
  • rArmantas
    rArmantas Posts: 44 Member
    Hello, everyone are welcome to add me! Have a great day! ;););)
  • massivej69
    massivej69 Posts: 24 Member
    yes surely
  • gymselfiesfordays
    gymselfiesfordays Posts: 64 Member
    Hey there.
  • themanwithaplan1
    themanwithaplan1 Posts: 56 Member
    feel free to add for support and occasional average banter :)
  • trippndane
    trippndane Posts: 5 Member
    Free to add. Always looking for supporters!
  • emilyb117
    emilyb117 Posts: 56 Member
    Always down for more friends.
    T3NACI0USM3 Posts: 9 Member
    70lbs to lose! 81 days challenge before I see my boyfriend again. Let's do this! Feel free to add me <3
  • MarcA1218
    MarcA1218 Posts: 570 Member
    I'm always looking for active, fun, motivational friends on MFP. If you're reading this, please feel free to send me a FR.- thanks!
  • DreDay46
    DreDay46 Posts: 491 Member
    Feel free to add me. Always looking for more friends!
  • DrifterBear
    DrifterBear Posts: 265 Member
    feel free to add me
  • fitz0523
    fitz0523 Posts: 3 Member
    I have 100lbs to lose and need help keeping myself motivated. I am in for the long run. If anyone has lost 100lbs and have tips, I would love to here from you. Please add me. Thanks
  • worldtraveller321
    worldtraveller321 Posts: 150 Member
    more friends be nice. i am on Over Training Symdrom. i am an athlete in cycling and cant race now even though its summer and top of the season, lets talk
  • xxprisinhaxx3232
    xxprisinhaxx3232 Posts: 15 Member
    Anybody doing Keto?
  • tofiggy
    tofiggy Posts: 44 Member
    I'm new and looking for friends, feel free to add me and we can support each other!
  • tyfrei10
    tyfrei10 Posts: 17 Member
    Feel free to add me!
  • PinkPupper
    PinkPupper Posts: 47 Member
    Hey everyone, I'm looking for people who have the determination to meet their goals. I plan on losing some weight so if there's anyone on the same boat, I'll paddle with ya. Feel free to send me a friend request!
  • Fitwithit80
    Fitwithit80 Posts: 499 Member
    Feel free to add me:) we got this!!