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10 pounds lost and not noticing....

heaventrullheaventrull Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
Hello, I just hit my 10 pounds lost mark and I can't tell a difference in my body. I didn't take pictures of before and I wish I would have. Is this normal with your first 10? My clothes aren't even fitting any better, not even a little. It's nice to se the numbers going down, but I'd like to see it. Anyone else having this problem?


  • Dave_LDave_L Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    to be honest some people lose their first 10 pounds in different places. its hard to notice the first 10 pounds after you lose them anyway. i am at the same spot right now, i have lost 10 pounds and i dont see much of a difference. my pants seem to fit a little better but i have heard that males lose most of their weight from their stomach. just keep after it and you will start to notice, trust me.
  • HolsDoinItHolsDoinIt Member Posts: 338 Member Posts: 338
    i lost my first ten and i havent noticed a difference either...
  • dhutt2011dhutt2011 Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member
    You might not think you've changed, but you are. Start measuring yourself and you will see changes in inches. I just started because i was stalling out or going up a pound or two and then back to where I was. It was funny to see where I was losing it sometimes in my arms or waist or the dreaded bust.

    Stick with it you will start to see changes.
  • peggybrantpeggybrant Member, Premium Posts: 144 Member Member, Premium Posts: 144 Member
    Depending on what your starting weight was you won't notice. The larger a person is the harder it is to see the difference but know that with patience it will all show.Also keep in mind that we see ourselves every day. Sometimes it takes seeing someone that you haven't seen since before weight loss to notice and they will notice.
  • sarahliftsUPsarahliftsUP Member Posts: 752 Member Member Posts: 752 Member
    I didn't really notice at first either. I took in progress pictures and even then I didn't notice. I went back to them last night though and noticed it then. Maybe it takes awhile for our eyes to adjust to the changes?! You'll notice it soon enough. Also, take your measurements as that will help in times when the scale doesn't seem to be moving.
  • heaventrullheaventrull Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
    Thanks for the responses. I'm 5'6" and my starting weight was 160.
  • ErrataCorrigeErrataCorrige Member Posts: 656 Member Member Posts: 656 Member
    I didn't notice after my first ten either BUT after my first 20 it was a huge change! Keep it up, you WILL see a difference. Try to do some measurements now, including arms and legs, along with hips, waist and chest, so that you have something to compare with later.

    Someone just recently posted an analogy about paper towels. How when the roll of paper towels is full and you take one off there really isn't much difference in size. But if you slowly take one sheet off at a time, eventually you will notice a difference. Then near the end one sheet can wrap around so much that it is really much more noticeable. Keep this is mind, and keep it up!
  • Griffin90Griffin90 Member Posts: 64 Member Member Posts: 64 Member
    That is the thing about losing weight. You don't notice it until you do. You keep looking and looking. The all of a sudden the clothes are a little looser, you just feel different. Then you start to notice it.

    Good luck. Keep it up.
  • CelticDragonCelticDragon Member Posts: 66 Member Member Posts: 66 Member
    I lost over 40 before I could SEE the difference. By that point I had lost over 8" from my waist alone. I felt better, my clothes got too big, but I didn't see any difference. It was about 30 pounds before anyone else noticed, or said anything.

    It will happen, just be patient and keep up the good work!
  • SerenitytooSerenitytoo Member Posts: 458 Member Member Posts: 458 Member
    When I first started losing it was coming off my back first so I didn't really see it. I also started out quite large so 10lbs is hard to see if it is coming off all over. Keep working at it, you will see a difference :flowerforyou:
  • beanie1119beanie1119 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    You will start to notice it I promise. Alot of the time the fist 5 or 6 pounds is water weight that your body has retained from all the crappy food you may have consumed. It took me to feel the difference in my clothes when I went over 10 pounds lost and I had been on a good consistent diet for one month. Don't give up. I have started diets after diets over the years and would be good for like 3 straight weeks and lose like 5-10 pounds to just be an idot and go back to eating the way I was. Then I would gain the little weight I lost back plus more. Now I have more weight to lose than I ever have in my life. I am determined and very motivated this time around. Stay positive and keep up the good work you will feel the difference!
  • OLP76OLP76 Member Posts: 768 Member Member Posts: 768 Member
    I noticed my first 10lbs in my midsection - why cause I have my upper abs peekin' out - I love workin' out in front of mirror now...I can't wait until all of my abs to show out :D xo
  • Rosy67Rosy67 Member Posts: 298 Member Member Posts: 298 Member
    If you think about it, it depends how large you are. 10lbs spread all over a large person is a much thinner layer than 10lbs spread over a smaller person. I've lost 11lbs, from 226.5 to 215.5 and I think I've lost about an inch from my waist if I'm lucky. But I guess the 11 lbs I lose between 156.5 and 145.5 will show up much more dramatically. Here's to that wonderful day :drinker:
  • spacecase76spacecase76 Member Posts: 680 Member Member Posts: 680 Member
    the dreaded bust.

    This is where I lost first bras are too big :embarassed:

    but, really, I think it was in my back more than cup-size, so that is a good thing :smile:

    Keep up the good work, it will come, and for sure take pictures and measurements!
  • AmajoyAmajoy Member Posts: 140 Member Member Posts: 140 Member
    I think this is pretty normal for everyone, and as much as we are ALL trying to flatten our bellies I was told by my personal trainer that its the last place you're are going to start losing weight, he said you will first start losing it in your legs.

    I have only lost 8lbs so far and while I dont see any difference I have been told by a couple people they can see it in my face... SOOO give it time you will starting feeling it if anything, I already feel much better.
  • EmelyJEmelyJ Member Posts: 208 Member Posts: 208
    It's exactly the same with me. I've lost 15lbs and I can't tell at all nor has my clothing size changed. It is a little discouraging. But I think you should be strong and have the will power to keep working out to reshape your body.
  • cobarlo14cobarlo14 Member Posts: 604 Member Member Posts: 604 Member
    Don't fret....The scale doesn't lie. It's coming off but not the way you want to see it just yet. It may be harder if you wear elastic but there will be a defining moment where the ring feels like it is falling off your finger or something else you haven't worn in along time slides right on...(or not) no matter what don't let it discourage you - just keep going - It will come!!!

    It will happen, focus on the mind and the body will follow :wink:
  • lalalalyndseylalalalyndsey Member Posts: 565 Member Posts: 565
    Have you taken measurements? That helps me! I lost 7 lbs and have been stuck here for a while now... I haven't been going over my cals and have been exercising quite a bit and my body refuses to lose lbs, but I have been losing inches. I didn't take pics either and feel like I look the same, but knowing that I'm shrinking boosts my confidence a lil.

    Hope this helps and keep at it! :D
  • fatboypupfatboypup Member, Premium Posts: 1,887 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,887 Member
    remember a gallon of water weighs 8lbs
  • tdelatorre2tdelatorre2 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    I lost 10 lbs to but havent lost inches of my neck or hips jut my thigh and my chin but my pants fit alittle bit better
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