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10 pounds lost and not noticing....



  • mcjabbermcjabber Member Posts: 374 Member Member Posts: 374 Member
    Remember that you see you everyday. I bet if you asked someone who hasn't seen you since 10 lbs ago, they'd see the difference! But since you saw yourself yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, the slow progress looks like nothing. I'm 5'8" and just dipped under 160, and I feel like I can see every single pound as it goes. 10 lbs is an enormous (pun intended) difference on me. It's true that every body is different, but I'd bet that your brain is what's blocking you from seeing the difference. Pictures and measurements can really help, since our brains try to sabotage us all the time.

    Stay positive! :bigsmile:
  • saraann4saraann4 Member Posts: 1,312 Member Member Posts: 1,312 Member
    when I lost the first 10lbs, I didn't notice. I didn't notice until 20lbs. It was like BAM. My jeans are very loose. My shirts still fit the same. I also noticed my stomach had changed. Now at 27lbs, I notice it a little in my face.
  • CommandaPandaCommandaPanda Member, Premium Posts: 451 Member Member, Premium Posts: 451 Member
    Every person stores fat differently, so don't sweat it. Start taking pictures every month as well as measurements as frequent as you please. I used to take measurements everyday but now I just take them when I am either curious or think something may have changed.

    Here's where I've lost inches -- total of 20 lbs. lost (all measurements taken at the widest part):

    Waist (right above the belly button): 7 inches
    Thighs: 2 inches lost, 0.5 inches gained (after the loss)
    Hips: 2 inches (took me 6 months, wtf)
    Neck: +1 inch
    Shoulders: +2 inches
    Chest: -1 inch, +2 inches (after the loss)

    My weight has been fairly stagnant through most of the size loss. Each inch that was lost occurred randomly and in a different part of the body, never consistent across the board.

    Keep pushing, it will all disappear randomly one morning when you see yourself in the mirror and it'll only serve as encouragement to invest more of yourself into your discipline and focus!
  • peachyxoxoxopeachyxoxoxo Member Posts: 1,184 Member Member Posts: 1,184 Member
    10 lbs will make a big difference on some people and look/feel like next to nothing for others. I'm in the latter category, so I feel ya. Keep working and you'll get to your goal!
  • sarahrbraunsarahrbraun Member Posts: 2,265 Member Member Posts: 2,265 Member
    I noticed (in pictures) after the first 10 or so....hubby noticed after about 16-17 pounds. Now at 21 pounds, he is finding changes just about daily ( thighs less flabby, found a hip bone...face might be a little thinner...)

    it is very possible that you are losing it in places you wouldn't think to look. I have 2 pictures in my profile of me wearing a black and white top. One is at my heaviest ( around 228) and the other is a few weeks ago at about 212 or so. The change in my BACK is amazing. In the one, I look like I have a set of boobs on my back...and in the other, there is no trace--and it is only a 16lb difference!
  • rbaker0808rbaker0808 Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    I've lost almost 13 so far and I don't see a difference yet either. I didn't measure or take a pic and really wish I had. I think I'm going to go ahead and measure so that maybe I can start seeing a difference soon.
  • Anyaaaa11Anyaaaa11 Member Posts: 242 Member Posts: 242
    I've lost exactly 10lbs and honestly I feel like I haven't lost anything either. I even took before and after pics but I don't see a huge difference. You would think 10lbs on a short person would result in a big change, well it hasn't really. I'm aiming for about 5 more lbs and hopefully I will fit into my smaller pairs of jeans that have been laying around for a year.
    Don't lose hope (: !

    P.S I've lost a bunch of inches according to my measuring tape, but I still can't see the change. ::
  • sexybebe2012sexybebe2012 Member Posts: 32 Member Posts: 32
    remember a gallon of water weighs 8lbs

    Is this true???
  • ashleighntashleighnt Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    Same here. I'm short, so I thought I would see a difference by now.
  • BoogageBoogage Member Posts: 742 Member Member Posts: 742 Member
    I know this post is pretty old now but I'm so glad I found it as I am in the same boat. I've lost 11 lbs over 11 weeks by making smarter food choices and doing a bit of exercise but I can't see any difference and the tape measure isn't registering much of a difference yet either.

    Its frustrating but also makes me more determined to keep going as I really want to notice a difference and find my clothes looser one day.

    Hope my post bumps up this thread for other newbies :o)
  • hountonhounton Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I lost 30 pounds and no one noticed! I was feeling pretty discouraged and irritated. I am 6 feet tall so it makes sense that my weight loss is not that noticable. But I tried to pay attention to little things: it was easier to pick things up off the floor, I could hike downhill and my knees didn't hurt, my sleep was better. Then, when I hit 40 pounds lost, Boom! people noticed. I could fit into clothes that I couldn't come close to wearing a year ago. Nothing about weight loss is linear so as long as you are sticking with the process, everything you want to happen will happen.
  • breefosheebreefoshee Member Posts: 398 Member Member Posts: 398 Member
    I think I notice 10lbs of weight gain more than I do of a loss. Since I put on 10lbs during Covid, I'll tell you where I notice it.
    1) My bra's. At the end of the day, I am dying to get it off even more than usual.
    2) My face. Getting a cute acceptable selfie is harder than it was just 10lbs ago.
    3) My pants-- particularly around my stomach. It's not that my clothes are unwearable, I just find them to be less comfortable.

    Edited to add: Even with being 10lbs up, my BF said the other day that he thought I was smaller than when we met. (I totally didn't correct him.) So others haven't noticed my gain-- to which I'm thankful. But it also means, they probably won't notice when I lose it.

    So be encouraged... it may seem like small insignificant changes now... but they make a difference.
    edited June 2020
  • HeidiCooksSupperHeidiCooksSupper Member, Premium Posts: 3,836 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,836 Member
    To get an appreciation of how good losing ten pounds feel, pick up something that weighs 10 pounds and carry it around the house a bit or climb a flight of stairs.

    You may see some weight loss as something un-lovely so don't look too hard. One of my first bodily changes is that my cellulite starts to show as I "deflate." Also, my batwings hang lower but I'm an old fart pushing 70. Oh, and the wattles on my neck make me look more and more like Moscow Mitch!
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