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what the hell is 2 ounces in slices of meat?

denisec26denisec26 Posts: 199Member Member Posts: 199Member Member
i just made a cold cut sandwich, got the meat from the deli so it doesnt have nutrition info on it, so i look it up in the database and i found it or something close to eat but a serv. size is 2 ounces. what does that equal in slice terms?

i had 2 slices of ham and 2 slices of turkey.


  • neelianeelia Posts: 750Member Member Posts: 750Member Member
    LOL, I always think the same thing. That's why I bought a food scale. I've found that when I use 4 thin slices of Hillshire Farms meat, it equals about 2 oz.
  • My3RayzMy3Rayz Posts: 373Member Posts: 373Member
    Depending on how thick the slices were, they usually weigh in at about an ounce. You can get a food scale at Walmart for like $20. It's been a life saver for me just to learn what actual portion sizes are.
  • Shawna_831Shawna_831 Posts: 316Member Posts: 316Member
    Just a wild guess but I would think you had at least 2oz of meat. I have a scale at home and usually weigh all my food.
  • wbgoldenwbgolden Posts: 2,099Member Member Posts: 2,099Member Member
    I agree that a scale is a complete MUST HAVE.
  • ScarletFyreScarletFyre Posts: 765Member Member Posts: 765Member Member
    i constantly wonder that too - i am glad you asked this question!! :) now i know that i am going to need to get a food scale AND how to estimate the slices!! :)
  • HotSouthernMessHotSouthernMess Posts: 483Member Posts: 483Member
    yeah, the food scale is the only way to know for sure. it all depends on how thick (or thin) the meat is cut. hard to tell for sure without weighing it. i would say you are probably safe with 4 slices though.
  • lappyd425lappyd425 Posts: 112Member Member Posts: 112Member Member
    Glad to know I'm not the only person confused about that. I just guess? If it's straight from the deli I use 1 or 2 slices. If it's the prepackaged meat ( like the Hillshire farms ) then it's usually 3-4 slices! Good luck!!
  • mallorybriannmallorybriann Posts: 1,392Member Member Posts: 1,392Member Member
    I bought the Biggest Loser Food Scale from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $16!! (with the 20% off coupon!) Best darn $16 I ever spent!
    But a deck of cards is like 3 to 4 ounces... if that helps any.
  • buttercup62999buttercup62999 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    Depends on how thick or thin easiest way to tell I think is how much did you get? If you got a pound of meat, and have 16 slices, then each slice is an ounce. Basically 16 ounces are in a pound and by doing the math you should be able to tell how much each slice is. If you need more help let me know!
  • macjenkinsmacjenkins Posts: 62Member Member Posts: 62Member Member
    I was having trouble matching up low sodium ham to what is in the database so the last time I bought some I just asked the deli lady to show me the nutritional info. It turned out that she is a calorie counter too so she had no problem helping me out.
  • MikeInAZMikeInAZ Posts: 483Member, Premium Member Posts: 483Member, Premium Member
    Ok, this is a bit anal, but go to Walmart or the dollar store and get a little kitchen scale. You can weigh it.

    But typical chicken breast is probably 6-8oz, so use that as a guide. Like 1/4 chicken breast is about 2oz

    - Mike
  • randi50randi50 Posts: 112Member Posts: 112Member
    ditto the scale! :) And you can find one cheaper than $20 :)
  • Sarahr73Sarahr73 Posts: 454Member, Premium Member Posts: 454Member, Premium Member
    These are visuals to use in determing an ounce, which is about 25 grams:

    it's same as a tablespoon of flour

    Or two biros

    a human eyeball (ha)

    a thumb of an adult!!

    5 grapes

    A big bite of a cake
  • Tree72Tree72 Posts: 943Member Member Posts: 943Member Member
    It will definitely vary by how thin and how large the slices are. Generally the ones I use are about 3 slices for 2 ounces. The slices are thin, but not at all shredded. These are also fairly large as in they cover a whole slice of bread.
  • michelle4271michelle4271 Posts: 194Member Member Posts: 194Member Member
    def the thickness of the slice will play a big part in that, I try to avoid that, but when I have no choice I try to over estimate a bit, calling each slice one serving, therefore mentally reducing the amount I consider worth the calories.

    I would think the only way to really have an acurate weight would be a scale
  • quandriequandrie Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    Buying a food scale is the best way, and most accurate way to find out.
  • sexygeniussexygenius Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    I got a scale at ross for 12 bucks and I LOVE IT!!!! its always consistant and aqurate...
  • PeachyKeenePeachyKeene Posts: 1,674Member Member Posts: 1,674Member Member
    It really depends upon how thick the slices are. It should have the weight of the total package on it. Because they normally sell it by the pound. The calculation would be:
    poundsx16= ounces in package, ounces in package/slices in package = how many slices per ounce.

    Hope this helps
  • nmp1994nmp1994 Posts: 96Member Posts: 96Member
    LOL, I always think the same thing. That's why I bought a food scale. I've found that when I use 4 thin slices of Hillshire Farms meat, it equals about 2 oz.

    What kind of food scale? I need to look into one....
  • Oompa_LoompaOompa_Loompa Posts: 1,099Member Member Posts: 1,099Member Member
    Eh I usually do 2-3 reg sliced what ever type of meat. I just figure as long as im not like piling it on that if im a little over..its healthy deli meat(boars head chicken ect)
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