what are you grateful for today???????



  • oregonlady
    oregonlady Posts: 2,743 Member
    :heart: this list
    :heart: reading other's grats
    :heart: coffee
    :heart: party tonight
    :heart: hubby and i are happy w/ our jobs
    :heart: sent out my Christmas cards & gifts (i made doily/snowflakes!)
    :heart: moving to new home!
  • oregonlady
    oregonlady Posts: 2,743 Member
    :heart: home
    :heart: moving
    :heart: wine
    :heart: gym
    :heart: hubby
    :heart: children
    :heart: ikea?
    :heart: goodwill?
    :heart: garage sales
    :heart: my dog
    :heart: my cat
    :heart: my fish
    :heart: new fish tank
    :heart: new filter for new tank (for in new house)
    :heart: hubby says he is grateful or me!
  • oregonlady
    oregonlady Posts: 2,743 Member
    <3 finding this after years!
    <3 not being forced to work!
    <3 working when i want to.
    <3 fish tank
    <3 thrifty finds
    <3 renewed feeling of health
    <3 coffee
  • quinciengrant
    quinciengrant Posts: 2 Member
    grateful to wake up this morning, my son , and for the loving people around me!
  • OpheliaCooter
    OpheliaCooter Posts: 1,635 Member
    I’m grateful for this job I have even though all I do is talk trash about it. At least as far as dumb jobs go this one has good benefits. I’ve worked harder and have been more stressed out for much less and no benefits. It’s really hard to get a job here and I just waltzed in at the right time. So I’m grateful that I’m lucky. I’m grateful I get to travel like I’ve always wanted to and I’m grateful that I have the option for overtime.