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Loose Skin and the Dry Brushing Technique

BabyDuchessBabyDuchess Member Posts: 353 Member Member Posts: 353 Member

I read about this on the internet because I was concerned about the possibility of loose skin as I started losing weight. I have been using this technique for the last few months and so far, so good. Keep in mind that I try to keep my weight loss between 1-3 lbs a week, I try to stay hydrated, I do lots of cardio and a few months ago I started lifting weights. Within the last month or so I've started lifting heavy. The reason I'm giving you the background info is because I want you to understand that all of these things plays a role in the state of your skin but I highly recommend body brushing too. My skin is smoother, softer and I've noticed my cellulite getting less noticeable, which I'm sure is also partly because of the weight lifting. It only takes me a couple of minutes before I hop in the shower and it's done. A read somewhere that a nurse in a burn center recommended it because she said it generates skin cell renewal and it made sense to me so I tried it. I hope you'll try it for yourself but remember you must do it on a regular basis to get benefits, although, after I did it the very first time, my skin was noticeably smoother. Here's the link that explains what it is and how to do it. :flowerforyou:


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