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Me! Before and after pics.....



  • want2lose30want2lose30 Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    :wink: WTG!!!! Thats an awesome amount lost and you look GREAT!!!! CONGRATS:happy: You should be proud!
  • want2lose30want2lose30 Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    WTG!!! Looks great and congrats on the loss. Y91706.png
    Created by - Free Food Diaryou should be proud of yourself!!!!
  • may_mariemay_marie Posts: 667Member Member Posts: 667Member Member
    WOW,,, i mean WOW WOW WOW WOW

    i can't believe how much of a difference that is, you are my new hero !!!!!!!!!!

    you look beautiful !!!!!!!!

    i bet you make a lot of head turn in the street,,,

    seriously, what you've done is so incredible, it's a challenge that only a handfull of people on this planet has the determination to do,

    you should be on all the tv shows, ,,, its so amazing !!

    we are there with you for the last little mile

    btw,,,, its an honor to have you in our blue team !!!!!!!!!

  • Kaybay37Kaybay37 Posts: 57Member Posts: 57Member
    i just have one thing to say.........WOWWWWW..
    but can u elaborate on how u did it.......

    :blushing: :blushing: :blushing: Thank you so much everybody!

    nuttyrubs-just watching what i ate and working out like a crazy women,LOL! I did different programs to help too like Weight watchers(lost 30lbs), body for life(lost 7% body fat and around10lbs) and doing what im doing now....counting calories! I try to eat clean and strength train each muscle group twice a week!

    I knew i was in trouble when i had gestation diabetes while I was pregnate with my son(had to give myself insulin shots) so i lost 28lbs during and after my pregnancy with him.

    Thanks agian! sorry if i babbled on about...I tend to do that:laugh: :laugh: :tongue:

    Babble, babble, babble!!!! We wanna hear it and you deserve to tell it! :flowerforyou:

    You have done an amazing job and you look fantastic! "Way to go, Paula. Way to go!"
  • plantlady99plantlady99 Posts: 1,342Member Member Posts: 1,342Member Member
    great job. Wow you look beautiful

    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:

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  • neeterskeeterneeterskeeter Posts: 571Member Member Posts: 571Member Member
    Wow impressive! Thanks for sharing.
  • SGFlyinHiSGFlyinHi Posts: 469Member Member Posts: 469Member Member
    Wow, you look awesome.
    Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!
    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :drinker: :drinker: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • briblue72briblue72 Posts: 672Member Member Posts: 672Member Member
    Great Work!

    Thanks for sharing!
  • MontanaGirlMontanaGirl Posts: 1,251Member Member Posts: 1,251Member Member
    Congratulations!! You look awesome - your work is paying off too!! Wahoooo!! :flowerforyou:
  • Phoenix_RisingPhoenix_Rising Posts: 11,519Member Member Posts: 11,519Member Member
    YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!:flowerforyou:
  • bobbie0529bobbie0529 Posts: 19Member Posts: 19Member
    OMG you look so good! Thanks for sharing it gives me strength that it can happen for me too.

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  • ali106ali106 Posts: 3,754Member Member Posts: 3,754Member Member
    oh you look amazing pretty girl!!!!

    so happy for you and keep up the great job!!! so inspiring!!!!

  • sebasethsebaseth Posts: 123Member Member Posts: 123Member Member
  • kgore0808kgore0808 Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member

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  • chelle_618chelle_618 Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    WOW:happy: .... you look AWESOME!!!! I can't wait until I have that type of weight loss... Good job.. and keep up the good work... you are an inspiration to others like me! :flowerforyou:


    GOOD JOB!!! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • licia67licia67 Posts: 109Member Posts: 109Member
  • nightwolf99nightwolf99 Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    Thanks so much for sharing! You are doing great and are an inspiration for people who are just starting out! :happy:
  • tyncaitysmomtyncaitysmom Posts: 8Member Posts: 8Member
    You look awesome and I am sure that you are feeling the same. I just started trying to lose my weight, so you are a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing. WTG
  • elliott062907elliott062907 Posts: 1,508Member Member Posts: 1,508Member Member
    I wish I still had all my before and after pics. I was pushing 300 but no one believes me. I was like a big marshmallow.....

    My true friends and close family remember me that way. I was lazy, stressed and had no desire to be nice to anyone.

    I remember seeing a show on Dr. Phil a long tome ago about a lady that weight over 300 with a great hubbyand 3 of the sweetest kids. And they said they made her move out because of her ill temper and mean talk.

    She realized that she was so over weight and it was actually putting so much stress on her body she was sore, tired and it made the worse come out in her.

    She stayed moved out for a year from her family and joined a gym and got weight loss help.

    It was so amazing how she lost the weight and overcame her anger.....

    The pics were OMG!!!! Was this the same person.
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