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    Thomas' mini bagel with laughing cow light queso fresco with chipotle only 145 calorie breakfast (have some fruit and coffe and YUM!)
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    I eat all day long. In fact, the calorie count for my snacks is usually higher than my "meal." That being said, my main breakfast on weekdays is 1/3 cup oat bran, 1 tbsp sugar, and cinnamon. Sometimes, I throw in Blueberry craisins (they taste like blueberries and they are easier to store than real blueberries). If I am having a lot of snacks, I leave out the craisins. Here is my morning until lunch time:

    apple, some animal crackers, oat bran with sugar and cinnamon, a chopped up bell pepper, some more animal crackers,lunch, grapes, yogurt, and the rest of my animal crackers. I put all my food that I am going to eat while I am at work on MFP so that I can just eat all day long. plus, I make sure to eat something right before I go to the gym so I am energized.

    On weekends, I just eat cold cereal with almond milk. Or for a treat, some veggie sausage and cheese on a bagel.
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    Oatmeal!!! You can do so much with it. Add a few chocolate chips and sunbutter (peanut butter for those non-nut free houses out there), fresh fruit, a bit of sugar free maple syrup and cinnamon, shaved zucchini, brown sugar and cinnamon (actually quite good-tastes like zucchini bread!)
  • Every M-F for at least a year its been a Thomas' bagel thin ussually whole wheat but sometimes cinnamon Raisin (both 110 cal) with about 2 tsp butter and some cinnamon and a chobani greek yogurt. Don't forget the coffee!
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    I also do the 100 cal english muffin with scrambled egg whites and maybe a tiny bit of ham. I add whatever veggies are laying around. Right now, I've got lots of maters from the garden. Soooo good when sliced and placed on top of the warm eggs! :wink:
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    fat free plain non fat yogurt and fresh mango :)
    I'll do the 100 cal bagel thins with egg white and cheese or just use fat free cream cheese on them too.
    smoothies are the best too, just add 100 cal cup of yoplait yogurt any flavor, 1 banana, handful of frozen berries or mango or pineapple and a cup of juice (I use V8 fruit). Blend and serves 2... I think it's like 165 cals each glass.
    the best are the jimmy dean low cal breakfast sandwiches in the freezer section, they have a lot of sodium though.
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    I'm also an oatmeal fan - like regular quaker oats vs. steel cut, but after it's cooked, I like to stir in a teaspoon of peanut butter - sometime some maple syrup or brown sugar - also sometimes raisins or crasins and many times other cereal like granola or nuts - helps add texture. I have this nearly every morning unless I get crazy and make some scrambled eggs.
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    I try to switch it up.. sometimes egg whites and turkey bacon, sometimes some 'healthy' cereal, sometimes oatmeal... sometimes a "meal replacement drink" meant for breakfast time.
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    This week it's two waffles toasted with 1 Tbsp natural peanut butter spread between them. Then I slice up a banana to put on top and drizzle sugar free syrup over it all. It's a little high in calories, but I only usually eat 3 meals a day.

    that's almost exactly what I do...it's so easy in the car on the way to work ( I make a little sandwich out of it). I also have 8oz of skim milk to wash it down.
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    i eat thesamething for breakfast everyday. 1c. greek yogurt, 1 c. fruit. 1 egg, a peice of deli ham and 2 pieces of village heart bread (40calories a slice) with spray butter and waldern farms jelly.
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    I have been enjoying something new for breakfast lately...I usually have oatmeal one day, then a smoothie and now I found a new product for breakkie: QUINOA! It's soooo good! There is a book at Costco called Quinoa 365 (for every day of the year) and there is a scrumptious recipe in there to use quinoa instead of oatmeal for breakfast. It's very good!!

    PS: A LOT of the recipes in that book are to die for! They aren't all light and low fat, so you have to alter some, but totally do-able! :)
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    This is so yummy i"ve been eating it every morning for breakfast for about a month - 1/2 cup cooked steel cut oats with 1 tsp each seseame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce, and chili sauce, topped with one egg cooked in cooking spray. If I have green onion, I add that to the mix, too. Noms!!

    This is 240 cals, and it fills me up until lunch :happy:

    Yeah! finally someone who eats oats - not sweet style. I make 1/2 cup old fashion oat, 3 slices canadian bacon, chopped green onion and soy sauce. If I don't have the canadian bacon, I'll have it with 1 egg mixed with 3 tbsp egg white.
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    I like my homemade egg McMuffins.

    I keep boiled eggs in the refrigerator during the week.

    *Toast a lite English muffin.
    *Slice a boiled egg on top
    *Add a 1/2 to one whole slice of cheese
    *Microwave for about 25 seconds (this will melt the cheese and warm the egg)
    *Salt and pepper if you choose and top with the other half of the English Muffin
    *You can add canadian turkey bacon if you choose but I never do. I think it's really good without it.

    My other favorite breakfast:

    Top a caramel rice cake with 1-2 Tablespoons peanut butter. Add one-half of a banana (sliced) and top rice cake with it. These are really good and filling. I defy you to eat two of them:laugh: