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  • i buy the huge tub of ralston quick cooking oats, and i use a half cup of oats with 1.5 cups water as the base. in my microwave, 2:20 is the perfect time to boil the oatmeal, but leave some hot water to mix in the protein after cooking.
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    This week it's two waffles toasted with 1 Tbsp natural peanut butter spread between them. Then I slice up a banana to put on top and drizzle sugar free syrup over it all. It's a little high in calories, but I only usually eat 3 meals a day.
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    This morning I made a smoothie.... Low fat (1.5%) yoghurt, raspberries,blueberries and some tesco brand (Uk/Ireland) fruit juice. Kept me full until lunch and low kcals!
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    One full egg
    Two egg whites

    I add fresh herbs and sometimes basil pesto... YUM

    I also top with diced tomatoes or bruchetta...

    Another good and easy one is
    Two Egg Whites
    1 Slice of Cheese
    1 Slice of Turkey Bacon
    1 low fat English muffin - toasted

    It is pretty good!
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    My standard breakfasts:

    1. A slice of real bread (from the bakery - mine makes whole-wheat sourdough, German-style rye or rustic French bread, which I like) or an English muffin, toasted if it's older than a day or so, with one of these: cottage cheese (with ground black pepper and maybe a tomato on the side), hummus, peanut butter, a sliced hard-boiled egg.
    2. Oatmeal made with half water, half milk with frozen blueberries stirred in while cooking.
    3. Greek yogurt (2% Fage Total plain, 0% Chobani strawberry or blueberry or black cherry) covered with applesauce, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of wheat germs.

    I aim for a good portion of protein in my breakfast and altogether maybe 350 calories, give or take.
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    I like to do egg/egg whites for breakfast.

    This week I have been doing either hard boiled eggs. Or I do one egg scrambled (in the microwave -- I am not quick in the mornings, so I actually make and eat my breakfast at work), pre-cooked turkey bacon, a 50 cal whole wheat tortilla and a wedge of laughing cow cheese. My own little low-cal breakfast taco.

    A couple weeks ago I was set on the egg white scramble. Just did two egg whites in a tupperware in the microwave for 45 seconds, added a Morningstar Farms veggie sausage patty (crumbled) and Laughing Cow Cheese. Also yummy.
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    I use 1/4 cup egg whites scramble with 1/6 cup of lowfat mozzarelli cheese
    and 4 pices of cut up turkey peperoni. 1/2 of a bagel thin with 1 tsp of fatfree
    cream cheese and 1 tsp of smuckers sugar free jam. and a 1/2 cup of cold
    no sugar added apple sauce.
    All for 225 calories.my favorite, I try and have once a week
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    I tried the steel cut oats, and something tasted funny about them. Now I think that I just needed some more flavor. I made Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats(which only take 4 minutes longer than the Quick Oats). I cut apples into it before I started cooking it. Then I added just a little chopped walnuts, some brown sugar and cream. Yes, cream. I measured everything, making sure it was under 400 calories. I think it ended up being around 350. Normally I have a snack before lunch, and that day I made it all the way to lunch without snacking.

    I try to change my breakfasts up to keep from getting boring. Here is one that is never boring for me, but it costs too much to eat everyday: Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin top with 1 Tb peanut butter, and half a banana. With half a glass of milk, I think that is around 300-350 calories.

    Or I eat an egg on toast with milk. Sometimes with butter, sometimes not.

    Or a smoothie. The more banana you use the sweeter it will be, and you might not need extra sweetener. I usually use banana, berries, milk, and ocassionally I add a little Meijer's Organic French vanilla creamer.

    Sometimes I do peanut butter, banana milk and cocopowder, frozen bananas of course.

    Or, frozen fruit and orange juice, but usually I like it with milk.
  • my favorite is a breakfast burrito

    3 egg whites with 1/2 tsp southwest seasoning (mrs.dash)- scrambled in microwave
    94% fat free whole wheat tortilla (70 cal) heated 30 seconds in microwave
    2 tbls fat free cheddar
    1/4 cup fat free refried bean-heated
    2 tbls chunky salsa

    spread beans all over tortilla, layer egg whites, cheese and salsa in the middle, roll and enjoy. I make this for my fiance and he loves it (his is 2 whole eggs instead of whites and more cheese)

    with fat free cheese its under 200 calories, with light its around 220
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    Wow! Thank you everyone. Awesome ideas :)
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    Wanted to put this out there about the english muffins. Sara Lee make a whole grain low calorie muffin. It's only 90 calories and it's pretty good. Just a thought.
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    My favorite is a Light Wheat Thomas English Muffin (100 calories) toasted with an over-medium egg and a slice of american cheese!! YUM! Oscar Myer also makes little canadian bacon slices that fit the muffin perfectly. Tastes just like an egg Mcmuffin!

    If I wake up late though its usually a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch or OATMEAL. lol. Everyones favorite! Im so going to try some of these peoples oatmeal's!! My favorite right now is Old fashioned oats made with milk in the microwave, then I stir in one tablespoon of peanut butter and one tablespoon of strawberry jam! Its so good!
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    I like to use 3-5 egg whites and add chopped spinach,mushrooms,onions,garlic powder, chopped chicken, shrimp, etc your choiceand 1-2 tablespoon of cooked brown rice, or bran flakes, wheat germ..etcchoice of chese from fresh parmessian to feta,what's in the fridge at the time.whip all together and cook like a pancake.....one of my favorites is eggs chopped green onion shredded carrots and zuchini, and wheat germ and tuna, make several little pancakes with them great hot or cold....my kids love them serve with sliced tomatoe....
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    frozen waffles with strawberry cream cheese - by far the easiest thing to do...plus, you can take it to go!

    yummmmmmmmmm, i'll have to try this. :)

    My every-morning breakfast is a smoothie. Every Sunday, I do the shopping and get all the fruit ready to go for the week, then bag it and freeze it. The fruit in my smoothie varies every day... 1/2 c strawb and 1 kiwi, 1/2 c blueb and an apple, 1/2 c straw and 1/2 c raspb...

    In the blender, I put 4oz. light minute maid juice, 1 cup greek yogurt, 1/2 c frozen baby spinach leaves, and the fruit. Blend it up and go. I also have a hard boiled egg white for more protein. yummm
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    1 piece of 12 grain toast w/ 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter and sliced banana on top. Yummy and filling. I am full until lunch. :)
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    Here's a new breakfast I've been eating...I can make it while I get ready for work.

    Lunch meat (usually use turkey)
    Egg or Egg Substitute
    Cheese (optional)

    I scramble my eggs and add the salsa and cheese, then for each egg I put a slice or two of lunch meat in a muffin pan. Spray the pan with Nonstick cooking spray first. Then I add the egg to about 3/4 full.

    I bake on 350 for about 15 minutes or until egg is done. I like when the edges of the lunch meat get crispy.
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