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Hey everyone!
A group of us started the 30DS last month and are loving the results (not so much the workouts, but the results!!).

I wanted to start a discussion for ANYONE who is doing ANY Jillian workout at ANY level/stage. If you've finished all 3 Levels of a workout, feel free to share your experiences as well. Please let this be a place where you can feel free to share your success, aggrevation and other opinions about the workout(s) that you are doing. Yes, we all sometimes want Jillian to "go plank herself," but we can get through it together!

I'm currently finishing up the 30DS (day 4, woo hoo) and am looking forward to starting the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD.


  • jenny956
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    I ordered them last week, should be delivered soon...i am looking forward to them! I go to the gym 6 days a week, the dvd's are going to be my second work out on saturday(i hope) and sunday work out :) ill keep posting!:smile:
  • determined2bfit
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    I am doing the 30 day shred started today so tomorrow will be day 2 for me! I would love to know for the people who completed the program, what kind of results did they have...
  • SeasideOasis
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    I've done "No More Trouble Zones" a couple times....ROUGH, but a great workout.

    Today is Day 2 of 30DS. Day one was rough, but I'm ready for the rest of it!
  • fiabka
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    Hi, I'm on my last week of 30DS but have struggled the last two days with lower back and knee pain - but aside from that this is the first time I have been able to see a change in my figure - when you look at yourself everyday you don't always see the changes but I have dropped a dress size from lower half which is my problem area so really pleased.:bigsmile:

    I have now ordered two more of Jillians DVD's

    I finish 30DS on Saturday so I am starting the new two on Monday & was wondering how to do them, whether to alternate them each day or any other suggestions would be greatly received!!! I have got the Problem area & Metobolic ones.

    The school hols in England start this weekend so I am starting my personal 2nd stage challenge for this period of 6 weeks. (1st stage being the 30DS)
  • lazatin
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    Mo~ I posted my results on the other page...keep at it..it works!
  • cypanther
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    I just started and I'm about 6 day's into level 1. Boy did I feel sore after the first day. I thought I wasn't out of shape but I used muscle's I haven't used in a long time. I'm biking to work almost everyday (Monday - Friday) and doing the 30 Day Shred on top of that. It was hard at first but its worth it in the end.

    mosneakers - Totally agree with the planking of Jillian, I've thought about it a couple of times throughout the workout
  • ChantalD75
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    I did both 30DS and the ripped in 30 and loved the results. I hated the workouts!!! But it's done before you know it and that's the part I love!! I have fallen off the wagon and have been trying to find my energy to start the ripped in 30 again. I will get there!!!
  • lazatin
    lazatin Posts: 452 Member
    I am doing the 30 day shred started today so tomorrow will be day 2 for me! I would love to know for the people who completed the program, what kind of results did they have...

    Here are mine!
    30SD results

    Neck-1 inch
    Bust-1 inch
    Waist-2.5 inches
    Abs-5 inches
    Hips-4 inches
    Thigh-3.5 inches

    And down 10 pounds!
    Keep at it ladies it really works!

    Results since started this journey 42 days ago
    Neck-1 inch
    Bust-1 inch
    Arm-2 inches
    Waist-7 inches
    Abs-5 inches
    Hips-8 inches
    Thigh-5.5 inches

    And down 17 pounds!
  • jagoochie
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    started 30DS last week - on day 8 now
    also bought NMTZ, BFBM and 6week6pack
    am doing 30DS at 6am, and trying to fit in 2 of the others a week
    BFBM is high intensity - def harder than 30ds
    i dound NMTZ didnt really do much for me
    not tried 6week6pack yet
    im hoping jillian will help tone up and bring my muscles back to the surface :)
  • Kazimira
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    I need to get another round of 30DS in.
    I attempted to do 6 Week 6 Pack, but got interrupted by work. That was a totally different way to bust out some abs. Loved what I got to try and need to get back to that as well.
    I've been getting back to running on my lunch breaks but with the heat and humidity really kicking in I think I'll get back to some Jillian in the air conditioning.
  • bakersduzin
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    I've done 2 rounds of 30DS, NMTZ, BFBM, Yoga Meltdown, Shred It with Weights, and 6 Week 6 Pack- I love them all!! I just completed a 3 month rotation of TurboFire, but next week I start Ripped in 30. I'm so excited!! I've heard nothing but good things about it (with the exception of complaining that it's difficult, but I see that as a good thing lol). I'll definitely check back here to post my progress with Ripped in 30 week by week!
  • thetrishwarp
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    I've done the 30DS (lost 15lbs and 2 sizes) and am currently trying to get into 6 Week 6 Pack (I've done about 5 days of it, inconsistently) so maybe this will be the motivation I need to stick with it :D
  • poustotah
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    I'm currently doing the 30DS. I chose this one because it's only 20 minutes and I just had a baby 1 month ago so I figured this would be a good way to get in a quick workout, get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, and maintain all of the work that I did before I got pregnant. I'm currently doing it 3 times a week for the last week and a half and once I feel comfortable moving on, I will do all of level 1 every day of the week and will move on to level 2 etc.

    I noticed just yesterday that I felt stronger and even though I struggle with some of the exercises, I was able to get through all of them for the first time yesterday and that felt good. From my experiences with a personal trainer, this is a great circuit workout and has SO many benefits to it. I'm going to lose a bit more than most people only because I JUST had a baby but for anyone that is using this workout, it is wonderful!
  • I thought they were great...at first...then I got bored to death........a P90X convert here....
  • HannahPendrigh
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    Today I'm on Day 7 of Level 1. The first three days pretty much killed me (even though I'd done it a couple of times the previous week, but this was my 'proper' start) but by day 4 I definitely noticed it was getting easier! And yesterday (day 6) I happened to catch myself in the mirror and noticed that my back leg lunge dip things on circuit 2 were definitely considerably lower!

    I am scared to start Level 2, but I'm determined to get through it!
    After the shred, I'm going to do Ripped in 30. Seems like the natural progression really, and I've heard that it's a step up :)
  • Peanutduck
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    Hi all

    Im still doing doing the 30ds, I heard about it here on the forums and thought I would give it a go. It really helped me move my first stone. I really wished i had taken measurements but I can most def see a diff in the tone of my skin My belly is not so jelly and my legs and hips are def smaller!
    Im going to keep it up as i have my holiday goal fast approching
    Just got to work out how you log it??

    Keep Going !!

    All the best
  • angiek2322
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    I've done 30ds, last chance, work it with weights, and a little yoga. I love 30ds. But now I'm doing ripped in 30. I think it's much harder than 30ds. I'm moving to level 2 today....... I wish I had taken measurements before, but I didn't. I have gone from a tight size 14 to a loose 10/8. I feel amazing!!!!!! I love to hate jillian:)
  • lindalee0315
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    I've done the 30 day shred, banish fat, boost metabolism, and no more trouble zones. I loved them all. I still work them in to my regular workouts. (I just finished Insanity and am trying to figure out what's next for me.) Due mostly because of the heat wave we're in the middle of, I've decided that during July and August I will try out a variety of workouts at the Y. I will probably resume working out at home when the temperatures drop. We don't have air conditioning and with a heat index between 100-110, it's too miserable to contemplate, even if I can leap in the pool immediately afterwards.
  • lazatin
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    i just finished 30DS also and am going to start Ripped in 30...if i get as good as results as i did with 30DS I will be very happy!:happy:
  • jellyfishjen
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    I have done the 30DS twice now but I must say each time took me way longer than 30 days. I think rest days are important and sometimes, well life just interfered with my exercise plans. I really did enjoy it though, well if enjoyed is the right word for it. I like the way it makes me feel stronger and i still work on the easier level. I'm 51 yrs old and still in the obese range. I will no doubt do it again. Curently for exercise, I am doing zumba class, and using my treadmill for C25K, but staying on week 1 till i feel fitter, and sometimes a ballet class. I also have Jillians No More Trouble Zones DVD, but I haven't even looked at it yet.

    My advice would be take the 30 DAY Shred at your own pace. I have seen to many people start out all guns blazing and then get so disheartened when they hit a day and they are just too sore or tired. It is ok to take a rest day. Listen to your own body, we are all different. Although challenges are great for motivation remember it is not a competition. Just do the best for you.
    Oh i also learnt to modify if you have too. My knees would ache with some of the jumps, (jump rope) so i would march on the spot.

    I love having my dates with Jillian but she is like that annoying family member that you have to invite to functions.