Hot and Bothered



  • dezcast
    dezcast Posts: 429 Member
    Drummers...yummy. Something about watching them play without a shirt and sweat pouring off them. A man with strong hands and smells good.
  • emsoquena
    emsoquena Posts: 127 Member
    I have a thing for musicians and also basketball players. And if the can do both, then I feel like I've hit a jackpot.
  • Nerdphiliac
    Nerdphiliac Posts: 136 Member
    Holy Mackeral!
    I love a smart guy with glasses... HOT! <3
  • maiaroman18
    maiaroman18 Posts: 460 Member
    Wow thought I was the only one with a thing for Matthew :) also right there with LL Cool J and Shemar.

    *raises hand*

    me too. right here. they're yummy.
  • Sqeekyjojo
    Sqeekyjojo Posts: 704 Member
    Why does nobody ever like female musicians? As in the type that aren't singer songwriters with acoustics and high heels but actually hold down the bassline?

    Anyhow, big arm muscles and strong hands physically, smart, kind and funny on other respects. I like bikes because I grew up with them, but I've got as much respect for the guy who stops after one accident too many, if not more, than the guy who still rides.

    I'm not a single type of guy person - I've dated tall, short, hairy/bearded, bald, for example - but after all this time, my number one requirement is that they have to be able to make me laugh. Make me laugh and I will love you forever.
  • seventwenty
    seventwenty Posts: 565 Member
    Nothing. I am grumpy cat.
  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,834 Member
    Humor, quirkiness...hard to explain, but something different tha the norm.
  • anmd68
    anmd68 Posts: 12 Member
    Expressive eyes, nice teeth with a sexy confident smile suggesting she knows something I don't. Articulate, book and street smart, classy with a touch of naughty on the side. The kind of woman that can hold her own in a professional setting and make you praise god for being a man behind closed doors.
  • fitness_for_life10
    i love me some girls in the squat rack...DAMN!
  • Lind5ay90
    Lind5ay90 Posts: 376 Member
    Dark hair/light eyes combo...
    When they are wearing a dress shirt and unbutton/roll up the sleeves....
    Male nurses...
  • phoximom
    phoximom Posts: 365 Member
    men. I love them all
  • TwinkieDong
    TwinkieDong Posts: 1,564 Member
    WOW! You noticed this at 21! That is awesome!!! So many people are hung up about the physical but at the end of the day all of that fades away.
    I spend a lot of time in the library during the school year, and there's nothing like a guy really in the zone, not minding anything but his own business and getting work done. Brains are HOT. I can get turned on by a good conversation any day.
  • TwinkieDong
    TwinkieDong Posts: 1,564 Member
    for me like most guys I like physical attributes though I have to have both physical and mental.

    physically: A beautiful woman with a flaw. I love the face, secondly the hands, I love breast, hips and behind.
    mentally: smarts, against the grain, openness, wanting to try new things
  • singlenewmom
    The physical: I'm in love with black men. (yes, that's a strong statement, lol but it's true) There's something about them that I just find so strong and sexy and basically I just want them.

    I'm also just more attracted to men of a different ethnicity and/or culture. I want a guy to teach me something new and open my eyes to something that I might have been closed minded to before I met him. I want a guy to be able to change my life in a single moment.
  • BleedsCoffee
    BleedsCoffee Posts: 247 Member
    Ink, piercings, fedoras, black men (I know I probably deserve some flack for that, but... haven't found me one that wasn't gorgeous yet), a ****-disturbing grin, and piercing eyes!
  • Tuffjourney
    Tuffjourney Posts: 971
    Funny (case and point.. Ricky Gervais)

    I LOVE Ricky Gervais in Ghost Town. Best. Movie. Not ever, but definitely up there.

    Ditto on Ghost town. Loved loved that movie and Ricky in it!
  • rbrown2007
    Asian women in general, and women who know how to put in work at the gym
  • JessieJanie
    JessieJanie Posts: 428
    A sense of humor. Tattoos are nice too though.
  • mikoodles
    mikoodles Posts: 139
    Muscles and tats. All the way.