New and Looking for my very own MFP family!

krysydawn Posts: 231 Member
Hey everyone! I'm Krystal (or Krys or Krysydawn) and I am 28yrs old. Married and mommy to an active 6yr old boy! :) I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. I am so over it. I started to make major changes about 4yrs ago. I joined sparkpeople (which I do still use) and have also done Weight Watchers. Both were insanely helpful. My first bout on WW, I lost 22lbs.. And then everything changed in my life (moved, etc) and it all came back.. So here I am.. doing this again! But doing BETTER then before! I have now lost 44lbs! YAY ME! lmao But I still need ALL the support that I can get. Please do not hesitate to add me as a friend. :)