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Skinny Taste - Your fave recipe?



  • forty3fabforty3fab Posts: 148Member Member Posts: 148Member Member
    I have the spinach lasagna rolls in the oven now as I type this and they smell amazing!

    Love her Crock pot santa fe chicken too!

    Truly a great website!
  • rockstarginaarockstarginaa Posts: 1,529Member Member Posts: 1,529Member Member
    Thanks for this! Plenty of stuff I can't wait to try out.
  • Brookelee30Brookelee30 Posts: 102Member Posts: 102Member
  • TisMee76TisMee76 Posts: 67Member, Premium Member Posts: 67Member, Premium Member
    I love this site! Never ever before, have I been able to cook healthy & REALLY tasty food for the family.

    I've cooked her meals every night for the last week and a half. Brilliant!

    My favourite (so far) has to be her Asian Peanut Chicken. Yummo!

    Hubby is a chef (one that never cooks at home) and has said that these meals are restaurant quality!

    Love love love it!
  • licha75licha75 Posts: 398Member Member Posts: 398Member Member
  • PurpleCoookiePurpleCoookie Posts: 334Member Posts: 334Member
    I tried the baked seasoned fries and they were very good. My brother and mom loves these very much but whole wheat pancakes was a no no for me. Maybe I messed up in the process but they were odd tasting?
  • LeonaWFU98LeonaWFU98 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    I have her Chicken Tikka Masala on the menu for later this week! I'm excited to try it.

    We've had the Spinach Lasagna Rolls, and they were a hit at my house.

    I LOVED the Asian Glazed Drumsticks - absolutely delicious with rice and steamed broccoli.

    A friend of mine recommended it to me - she's tried a number of the desserts and really likes them.
  • letsdothis2010letsdothis2010 Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    I love love love the recipe for Baked Chicken with Dijon & Lime. It's delicious. I've tried it on boneless skinless thighs and chicken breasts.
  • mendogirlmendogirl Posts: 87Member Posts: 87Member
    today. i made the pink lemonade cupcakes & the healthy chicken nuggets:) yummm! i really wanna try the cookie recipes next
  • tmt2003tmt2003 Posts: 323Member Member Posts: 323Member Member
    spicy shrimp fried rice!!! Omg this is so good. I made it for the first time last week, and we had it again last night but I doubled it to have again tonight.'s. that.good.
  • letsdothis2010letsdothis2010 Posts: 191Member Posts: 191Member
    today. i made the pink lemonade cupcakes & the healthy chicken nuggets:) yummm! i really wanna try the cookie recipes next

    I saw the cupcakes the other day and practically drooled haha. May have to make them for the family soon...
  • OBXGalOBXGal Posts: 113Member, Premium Member Posts: 113Member, Premium Member
    I check her blog religiously! I was so excited to post what I like, when I realized that I've only made one thing from the site..I need to get to cooking!

    I made the Grilled Flank Steak with Tomatoes, Red Onion and Basalmic. So good and easy! I used the remaining steak for sandwiches throughout the week.

    I love, love LOVE her blog. Thanks so much for posting this, I can't wait to make some of the suggestions!
  • SaddyPantsSaddyPants Posts: 152Member Member Posts: 152Member Member
    Thanks for the tips everyone! I love skinnytaste!
  • jnnycjnnyc Posts: 25Member Posts: 25Member
    I LOVE her blog. Sometimes there are so many things I don't know what to chose.

    I have made her MacNCheese- I found it to be a bit, dry. Obvisously because you are limiting the creamyness and some of the cheese. But my fiance LOVED it. It made a Huge batch- we ate it for lunch and leftover for 3 daysa and I gave some to a friend.
    I think this a good "alternative" to Mac and Cheese, obvsisosuly its not going to taste exactly like the ooey gooey delisicousness that is Mac n Cheese- but at any rate its a hearty filling and tasty dinner.

    The Red Potatoe and Green Pepper- dijon potatoe salad- I think I added a bit too much dijon on this, it was heavy on the potatoes. So I ended up cooking a few more potatoes to even the score. I served this to my mom and dad and Fiance and my mom, who is a very critical food person- loved this recipe. She said it was light and great tasting and you got the sense of potato salad without the calories. We are it on day 3 after making it so the scallions and peppers started to get a bit--worn, but on Day 2 this would be super delicious. IT def. needs to sit in the fridge a day though to let the flavors mold together. It's def. a make ahead dish for a cookout

    Pina Colada Cupcakes- These were a huge hit at a bachelorette party I went too. Everyone loved them, and it was MUCH healthier than buying a cake. They only had 4 ingredients and they use absoulutely NO butter and NO sugar or Oil.
    I would suggest making these for a summer party. Next time, I am thinking of chopping up some cherries to add to the frosting.

    My next recipe I'm dying to try is the spinach lasagna rolls. I lvoe spinach, ricotta nad pasta so I feel like that one can't go wrong!
  • ipeloquin400ipeloquin400 Posts: 90Member Member Posts: 90Member Member
    I have done the Santa Fe Chicken in the Crock Pot and it was really good, I have to spice it up a little with they pepper but then I like spicy food. This weekend I'm going to do the Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili this weekend. I think after that I'm going to do the enchiladas they sound so yummy
  • healthydoseofglitterhealthydoseofglitter Posts: 552Member Member Posts: 552Member Member
    her chicken parm burgers= yummmmmmmmmmmmmmo
  • simplycoreysimplycorey Posts: 721Member Member Posts: 721Member Member
    I just found that site recently and love it so far! I've made the Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili and the Skinny Chicken Parmesan and both were really good.
  • jamielr84jamielr84 Posts: 545Member Posts: 545Member
    I have made the petite turkey meatloaves and my family loved it! I make it for dinner at least once every two weeks now. My kids, ages 5, 3, and 2 even love it!
  • cocolo89cocolo89 Posts: 1,180Member Member Posts: 1,180Member Member
    I have the spinach lasagna rolls in the oven now as I type this and they smell amazing!

    Love her Crock pot santa fe chicken too!

    Truly a great website!

    ohh me and my daughter love the spinach lasagna rolls!!
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