Did you lose weight after having the Mirena taken out?



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    I have the second Mirena for 3 years now. I had no problem or any side effects with the first one.

    But now...OMG...since I got this one, I started to gain weight. I am a very sporty woman, I have my own gym at home, but it's no help, huge bloating in my stomach, tired all the time, moody, acne on my back, arms, chest, zero libido and severe migraine attacks.
    I getting my period every 28 days, it's very light, no problem with this, but its last for a week.

    So I decided to take Mirena out and I will meet with my GP tomorrow morning.

    I never thought 3 years ago, I will have any problems with the second Mirena, because I had nothing with the first one. Tried to talk with doctors about the side effects and just laughing on me. ;-(

    I do not know yet. what day Mirena will get out., but I will update the topic....
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    Well, it's been 2 weeks today. I still feel good! The pain on my left ovary has subsided. I had an ultrasound and will find out results in 2 weeks as my dr. went on vacation. I stopped spotting finally and my bloating has gone away completely. My rings feel loose. I have lost 2 lbs. but more importantly, my clothes feel better. I do not regret having it out at all. Like I said before, peace of mind is everything. I'm still waiting to really get a period and I'm afraid it will just happen and heavy so I do worry about that. Otherwise, life is good. I feel like a burden has been lifted and that I see clearer. I'm more in the moment. I wouldn't say I was depressed before, but I laugh a lot more lately. Worrying about it and feeling bloated, etc. was making me obsessed and cranky. I wish you all the best. Glad I'm naturally back to me with no extra hormones. Good luck and take care.
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    I went to see my GP on Wednesday. She tried to get out Mirena, but she could not find the strings, so it seems to a complicated removal, I must have to go to theatre to get this thing out from me.
    GP also tried to find the strings with a long crochet hook what is using to brake the amniotic sac. This caused me cramps.

    For a public patient, the waiting list is 6 months.
    For a private patient, I have appointment time on the 3rd of December, but this will be only consultation and the fee is 100 euro and I still do not know the fee of the removal.
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    I wasn't on Mirena, but I was on a different BC (oral).

    Going on the BC is actually what I believe caused my weight gain. I ended up having to have emergency surgery for a tumor, a result of which I ended up being put on BC to control endometriosis and retro-grade menstration.

    Anyway, I went from 145 pre-surgery and pre-pill, to 228 post surgery and pill use.

    I was recently taken off the pill due to a tumor cropping up on my liver (caused by of all things, the BC pill).

    After being taken off of it I really started to loose some weight. I've gained a bit back now, but that was due to me splurging a bit I think. However, even though I've gained about 5 pounds back, its taken me about five months to do it instead of one week like it did on the pill.
  • I had mine taken out in June, after having it for just over 3 years. My complications (at one point I was convinced I had ovarian cancer) came on suddenly about the 3 yr mark (March) and lasted until removal. Two days after the removal, I literally "bloated" up to 167 (was 161 at dr 2 days before), my ankles were TRIPLE in size to the point I thought maybe I was having heart complications, but drank *several* bottles of water and walked that night and I kid you not, the next morning, I had shed FOUR (4) POUNDS of water weight. "Mirena tummy" went away the night I had it removed, too.

    Fast forward to now, back on the pill (Microgestin Fe 1/28), this is my 2nd month with a period, one huge thing I have noticed, is my appetite has gone from a raging craving pregnant woman with an insatiable appetite, to now I can eat just a protein bar for lunch on busy days at work and I am just fine until dinner that evening. (I eat b'fast every day)

    oh, and I have lost 19 lbs, from the heaviest of 167 (currently 148)

    hope this helps someone with a similar experience. :o)
  • I had the Mirena IUD procedure done about 1 1/2 years ago. At first, I thought it was the best things since sliced bread. No more periods, no more worrying about protection during intercourse. Well, almost immediately, I started getting bloated. And I mean severely. I was at the same weight for about 12 years prior. And then the numbers on the scale went up and up. Even though I tried walking 4 miles, 5 times per week. I even got so desperate as to go on a wheat free, gluten free, dairy free diet for a few months. The numbers didn't budge. Then I tried a "liquid" diet where I drank fresh vegetable and fruit juices. I thought maybe I had to either cleanse myself or change my way of eating altogether. That didn't work. I saw my doctor several times. Examinations, questions, bloodwork. He found nothing. I told him about my severe weight gain, although I tried walking, gluten free (etc.) diet, my liquid diet. He told me that he had a friend who exercised and dieted religiously and didn't lose weight either. He said that I may be just like him or that it could be my age! REALLY? I have no libido, get cranky easily, I'm tired. I never had these issues until right after I had the Mirena put in. I just figured my weight would go down to normal eventually. But over a year and a half and 30 pounds heavier, no such luck! Then a light bulb went off in my head. What if it's my Mirena? I traced all of my weight gain to the point right after I had in put in (within a few weeks afterwards). I will be contacting my doctor to get this thing removed. I have a funny, funny feeling that I will be losing the weight before I know it. I'll keep you posted.....
  • let me start off with saying I am a 22 year old mother to a wonderful 5 year old girl & I just had my Mirena IUD removed yesterday. Immediately yesterday I started feeling better as in my mood. Lights were even more vibrant. I had it in for 5 years to the month and the last year having it in is when I realized all my issues could be related to the Mirena. the first 3 years having it in I noticed mood changes but no real weight issues, I had actually got down to 125lbs from my usual 135 but then a year later it all changed. I started gaining it seemed 15 pounds every few months and in the last year of having it I tipped the scale at 175!! so in all I had gained 50-60 lbs in the past 2 years, that left me heavier than I was when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter!! I always had awesome muscle tone very toned tummy even after having my daughter! i didn't even get stretch marks when i was pregnant and i blame that on good muscle tone but with Mirena I gained lower belly fat which I never ever had before, I basically gained most of my weight in my hips butt and tummy.. my boobs got very big (they didn't grow even when I was pregnant) the Mirena caused me to be very depressed to where it was hard getting the courage to get out of bed in the morning. I was always very exhausted no matter how much I slept to the point to where my family would get angry with how much I wanted to just be in bed to sleep my life away. The cravings were REDICULOUS like I was pregnant. i absolutely had NO control over my eating which is a very odd thing for me seeing as how I never had an issue with this before. I blame it on the IUD for making my body think it was pregnant. I have also related it to putting me into menopause at 22! no period horrible mood swings HORRIBLE hot flashes and night sweats :explode: weight gain and nothing you do can help you lose weight. I went on a gluten free diet for a while hoping to lose a little weight and nothing happened. i counted calories and cut out carbs i actually gained some weight when my sister who doesn't have Mirena lost 10 lbs on the same diet in the first month of doing it. Anyways to conclude this rant lol i want to say even though i just got it out yesterday i feel lighter brighter and all over happier. im very excited to get my regular period and all over 22 yr old womanly body functions back! hoping to see some changes in my weight and cravings so I can get back to my normal self! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  • wow

    anyone gain weight on the pill? cause its the same hormones at a much lower dose given directly to the area its needed.

    in saying that

    my IUD went through my uterus
    and is somewhere in my tummy (im gonna need surgery)

    i never gained weight from the pill. i think the major factor isn't the hormones in the IUD but the fact that its implanted in your uterus so your body pretty much reacts as if it were pregnant.
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    I had mine taken out in June, after having it for just over 3 years. My complications (at one point I was convinced I had ovarian cancer) came on suddenly about the 3 yr mark (March) and lasted until removal. Two days after the removal, I literally "bloated" up to 167 (was 161 at dr 2 days before), my ankles were TRIPLE in size to the point I thought maybe I was having heart complications, but drank *several* bottles of water and walked that night and I kid you not, the next morning, I had shed FOUR (4) POUNDS of water weight. "Mirena tummy" went away the night I had it removed, too.

    Fast forward to now, back on the pill (Microgestin Fe 1/28), this is my 2nd month with a period, one huge thing I have noticed, is my appetite has gone from a raging craving pregnant woman with an insatiable appetite, to now I can eat just a protein bar for lunch on busy days at work and I am just fine until dinner that evening. (I eat b'fast every day)

    oh, and I have lost 19 lbs, from the heaviest of 167 (currently 148)

    hope this helps someone with a similar experience. :o)

    Add a year and this is me. I'm coming up to 4yrs and getting it removed on the 9th of it's a routine procedure. Out of no where I've been bloated for 3mths now. I look 6mths pregnant! I'm not overweight (119lbs) and I'm all belly. I'm always full as it's bloated. No dietary changes, no exercise changes. And I'm not pregnant lol. I didn't like it at the start and wanted it out after 6mths but the nurse convinced me to keep trying. I wish I didn't

    I didn't gain any weight with the pill. Used it for nearly 10yrs and never had an issue. I'm going back to that until hubby gets the snip
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    Since a month now, I went to see my GP and we are trying to get a gyna consultant to take out Mirena.
    Since my GP tried to take out the Mirena, I have cramps, and I got my period a week before than it should be.

    Today morning I drove my kids to school, and back home I started to think about this issue again. What should I do for to get out this thing from me?????
    Just I started to cry...

    I still have the private consultation next Tuesday, but immediately I have to pay them 100 euro and I do not have 100 euro now, to throw out window before Christmas. This is for only consultation and plus I need to pay also for the surgery, for my bed in the hospital, etc (cca 2000 euro). And my private health insurance not cover this.

    Or maybe I will wait till January, and I will go to a private woman clinic in Dublin, they will get out the Mirena for 200 euro.

    Sorry, but I really sad at the moment. ;-(
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    I called the private woman clinic a few minutes ago. They told me, first they will try the removal during ultrasound and with only local anaesthetic into the cervix. ;-((((((
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    Hi, new here but not new to the diet/excercise world. I had my son in July 2010. About a week after he was born, I weighed in at 6 lbs less than I weighed before I got pregnant with him. 5 weeks later I got a mirena put in. I have gain 20 lbs since then, have extreme insomnia as in I rarely go to bed before sun up. Thank god my husband is home in the mornings to watch our son while I sleep. I have had bouts of anxiety and depression. I crave nothing healthy at all which is very unusual for me, especially in the summer. I also am not ever hungry until the late afternoon and then I just eat whatever. I gained the 20 lbs over about 3 months after getting the iud. About 6 months ago I wnet on Atkins hard core and started a three day a week/ 1hr workout program with a workout instructor and after a solid month on both, I didn't lose a single pound. That is unheard of for me, on any diet plan I can typically drop 5 lbs a week for the first month and then I drop back to like 2 lbs a week. After that huge let down and the let down from my midwife telling me over and over to just give it more time not to have my iud removed. I just gave up. I figured screw it, its not coming off, my midwife is pressuring me hard core to keep this thing in, so whatever, guess ill lose weight when I'm ready to get pregnant again. Well, I've not lost or gained a single pound since and I don't work out at all and like I said before, I eat whatever I want once or twice a day and I'm at the highest weight I've ever been which is about 70 lbs higher than the range I hovered at for the majority years. Now I'm fed up and really thinking I'm going to go to planned parenthood and just ask them to take it out and just not go back to my midwife until I'm pregnant again in a few years. She'll forget all about it. So I am thinking that I can expect to atleast have the sleep/anxiety/depression and cramping after sex which I never have because that drive has been shot too, poor husband, cleared up and maybe lose the 20 lbs I've been storing since I got it. I don't mind working at the other 50 lbs, that's easy as long as it is actually coming off. Its when your working your butt off and not a damn thing happens that's hard. Working out and eating right is so easy when your seeing results, you start to crave that burn because of the results and I used to crave things like chicken salad and watermellon like it was going out of style, now its just non breaded hot wings, whole milk, and chicken strips with ranch/barbique sauce. I once went a year eating nothing but caeser salad followed by a year of avocado chicken salad. Now the thought of salad just is not appetizing at all.

    Anyway, anyone have issues like this that were cleared up by removing the IUD?

    well i had the same problem with the mirena some people bodies react differently, i wasnt able to lose a single pound eating right and exercising my butt off either so i had it removed *side note doctors will really try to make you keep that thing i was like NOOO I WANT OUT!!!* anyway since being out when i actually stick to a plan to eat healthier and exercise the weight falls off!!!
  • I am so curious about your progress once the mirena was removed!! I sent a friend request and tried to find you on Facebook! This was two years ago post and I have been battling my weight since about the time you posted this!! If you are still active in here katemanning3 please update on the weightloss following the removal!! Thank you so much! I hope u r well!
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    I wanted to bump this thread because I had my Mirena taken out this morning.

    It wasn't a tough decision to have it removed once I was able to see that the crazy mood swings and anxiety were directly to my TOM. The irritation and inability to control my emotions was going to ruin my marriage. Aside from that, I became immediately bloated (which was so sad for my wedding pictures) and gained 15 or so pounds in the 3 months that I had the Mirena in place.

    I've lost 40 pounds before, so I know how to lose weight and keep it off. Developing Fibromyalgia (which has been gone! yay!) right after college, undid all of my hard work--and then some. During the time I had the Mirena in place, I followed WW and then switched to MFP. I have also gotten a Jawbone Up and exercise religiously. While I have sen a noticeable decreases in inches, I have hardly lost a pound. I lose a pound or two, then it comes right back.

    I should note that I had been on a birth control pill for one year prior to getting Mirena. While on that pill, I was able to lose 20 pounds. I went back on that pill today.

    Once I decided to get the Mirena out, I did as much internet research as possible. I have seen people throw out various numbers about how much weight and how quickly they lost it. I know everyone is different, but I was wondering if any previous posters could give us an update.

    I weighed myself this morning and will keep doing so. I plan to update this thread, to maybe give some other women hope!

    Side note: Having the Mirena removed caused a few minutes of cramping, but nothing compared to putting it in. Actually removing it look a literal second. I felt some pain in the car, when we went over bumps, but otherwise, I have been fine today.
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    Also, if anyone is having trouble with MIrena related weight loss and wants to start a group, send me a message!
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    So, I had my Mirena out a week and two days ago. I lost a little over a pound in a week--and I had been trying very hard for awhile to lose any. I was able to lose some inches, but the pounds and the bloating wouldn't budge.

    I will caveat this with saying that I started a birth control pill the day I had it removed.

    I want to give some hope to women who feel like it might be ruining their lives. After one week, the bloating was gone and I had my natural waist back. I no longer want to divorce my husband every time my hormones swing.

    Some of my weight loss has been impeded by catching the flu, but I have hope now because I can think clearly again. This is not due to any change in other medications or supplements. I honestly believe that my body couldn't handle the hormones. If your body can handle them, then I am a little jealous of the convenience! I do miss not having to take a pill :)
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    My last post was on the 29th of November.
    And I am still waiting for an appointment to get Mirena out by gyna consultant. :-(
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    I am really sorry to hear that! I got annoyed when I had to wait 5 days!
  • I had mirena for two years and rapid weight gain in the last year 20lbs. It wasn't normal, I gained it in two spurts of 10lb and super fast. I started working out to lose it - this is the crazy part, it seemed like the harder I worked the more I gained it was like my body was in defence mode and then it hit me... this only happened to me one other time and that was my first trimester of being pregnant, then I started to add up all my other ailments, restless leg syndrome, trouble sleeping, extreme fatigue, cravings, hip pain (this was a big incentive to have it removed), lower back pain.. I read alot of forums with women having the same problems, (I knew I wasn't pregnant) it seems so simple but I believe mirena tricked my body into feeling pregnant, or at least in a constant state of pms because my troubles started only after my cycle completely stopped, before that I loved everything about mirena.

    I had my Mirena removed January 7th, immediately I felt good...just good. By the next day the constant bloating was completely gone. People asked if I lost weight even though i hadn't lost a lb, it was all bloat. I had some heartburn which was new, and fluttery muscle spasm feeling in my stomach - if you research progesterone it actually makes a lot of sense. These lasted a few days. No weight loss until the second week and the weight has started coming off by itself, almost 5lbs quite fast. I am not exercising or dieting, even though I have been invited to I decided for my own curiosity I would like to see how much comes off on it's own and am maintaining all my habits in order to not skew the results. I think weight is starting to come off in part because since removal my eating habit 'cravings' are just gone, with the mirena I was probably eating like I had pms every day. Also I have noticed some of my tastes have changed suddenly, things I liked now disgust me for no reason - not sure why that is. I suspect that once I start having a real cycle I'll see big changes. But I feel noticeably good and my hip pain is way better almost immediately after removal, about a day or two.

    I don't hate Mirena, there were a lot of good points and if I were in a scenario where i thought it was needed i might chose it again knowing what to expect makes a big difference.

    As for a "crash" I did get a little rage like a day and a half of old school pms b*tchy... but being totally aware of it made it go easy, I was able to warn people and no one got hurt ;) I also had a day or so where I needed a huge sleep, just zonked. Not sure if this is the crash or not.

    I would be curious to know if the women having issues are also like me and had not so easy pregnancies and if the women who Love it likely had wonderful pregnancies, proving that we all just respond differently. Also I was thinking about how some Doctors don't believe there are side effects (my doctor was nice about it) but even if there is not enough medication for all this and it is in your mind, isn't that warranted? if a medication or device tricks my body into 'feeling pregnant' or perhaps not having a cycle 'assumes a pregnant state' for my body, that's a real thing too...yes, it's just not going to show in tests, but doesn't make it not valid.

    anyways, I'm not a doctor but I consider myself pretty in tune with my own body and I know what works for me, at the end of the day I could suffer more or take it out and see what happens, if I was wrong then a) I know for next time b) I would not stop looking for possible other medical causes. You have nothing to lose...

    long post, but hope somewhere in there is good info for someone.
  • Weight gain central!! Mirena.. Mirena ..Mirena......quite the journey you have been. Here's my story , I don't usually take the time to write on posts like this but I'm hoping my story can be there for someone one day, if you experience what I have. First thing's first , I am proud to say I had my Mirena IUD removed yesterday afternoon & though I may not be feeling the positive effects of it being gone I am elated that soon I will be back to the old "me" . I feel like over the years Iv lost touch of who the old "me" even was or is. So starting off, I'm not saying Mierna isn't for you, and Im not all nazi against it , but I do know Mirena started to change who I am from the inside out. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who went through all the Mirena side effects, Glad I found this site last week with all your guy's stories, thought I was loosing my MIND!

    I had my Mirena IUD inserted on 2-2011 I weighed around 128lbs. Cramping was terrible for days/weeks as you know , after that I was in heaven. No periods , no more thinking I was pregnant every other week, No more forgetting to take my birth control pill, I was golden. So was Mierna for the first 2.5 years. I had NO side effects ,besides being really emotional,occasional bloating and my boobs feeling really sore here and there. Other then that I was Active, healthy, & never did gain weight, lost weight decently fast like I always have when I apply myself. So what went wrong right??

    I'm not sure why or how but the last 6-8 months of my life have been hell on wheels. Though I had NO idea it was Mirena making me a crazy lady,....I'm relived I now know the cause of my crazy lady syndrome.I started gaining weight so rapidly I thought I was loosing control of myself. Mind you ,work at a gym for the last 10 years, I'm surrounded by fitness. I don't drink soda, eat junk food, and I'm cautious with calorie intake. I work out at least 4 days a week and do lots of cardio ,.My best friend, and my husband both even said I looked preggers, my tummy looked 5 months along and it was always hard. I took a pregnancy test, came out negitive. I was loosing it. I weighed in at 156lbs Iv never in my life have been that big unless I was about to deliver a baby. I 'm 5'2 and I usually weight around 128-135lbs. 156lbs is NOT ok with me and Im not lazy , I'm active and eat right.The harder I worked at it the more I would gain, the more water I drank the more I retained. I became super depressed as well about life, I stared sleeping a lot, laying in bed, not wanting to do anything. My husband started becoming flustered with me because nothing ever got done around the house, like I just didn't care. I became suicidal at times and I was always so irritated with everyone, even my kids. This is NOT me, I'm a happy go lucky ,outgoing ,optimistic girl who LOVES life.The acne breakouts were terrible, like I was a teenager . Occurred all over my shoulders,back jawline, cheeks & they were the under the skin kind. The discharge I got was gross and always coming out, I was always having to change my panties, was just gross. My short term memory was shot, always forgot everything , felt like I was ALWAYS tired no matter what, I was tired, never had my energy that I always used to have. Got so bad I never get ready anymore , living life in yoga pants and sweaters became my life, & I didn't care eaither . This is not who I am, I take care of "ME" . Up Until I found other women's stories thought I was loosing it, reading all the stories I saw, they all were living my life in their shoes. I tired working out still and got tired after 20 minutes I pushed on & still did my 90 minutes 4 days a week, thinking Id start loosing weight, nope scale was climbing!!!! What was happening to me I thought??!! I'm sad all the time, I'm fat, none of my clothes fit me, I'm tired all the time, I have no short term memory AT ALL that I felt so dumb , always feeling dazed and blah, my life felt miserable. Once I realized I was not alone In my journey and knew it had to be Mirena ,I made an appt to have it removed, the doc didn't hesitate, she said all the symptoms were in my head but she did remove it for me . I'ts not her body Its mine and we as women know our body and personality's. If your feeling this way , follow your gut, yes that spare tire your carrying around, we all Mierna users get it . So unlike many , my side effects didn't came along until 2.5 years AFTER I had Mierna inserted. I was free of any side effects until 6-8 months ago , and then BOOM it hit me and I didn't even know it until I decided to research what was going on with me. I was loosing my mind and who I was as a woman to Mirena , call me crazy ....Im NOT.

    I will follow up with my weight loss and how I start feeling soon. I have heard of a "mirena crash" but hoping I wont experience it. I did become really anxious as of last night, into today .Lots of hormone changes going on ,figured its going to take time to get my body back to normal . I do feel like a load has been lifted off my tummy though , can actually suck it in ,where as before I couldn't. I actually WANTED to have sex last night too, I never noticed a low sex drive on Mierena but now looking back , I never had one, had to force myself to do the deed!! I thought It was just me getting older and having kids but, I'm only 27 years old so that's silly. Bleeding has not begun yet and sounds weird but I'm excited to get my period, let everything run its course naturally, just seems like it the right thing for our body's as women to have a monthly cycle. Going to take some time off any birth control to get my body back to normal, hello condoms ..Goodbye Mirena, ,you suck!! !!! Total weight gain with Mierna = 25 lbs. That's just crazy to me!!!!! Hope my story helped someone in need of not feeling like a crazy lady :))