Ladies: Sexy or Not? Beards with grey?



  • EmilyAnn89
    EmilyAnn89 Posts: 564 Member
    do not dye it!!
  • Caitie1986
    Caitie1986 Posts: 72 Member
    Grey is the way to go. It let's women know you are mature- not so shallow that you have to pretend to be younger than you are. (I dye my hair, so I guess I shouldn't say that...)
  • laughingdani
    laughingdani Posts: 2,277 Member
    Keep the grey. Sexy!!
  • BecksgotBack
    BecksgotBack Posts: 385 Member
    Good Lord! this woman that told you to dye your beard is either your wife or not your friend...embrace the grey. guys that dye their hair or beards to hide grey are insecure, IMO. If you do decide to just be careful as your vag may start to hurt and you'll get your TOM.
  • Kelly_Wilson1990
    Kelly_Wilson1990 Posts: 3,245 Member
    I think beards with grey is very sexy!!!!!
  • Leave it!!! It's a sign of the life you've lived. And it's HAWT as hell!!!
  • My Hubby has grey in his beard and he's very sexy!!!!
  • Iamfit4life
    Iamfit4life Posts: 3,097 Member
    I believe it was either Sean Connery or George Clooney that made this ok.
  • buzzcogs
    buzzcogs Posts: 296 Member
    I think a grey beard on a 37 year old is sexy. It shows you are confident in yourself and don't need to hide your age. I'm older (47) so you are still a "kid" to me! So I don't have the "young lady" perspective. But from an older lady perspective I think a guy who keeps himself neat and smells good (big turn-on) would be sexy with grey in his beard.
    Good luck!
  • EmilyAnn89
    EmilyAnn89 Posts: 564 Member
    I believe it was either Sean Connery or George Clooney that made this ok.

    george clooney :love:
  • Jennloella
    Jennloella Posts: 2,297 Member
    depends on my mood.
  • eversits
    eversits Posts: 177 Member
    Grey beard is very sexy!!! KEEP IT!!!
  • kasmir8199
    kasmir8199 Posts: 507 Member
    Go natural. Very sexy indeed!
  • NiciS72
    NiciS72 Posts: 1,043 Member
    WTF, if she's not your significant other or you asked her for an opinion she should SHUT HER PIE HOLE! That said I like the goatee/beard with grey. My husband is a year older than you and has had a significant amount come in on his goatee. I would be highly upset if he died it. Oh and I also like the bald/shaved head look too!
  • Grey is Super Sexy! Keep is well groomed. And men who dye, with NO grey left at all, are just plain creepy looking.
  • JulieSD
    JulieSD Posts: 567
    grey = sexy, so long as it is short and well groomed. It makes a man look more sophisticated, I think.

    100% agree!
  • Well then I guess the answer is KEEP IT! Which is nice, because I would feel like a narcissistic tard going up to the counter to purchase the dye in the first place. Not only that, I know I'd feel some amount of shame for even spending money on the stuff.

    Considering the amount of replies to my question, I think I'm done ever giving this anymore thought! lol

  • PJilly
    PJilly Posts: 20,220 Member
    It's sexy, sexy, sexy.
  • ThePhoenixRose
    ThePhoenixRose Posts: 2,018 Member
    Keep the grey. Super sexy , especially with the bald head!
  • dragonfly74
    dragonfly74 Posts: 1,382 Member
    Keep it grey! Definitely sexier to me!