Ladies: Sexy or Not? Beards with grey?



  • SarahRuth♥
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    Totally sexy. My husband has some grey in his, and he keeps wanting to dye it, but I hate the way it looks dyed. I'd much rather he left the grey. :)
  • i've just got a little triangle 'flavor saver' under my lip, and i've got gray in it. and my side burns, ok AND fgetting some on top... but I've never considered dyeing it. Now I'm super glad... I'm a confident person so I guess I figured I'd just roll with it! Thanks for all the input ladies!
  • So I'm just a little curious and having trouble deciding wether or not to dye my beard. I'm 37 years old and the grey in my beard is starting to become much more abundant.

    Now, I've been told by one woman.. well... it was more like a passive agressive "hint", that I should dye it.
    And then I've been told by another that it's actually really sexy and that I should keep it.

    So how bout a little bit of insight here? What is the overall opinion about Men with grey in their beards? I'm sorta on the fence about it.

    You are SMOKIN hot! Don't dye it!!
  • AwesomeSauce4
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    Definately Super sexier to keep the grey , exspecially with the bald head! :wink:
  • PJilly
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    I want my husband to grow his beard out specifically because it's so gray and sexy. He prefers to be clean-shaven. He looks great that way too, but I love a sexy gray beard.
  • babygurl48
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    I met my hubby with a beard.. he looked very distinguished and sexy!! I say don't dye!! Just trim it so it's soft to the touch.On a side note,, my hubby was bald too when I met him!
  • SusM321
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    There's something about a man with a nice trimmed "salt & pepper" beard, that's Sexy & Distinguished! Please keep it. :bigsmile:
  • juliecat1
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    Grey all the way!
  • Hoppymom
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    I vote Grey! I love my husband's.
  • It's official
  • this made me think of Dr. House from the show House, super hott! My husband makes fun of me but I know he's jealous, lol
    So to answer your question, it can look very sexy
  • brittanyjeanxo
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    It depends. Is your name George Clooney or Hugh Laurie? If not, I will sadly have to say no. Not for me.
  • Definitely keep some gray.. its sexy!!!
  • swede59
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    Im a man with gray in my beard and hair...and this post is giving me XXXCONFIDENCE! lol THANKS!
  • noelr56
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    I love grey on men, so distinguished!
  • TheRoadDog
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    Own it. Nothing wrong with grey.
  • ummlovelovesyou
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    Silver fox.

  • eddiesmith1
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  • silvergurl518
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    little sprinkle of salt? heck yes! full on santa beard ala duck dynasty style? methinks not.
  • DainaLC
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    :heart: salt and pepper