What's one thing that attributed to your weight gain?

For the last 30 lbs I'm trying to get off NOW... Taco Bell for sure and Domino's pizza. But growing up, my family would get these pies every now and then and I would eat a whole one to myself. I don't think I'd dare eat a whole one NOW. I can't believe how bad these are, my parents were oblivious, and the whole thing is just pure sugar.



  • Fast food at lunch, and generally not eating healthy foods. period
  • joakool
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    Holy Cow! I forgot about those. Yes, I consumed my fair share of those as a kid. Not to mention the endless trips to the candy store (it was within walking distance). My parents never said a thing about it. LOL.
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    Not getting right back on healthy eating and exercising after I had my daughter. Then, eating really crappy foods and never bothering to exercise.
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    loving the taste of food way to much
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    School, my mother in law, and bake sales!
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    Stress eating... The combination of a pint of ice cream or batch of cookie dough and an essay or test was (and is) my biggest enemy.
  • *SODA , fast food & my sweet tooth . :/
  • those things are killer!!

    Main thing for me, is just eating because i was bored/ sad. emotional eating. Luckily, I haven't done that in a while, mostly because i won't eat after 8:30pm.

    Also, mostly only eating junk food/ unhealthy food and drinking lots of soda.
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    I had a knee injury in 2001 that was the start of it all. I was in an immobilizer for almost 2 months, and my knee healed with a permanent bend in it. I did months of physical therapy to strengthen the knee, tissue, muscle, and to straighten it out. I was "out" for almost 9 months with this injury. I basically learned to be lazy while I was laid up and couldn't do much.... and watching cooking shows became my most coveted thing. So, watching TV and learning how to make ooey-gooey foods didn't help, either. Fast forward 8 years, and I slip on ice and hurt my other knee. I still have issues with it, just depending on it's mood, and that hinders a lot of my workout plans. So, I just do what I can, and watch my diet now. I've had a lot of success, mostly from the support from family and friends, and I plan on having more success!!!

    Newest, baddest downfall: a MASSIVE bowl of Chocolate cheerios w/ skim milk. I'm drooling thinking about them.
  • Most of my weight has come from my babies! But they are 5 and 3 now, and it has taken me this long to get the baby weight off! I ate pretty much anything and everything with both of them and I big time regret it now! I am about 5lbs from my pre babies weight now, but ideally I would like to get down to my wedding weight which is another 10-15lbs!
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    I was lazy and ate whatever I wanted. I'm a hedonist at heart.
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    Cooking lots of rich meals, and eating more than a serving 'cause it tasted so good.
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    For me it's just eating more than I need to. Yes, trainers can add weight too. Luckily for me it's not more than 10-15lbs. My goal weight is just so I can be at 7% body fat even if it's just for a day. It's not sustainable for a long time especially with how I train. 170-180lbs is ideal for me.
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    Using food as an antidote to stress....wrong method altogether! Exercise works much better. :D
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    Lack of self control I guess.

    I could blame my mum for filling the cupboards with junk, but my sister had the self control to take apples instead of chocolate coated museli bars and packets of chips, i had the lack of self control enough to take her and my share of junk and leave the apples for her.... she is thin, she has self control, and me, if it was there, i ate it and didn't think about the consequences.

    Instant gratification isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's so easy to eat those calories, and so bl00dy hard to get them off.
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    Fast Food, Pepsi, eating beyond being full, and being a slug.
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    OMG.....over 400 calories!!!! Goodness. I have eaten my fair share of them I will tell you that. I am so glad that I can now make healthy decisions.

    Thanks for sharing!!!! My obsession was candy, cookies, and chips....LOTS OF THEM!!!!
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    Using food as an antidote to stress....wrong method altogether! Exercise works much better. :D

    ^ this ^

    I couldn't agree more.
  • Growing up was definitely too much junk food. The past few years it's been because of medications and the fact that I am chronically ill with Fibromyalgia. But I'm trying to beat it!
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    My family owned a fast food restaurant. It's what I had for lunch and dinner every day my junior and senior year of high school. But I had an amazing figure then. It didn't hit me until I graduated. The year after graduation I blew up. I loved fast food, sweets of any kind and pizza.