How many days a week are you working out?



  • lisacandoit1965
    lisacandoit1965 Posts: 36 Member
    I walk for 1 hour on the treadmill 6 days a week
  • Tropical_Turtle
    Tropical_Turtle Posts: 2,236 Member
    I work out 6 days a week with actual work outs, rest on Saturday (rest includes mowing the backyard, weedeating, etc)
  • My1985Freckles
    My1985Freckles Posts: 1,039 Member
    7 days a week on a good week... 5 days on a bad week.... Well, I count it as 5 if I miss two days of cardio, but I still do some type of workout a min of 6 days a week. I am planning to add a second workout to my days. I've been slacking the past two weeks. Gotta get my butt in gear! It isn't going to lose itself!
  • ooOOooGravy
    ooOOooGravy Posts: 476 Member
    I have every Friday off, unless its a Sunday Race and I switch to Saturday. And have another day off if I feel I need when energy levels are low
  • chevy88grl
    chevy88grl Posts: 3,937 Member
    I used to workout 7 days a week for 60 mins. Then I ended up with injuries from pushing my body too hard and not allowing it to rest. I switched to 5 days a week/60 mins. Now that I am in maintenance, I only go 2-3 times a week for 60 mins each time. I just came off an entire month off from ALL working out to allow illness and injury to completely heal. I'm easing back into it and only going 1-2 days/60 mins until I get my stamina back up.

    Our bodies need a rest day, so I would definitely recommended taking at least 1-2 days off during the week.
  • Getting_Fit_4_Life
    Getting_Fit_4_Life Posts: 401 Member
    I workout 6 days a week. Even on my "rest" day, I still get in some exercises. I am doing 30 DS right now, so I am working out everyday at this point.
  • rmartin72
    rmartin72 Posts: 1,094 Member
    I work out six days a week and rest on Sunday:smile:
  • TonnaJai
    TonnaJai Posts: 49 Member
    Right now everyday, but once I finish 30D Shred I will be back to 3 to 5 times a week allowing my body time to heal andmuscles to relax so that progress is always being made with each workout. :)
    CVALGAL Posts: 108 Member
    I'm just getting started with exercise, and my doc said work out more days of the week than not. So that means at least 4 days a week of cardio. On the days I don't do cardio, I usually do some type of strength training with small weights. I've been averaging 2 to 3 lbs. weight loss a week. I also stay under my calorie goals most days and usually eat back at least some of those exercise calories.
  • flatbellybella
    flatbellybella Posts: 303 Member
    I workout every day.
    I do cardio kickboxing + a kickboxing training class 5 days a week + the gym
    then the other 2 days... I do the gym + something else (sometimes the JMs 30DS)
    and I'm always walking.
    every once in a while I add in the moutain stairs (but due to the weather change it's a little hard)
    If I don't workout 7 days a week I feel guilty :grumble:
  • Genem30
    Genem30 Posts: 431 Member
    Usually 4-5 days/week, 3 days of elliptical and 1 of treadmill. Sometimes 6 if I can coax myself onto the treadmill Saturday AND Sunday.

    Days that I go over my calories are almost always workout days tho, lol.
  • Mynue_Jeens
    Mynue_Jeens Posts: 98 Member
    I'm working gout 6 out of 7 days for a month long challenge right now, but when I'm out of this competitive mode I'm going back to having 2-3 rest days a week. It's important to lgive your body a break so taking weekends off (while still walking the dog and running errands) will be perfect.
  • mrimike
    mrimike Posts: 139
    5 or 6 days a week and 7 during elk season:)
  • 223730
    223730 Posts: 55
    Today was my first "official" day at the gym. My trainer told me to do resistance training 3 days a week, never back to back, and do 20-20 minutes of cardio ATLEAST 6 days a week, preferably 7. He told me I should be in the gym every day (that being because the gym is where I chose to do my workouts, not because a person HAS to go to the gym). So today I did resistance and cardio, tomorrow just cardio, Sunday both, Monday cardio, Tuesday both, etc. and so on.
  • klopiccolo1
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  • Shannonigans84
    Shannonigans84 Posts: 693 Member
    4-5 times a week I do an exercise video for about 35 mins. I also incorperate some core training with my exercise ball and exercises with 20lbs weights. That's about all I care to do! Not a big fan or working out, but I make myself do it anyways.
  • sashalarue
    sashalarue Posts: 40 Member
    Now that i'm back on my grind i'm in the gym 5-6 days a week. At first i would listen to people that would say..."oh don't over do it, and burn yourself out, if you do you will give up" *blank stare* :indifferent: only thing that did to me was make me lazy and slack off because i didn't want to "burn out" yeah right....any excuse not to go....i had to put in my mind that it is a part of my daily things to get up, go to work in order to pay bills...well now i know i have to get up and workout also in order to stay alive and healthy. 7 days a week do something active no less than 30 minutes a day, which i do. I kick it in the gym no less than 60 minutes when i'm there...good hard workout days 90 minutes. Good Luck~Let's Go!