pet peeves



  • candicole007
    candicole007 Posts: 120 Member
    people who always complain about everything... the whoa is me syndrome... i hate this....

    ^^this^^ omg this, so, soooo much. And I work with the queen of it. LOL
  • lucylue21
    lucylue21 Posts: 214
    i hate it when people depend completly on the goverment to take care of them. when they can get up off there butt and get a job. im not talkiang about grandma who cant work because she is so sick. im talking about little miss who doesnt want a job so she expects everyone else to take care of her. i see goverment benifts as a temporary thing. if you lost your job and need food stamps, thats fine to get while you are trying very honestly to get a new job.
  • BloomingLily
    BloomingLily Posts: 62 Member
    When people talk with their mouth full (incredibly gross).
    When people get in my personal space and feel the need to get all "touchy feely". If you are my man, that's cool. If not, please stop rubbing my back, patting my leg, etc.
    Having a conversation with someone who uses "honey", "baby", or "darling" ever 15 seconds. I have a co-worker who calls everyone "baby doll" - drives me crazy (not in a good way).