This CHALLENGE is called "MEATLESS MONDAYS" - its real simple, we have 7 more Mondays until the New Year starts, all Im asking U 2 do is challenge Urself 4 1 day w/out eating ANY meats, U R allowed 2 eat fruits, vegetables, diary products, 100% fruit & vegetable juice, veggie soup & peanut butter, BUT ABSOLUTELY NO MEAT!!! NO PORK, CHICKEN, LAMB, TURKEY, BEEF, ETC. Challenge starts Monday, 11/14/11 12am & ends 12/27/11, 12am! U CAN DO THIS, ITS ONLY 1 DAY! Who's IN?


  • TheKitsune6
    TheKitsune6 Posts: 5,798 Member
    I love bacon too much.
  • I'm in! one of my fav things to eat is veggie tacos! yummm! now i can't wait til Monday! :)
  • sleepy7
    sleepy7 Posts: 104
    Add me as well :)
  • MrsCon40
    MrsCon40 Posts: 2,351 Member
    Every day is meatless for me - but I'm here to support your cause!

  • Shelley0707
    Shelley0707 Posts: 1 Member
    OK I'm in.
    It will be hard and I'll need to make myself a note.
    But hey it's only one day a week for 7 weeks.
    I think I can do it....I CAN DO IT:smile::smile:
  • sundancer1966
    sundancer1966 Posts: 478 Member
    Great challenge, I do not eat meat or dairy but also here for support.

    Beans are a wonderful substitute for meat also - would that be allowed?
  • mrivera713
    mrivera713 Posts: 231 Member
    One day of the week without bacon.. You can do it! Let's do this! You want a challenge... You know you do, that's why you looked??? lol I'll try it... I can go ONE day without meat.
  • jennajava
    jennajava Posts: 2,176 Member
    I can do this.
  • VirtuousJoy
    VirtuousJoy Posts: 34 Member
    Count me in!!
  • sounds really good, I am not to much into meat :)
  • [Mexican Riviera, wait for me!]
    sounds really good, I am not to much into meat :)
  • loveme445
    loveme445 Posts: 2,443 Member
    Im in!
  • Charly27
    Charly27 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm definately in. I try to do no meat Monday's but waver when DH says things like "this would be lovely with a bit of bacon in!" Grrrr.
    I love veggie food and in general so do the DD and the DS. I'll stick it in my plan now :-D
  • ameerah77
    ameerah77 Posts: 37 Member
    I'm in! I think? Just kidding, I'll do it too...
  • sinistertitan
    sinistertitan Posts: 603 Member
    I love bacon too much.
    LMAO! This!
  • Go for it! Hope to see A LOT of replies...Been meatless for 7 years. Don't miss it. Healthier me, healthier planet.
  • snarky
    snarky Posts: 263 Member
    Love this challenge!!!

    Already veg. 24/7 ... I always encourage people to cut back on their meat consumption. One day a week is do-able for everyone and the environmental impact is huge!
  • gingerb85
    gingerb85 Posts: 365 Member
    I could say "I'm in" but it would be cheating. I'm already vegan. Heeheehee! All the best on the Meatless Monday venture. It is good for you and good for the environment. And the animals love it, too! ;^)
  • lgraham66
    lgraham66 Posts: 10 Member
    I'm in, I love my turkey bacon bagel with cream cheese, but I will not eat it on Mondays starting 11/14/11. Good luck to everyone we can do this!!!!!
  • nojunkfoodjen
    nojunkfoodjen Posts: 4 Member
    I'm in. I need to cut back on protein anyway.