• cbu23
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    One day a week? Surely I can do that! Add me in!!!
  • katkins3
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    I've been looking for a Challenge! This is perfect. Thank you for suggesting it.
    Count me in. :happy:
  • Ianultrarunner
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    Count me in.
    I'll use my iPhone Calendar to alert me too in case I forget.
    Any good Smart (lol) Phone should be able to do that?
  • I'm in! I was wanting to incorporate a "clean" day into my diet anyway, meaning no meats and all raw veggies and fruits. Meatless Mondays will be that day. Thanks!
  • I'm in! I actually just did my first meatless monday this past Monday, so this will be a great way to continue!
  • Count me in! It's at this time I'm so glad portabella mushrooms exist.
  • Yup im in all the way from New Zealand.
  • Awesome idea! Another one from NZ - count me in!!!
  • My first Meatless Monday has been a success :)
  • katkins3
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    I have all my meals planned for this first meatless Monday. It has been fun looking for new recipes to widen my choices.
    So far I've added: Carrot Soup and Hearty Rice Skillet. Later this week I'm making carrot and leak soup!
  • allaboutfamily
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    Sounds good--please count me in:happy:
  • I'm already trying to plan out my menu for the day! This is gonna be a challenge for me. Made me realize just how much I actually depend on meat.
  • Ianultrarunner
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    End of first meatless Monday was a success.
    Planning ahead defiantly helps.
  • katkins3
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    First Meatless Monday Successful!
    Last minute change in plans. My husband took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. I had the salad bar, (no meat toppings), and a berry parfait.
  • I'm in!
  • carolinz
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    Lol, I'm a meatless-everyday-for-365days-per-year... :P
  • katkins3
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    I guess you could still participate in the challenge by having one completely new meatless meal every Monday. It could be fun to experiment with New dishes.
  • vger11
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    that'll work for me...I usually go meatless on Wed, so I'll try and double up with Meatless Mondays 'til New Years...thx
  • This might be a silly question, but what's your reason behind doing this? I thought lean meat protein was good for weight loss?
  • carmela1968
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    I'm in. I have started reading Heal Thyself by Queen Afua again. And she gets down with the vegan situation. I am seriously considering going 100% vegetarian again. I just love chicken, it was the hardest for me to stop eating. I know I can do one day a week with no meat. That also includes fish people. I'm excited about getting back on track with my weight loss plan. I am pleased to report that while I was slacking I didn't gain anything back! I lost ten and that 10 stands. And I thank you. My name is Carmela by the way. Good to be here.