100 Miles in December!



  • SarahRuth♥
    SarahRuth♥ Posts: 619 Member
    12/1: 3.1 - running
    12/2: 3.8 - elliptical
    Total: 6.9 miles so far
  • bert16
    bert16 Posts: 722 Member
    2.2 miles this AM brings me up to 7.3 miles of running for the month!

  • loverstreet
    loverstreet Posts: 227 Member
    I would like to join please. I'm late so I have some catching up to do tonight!

  • shaynes14
    shaynes14 Posts: 106 Member
    I thought I posted yesterday, but it isn't showing up. So I guess I will put two days up.

    12/1 2 miles walking
    7 miles biking
    12/2. 4 miles walking with a little running.
    13 miles! :smile:
    Trying to stay ahead because the holiday season looks busy!
  • momtozmc
    momtozmc Posts: 418 Member
    Didn't log in last night, but did 4.25 miles yesterday! Slow running... did it in 1:03:24 but burned 682 calories(???- that's according to my treadmill)

    More tonight... gonna do this!!!!

  • momtozmc
    momtozmc Posts: 418 Member
    Testing to see if this works... can't figure out the ticker thingy!!!!


  • Joyce1980
    Joyce1980 Posts: 7 Member
    Dec. 02 - 5 miles
    Total - 7.5 mile.
    Yeah, I'm going to do this.:happy:
  • annasgyal
    annasgyal Posts: 1,754 Member
    Walked 5 mikes this evening...

    Total miles: 10
    Miles Left: 90
  • You can count on me, I was in the walk your *kitten* off in Oct. and set my goal for 50 miles not knowing what I could do. I increased it to 60 then 75 then 95 and I made 96 miles in Oct. The challenge made me want to log onto my ticker and push for more each time. Is anyone going to set a ticker to show this time?
  • 1 DEC…………….. 5 MILES……….. Incline Walking
    2 DEC…………….. 4 MILES……….. Incline Walking
  • swam 1 mile today in ocean city, nj pool. feel better and the lbs feel like they are comming off, weigh in next week, little nervous about the amount but, it's comming off. have great weekend everybody and keep moving.
  • 39 lbs thats awesomeeeeee
  • 5 miles, thats great, really is. keep trucking
  • dchienku
    dchienku Posts: 626 Member
    I did 5 miles again today.

    Dec. 1 5 miles
    Dec 2 5 miles

    Total 10 miles
    Remaining 90 miles
  • Wow, everyone is doing great! I'm off to a very slow start, but hope to catch up with you all next week!
  • momtozmc
    momtozmc Posts: 418 Member
    Here's mine for today!!!

    So needed this motivation... and my little bit of ocd kicked in, and had to get over the 800 calories burned mark....

    Padding when I can to get it all in!!!! My son has his first wrestling match tomorrow... hopefully, I can get some walking in around the track at the high school!

    Night everyone!!!!


  • Haz89
    Haz89 Posts: 55 Member
    Will start tomorrow. I'm slacking!... but no more.
  • jlchow
    jlchow Posts: 40
    100 miles/31 days ~ 3.33 miles/day... you're on!

    >Realize it's December 2 and I'm already 3 miles behind... CRAP!
  • alaskagirl5
    alaskagirl5 Posts: 95 Member
    3 miles done! 1 mile running, 1 mile elliptical, and 1 mile walking :smile:

  • jlchow
    jlchow Posts: 40


    5.33 miles, all running