100 Miles in December!



  • count me in. Don't know how well i"ll do, Just have made it up to 2miles a day on treadmil. But I'm going to try.::
  • docHelen
    docHelen Posts: 198
    12 miles today

  • RashmiKos
    RashmiKos Posts: 3 Member
    Me in!
  • alaskagirl5
    alaskagirl5 Posts: 95 Member
    5.75 miles done today - 1 mile running, and 4.75 miles biking! :smile: Yay! I think I am actually going to make this!!!:happy:

  • hey ladies, headed over to the gym, gonna try 2 miles today, taking a snack with me, first time I've tried this. Hope I don't puke.
  • up inj the morning running early, my little girl loves that too. We live at the shore and I remember years ago when I was able to run on the boardwalk, loved it, What environments do you all like to run in. Or where do you run.
  • belindawilli
    belindawilli Posts: 97 Member
    12/1---- 6.3 miles
    12/2----6.84 miles 86.56 to go!!!
  • tuneses
    tuneses Posts: 467 Member
    Ok I'll see if I can do this!

    Today: 4 miles running
    Total 14 miles running

    Remaining: 86
  • 6.5 miles today! Can't wait to reach my goal this month!!!

  • You can count on me, I was in the walk your *kitten* off in Oct. and set my goal for 50 miles not knowing what I could do. I increased it to 60 then 75 then 95 and I made 96 miles in Oct. The challenge made me want to log onto my ticker and push for more each time. Is anyone going to set a ticker to show this time?

    Got in 10. 6 miles today walking.
  • janruffin
    janruffin Posts: 53 Member
    I would like to join this group... I am a few days behind but will add my run today as first run.

    100- 3.14 = 96.84 to go!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
  • the 4 bad drinks thing was interesint didn't know about the flavored waters, I used to like them.:sad:
  • DisneyAddictRW
    DisneyAddictRW Posts: 800 Member
    Dec 1st 9.52
    Dec 2nd 3.68
    Dec 3rd 11.24
    Total for December: 24.44
    Miles to: 75.56
  • abby459
    abby459 Posts: 748 Member
    Great job everyone!!

    I hit 13.5 as of today

  • bert16
    bert16 Posts: 722 Member
    9.11 miles run today... 16.41 miles run so far this month!

  • sissamae
    sissamae Posts: 232 Member
    I would like to join. I did 3.68 miles on 12/1 and 3 miles today (12/3). I am going on a hike tomorrow so that should get me much closer to goal!
  • winodini
    winodini Posts: 135 Member
    Todays 5k has me sitting pretty at 11.32!
  • Becky1971
    Becky1971 Posts: 1,020 Member
    Walked 2 miles today, 92 to go.

    So many here appear to be quite committed, feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like!
  • bstamps12
    bstamps12 Posts: 1,184
    4 miles yesterday...96 to go for this challenge. Goal is running 65, bike 56, swim 2.4 for the month!
  • time2scrap
    time2scrap Posts: 8 Member
    3 more miles today
    total for Dec. = 10
    90 more miles to go!