2012 52 5/7 Challenge



  • thinktank32k
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    2/7 today with a 5 mile run. Nothing to write home about but i completed it
  • vhuber
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    GREAT JOB Ladies!!! You are ALL AWESOME!!!
    My day was JMBR at 5 a.m., work, cleaned very fast at my bachelor friends house for 2.5 hrs and then took the furries for a 3 mile walk!! Im good for 2/7. I am also sore from my intense workout yesterday!!!
  • ivykivy
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    2/7 20 min walking outside and 1 mile with leslie
  • makeitallsue
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    OMG! took myself out of my comfort zone today... funny how you think you are doing fantastic then...throw a new workout into the mix and it just kicks your tush soething fierce. Shape mag has a treadmill work out...suppose totorch calories wuickly while working on your butt and legs... I gave it a shot today and man, about half way through... I thought I should quit... but I didn't :bigsmile: , it was 35 mins total and I burned 540 calories... I will post the workout here if anyone is interested!
    2/7 for me.. having a protein shake now, off to baseball tonight and picking up my college girl tomorrow... I might take tomorrow off?? not sure yet... but will let you ladies know!

    Keep doing what your doing gals... you're Amazing!!! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • wanna_be_fit
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    Great job ladies!!! And Debra--540 calories in 35 minutes??!! Holy cow!! I'd definitely be interested to see that workout!

    I'm 2/7 with a 3 mile run on the treadmill @ 6 mph. I decided to ramp up the speed since I was able to push myself on the outdoor runs, and running on my treadmill is certainly easier! I probably could have gone another half mile or mile, but the baby started crying so I had to call it quits at 3 miles. At least he waited until I was about finished!

    Hope you guys are having a great day!!!
  • makeitallsue
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    :wink: Heather, remember I am a big gal :laugh: I wore my HR monitor for my calorie burn, but here you go.. please do it and tell me how you like it... it really kicked my butt today. Thank goodness, our game was canceled tonight... not sure if I could of made it... just made me really worn out. I think my cycle is coming...that might be some of it too.... but anyhoo.. here it is...

    Shape Magazine pg 139
    Burn and Firm Cardio
    Torch 280 calories in 35 minutes -while scultpting your butt and legs!

    Time / / What to do / speed / incline /RPE
    0:00-5:00/ / warm up / 3.5-3.7 / 0 / 3-4
    5:00-10:00/ / run /6.0-7.0 / 0 / 7
    10:00-14:00/ / walk briskly /3.7-4.0 /15 / 7
    14:00-15:00 / / walk briskly / 3.7-4.0 /0 / 5
    15:00-15:40/ / sprint / 7.0-8.5 /0 / 9
    15:40-16:00 / / run /5.0-6.0 /0 / 6
    16:00-20:00/ /repeat mins 15-16 4 times /5.0-8.5 /0 /6-9

    20:00-24:00/ /walk briskly /3.7-4.0 /15 /7
    24:00-25:00 / /walk briskly /3.7-4.0 / 0 /5
    25:00-25:40 / /sprint /7.0-8.5 /0 /9
    25:40-26:00 / /run /5.0-6.0 /0 /6
    26:00-30:00 / /repeat mins 25-26 4 times /5.0-8.5 /0 /6-9

    30:00-35:00/ /cool down / 3.5-3.7 / 0 / 3-4

    Oh also, my treadmill only goes to a 12 incline...so that is what I did... thankful for that little blessing...:drinker:
  • makeitallsue
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    that kinda smushed everything together... hope that makes sence to you... the top line states what the numbers underneath are all about... if you have any questions...please ask....
  • makeitallsue
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    you up the incline 2 times to 15
    from 10:00-14:00 and 20:00-24:00, all the rest of the time, the incline is left to 0

    hope you can read it... when I go into edit it... it pushes it back out to the columes I set?????
  • makeitallsue
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    I added some back slashes...that helps a little/.....

    I challenge all MFP pals to try to fit this workout in twice this month :bigsmile: :heart: just for a little something extra, extra :drinker:
  • thinktank32k
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    I saw that exercise in the shape magazine. I so something in a modified version when I do HIIT on the treadmill. It is killer

    Today is 3/7. I did JM30DS first thing this morning, had a 20 minute walk during the day, and 20 miles cycling this evening. I think that is pretty much a full day of exercising.
  • vhuber
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    Looks like a "goodie" Deb!!!

    3/7 with a 5 mile fast walk with my furries and a 45 minute workout with Insanity's Cardio Plyo Circuit after being up since 3:30 a.m. to be to work by 5 a.m. to help unload our end of the school year food order! I have had a headache ALL day and i am off to bed!
  • wanna_be_fit
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    3/7 today with a 3 mile walk in the neighborhood. Beautiful weather here today, but it is getting hot already! Gonna go out for a run with the family first thing tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for posting that treadmill workout Debra! I will definitely try it, maybe Friday.
    Verda--3:30?! Goodness, lady, get some rest! Way to get your workout in despite being dog tired!
    Thinktank and Ivy, keep killing it!!! :)
  • thinktank32k
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    verda 3:30 OMG I wouldnt be awake by noon. LOL

    Today makes 4/7 with BeFit video in the morning and then 4.2 mile run in the evening. It is super hot so I had to wait until late evening to go for my run. It is going to be a hot hot hot summer.
  • Chocolickkyss
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    Hello ladies, I know I've been MIA but hopefully back for good now. I'm back in a review and am the wedding planner for a friends wedding so I've been extremely busy. I recently purchased Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program and began it on Monday. I really like and appreciate the fact that Jillian eases you into these workouts. My understanding is that weeks 1 & 2 are relatively easy and the intensity increases as the weeks go on. I have enjoyed all three workouts thus far especially the fact that they are only 30 minutes. Since the back and knees have been hurting I'm going to take my time and not over do anything.


    Chocolickkyss: 1/7 - Body Revolution workout 1


    Chocolickkyss: 2/7 - Body Revolution workout 2


    Chocolickkyss: 3/7 - Body Revoluation cardio 1

    Debra: Great job with not giving up on the new workout and it seems you really brought the fire if you burned all those calories in such a short period of time. Keep up the great work!
  • makeitallsue
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    OMG!! 7 hours driving...2 hours packing up my daughter's crap, and toting it down 4 levels of stairs.... 3 different agruements with said daughter because after 1 year at college she obviously knows everything there is to know ....
    Please tell me some of that counts as exercise?????? Because I came home exhausted and fell fast to sleep last night within 5 minutes!
    I wont count it.. but am heading out to mow today... strapping on HR monitor now...garden needs tending too.... 88* today????? WOW!
  • wanna_be_fit
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    Glad to see you back Choco!!!! Sounds like your schedule is crazy right now. It's soooo nice to be the least busy lady on this thread for awhile--other than feeding the baby and changing diapers I don't have many responsibilities--except for faculty meetings tomorrow and Saturday--yuck!!

    Debra--I vote that the moving TOTALLY counts for your exercise! If you had worn a HRM I bet you burned 1,000 calories or more. Your daughter is lucky that you are such a big help!

    I hear you on the heat thinktank. The family and I got out and ran this morning, and even though it was 75 degrees when we left at 8:30 we both felt super sluggish. I really only like to run in perfect weather, say from 60-70 degrees. :wink:

    My 4/7 today was a 2 mile run with the family plus warmup and cooldown walk. We were planning a 3 mile run, but Blake started crying so we had to cut it short. Hope you guys are having a great day!!!
  • thinktank32k
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    Today makes 5/7. I did 30 minutes cycling and 2 miles worth of HIIT. My first mile was 11:23 which is like wow for me. I know slow in others but I was totally psyched. But now my bottom hurts, I guess I used some sleeping muscles.

    I plan on taking my dress to get altered this week. When I bought it fit perfectly at a size 10. When it arrived at the house all I can say is oops. Definitely needed a smaller size. But hey easier to take it then to try and find extra material.
  • vhuber
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    Great to see ya back choco!!!! So far I like JMBR!!!

    Debra, you are darn right to use that moving as exercise! Gosh I remember ALL those times I did that for my sons and it is super hard work (much easier to go run a few miles than move and super clean an appartment!!) I wish you the best this summer with that KNOW everything daughter!:wink:

    thinktank, that is awesome on the run AND the altering of the dress!!

    Heather, yeah you should feel sluggish and tired on some days, gosh you just went through childbirth!!!:wink:

    Looks like we lost some of our workout buddies! Dang it that always happens. I always feel I should have been more encouraging or something!! Sorry people!!!

    My 5/7 was JMBR workout 3 and 45 minutes on the TM!!
  • makeitallsue
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    Really did try to get back on yesterday...took the laptop to the bedroom last night and as soon as I booted up it started shouting.. low battery, shut down...... I had no energy to run up stairs for adaptor... haha
    I did buckle on the HR monitor yesterday... I was outdoors from 8 am - to 2 PM for a total calorie burn of 1205 calories.... I couldn't believe it! When I was just spraying for weeds... I wasn't burning much... but by the time I started push mowing the ditches and trim work... I was burning some calories then! I planted some cilantro... but that was as far as I got with planting,,, the day got a way from me.. had to head off to track... which, my son took blue in the 200m and 3rd in long jump... he got a bad start in the 100m... didn't place there and there relay team came in third.... great night...
    Out to finish up mowing around batting cage before the rain comes and would like to try to fit a run in!!

    Verda Great workout!!!!
    Thinktank... how fantastic a size 10... that need altered!! Woo-hoo!!!!!! a size 10 is my goal in jeans...haha GO you!
    Heather... amazing, you are doing so much better than I ever even thought about with any of my births.... crazy how much you are getting accomplished!
    Choco....so sorry I didn't comment on your return, I apologize my friedn... I was all whiny cus of the daughter! Welcome back and I many wishes for you to stay healthy!!!

    Verda... maybe the ladies will come back.... I always feel guilty too... I get busy sometimes and don't always feel I give my total support... but I do try..... I am just glad the few of us have stayed true...don't know what I'd do without you all!!!
    Hey Ivy... hope you are well!!!!
  • wanna_be_fit
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    Oh Verda, don't feel bad--the others obviously just can't hang with us!! :laugh:

    Thinktank--that's great that you need alterations on your wedding gown--it's expensive, but shows that you've been working hard!!

    Debra--THANK YOU for posting that treadmill workout. I did it today and it was tough!! I burned 370 calories in 35 minutes, which was great! But even better it will definitely help me work on my hills and my speed, both of which need work!

    I'm sure Ivy is out there working hard, same with Choco!

    My 5/7 today was the treadmill workout that Debra posted--definitely intense! Hope you guys have had a great day!