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What healthy food do you hate?



  • TerylOzTerylOz Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    I never liked squash but managed to grow a bumper crop of butternut squash last summer from seeds that were in my compost pile. I'm determined to find ways to use it & found that grating it into homemade spicy Moroccan lentil soup perfectly hid it so I get the benefit without actually having to taste it.
  • Squish815Squish815 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    So much!

    Fish of any kind
    Eggs in any form but an omelette (or in cake!)

    I could go on, but you get the idea! Though I'm nowhere as near as bad as I used to be.
  • MeganReid1991MeganReid1991 Member Posts: 170 Member Member Posts: 170 Member
    Avocados, I can eat them but would prefer not too..
    cottage cheese.
    Most fish..
    whole wheat pasta.. I just can’t do it.. so I tend to eat more rice & potatoes.
  • sytchequeensytchequeen Member Posts: 526 Member Member Posts: 526 Member
    kale is cattle feed. The end. ;)
  • Geri_Gets_StrongGeri_Gets_Strong Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I don’t like fruit but I eat it anyways! I much rather eat vegetables. I’m not into sweet foods.
  • comptonelizabethcomptonelizabeth Member Posts: 1,680 Member Member Posts: 1,680 Member
    kale is cattle feed. The end. ;)

    So is swede :s
  • AllgaunAllgaun Member Posts: 212 Member Member Posts: 212 Member
    Tilapia, it's a mushy fish! I like fish with texture.
  • Crafty_camper123Crafty_camper123 Member Posts: 1,440 Member Member Posts: 1,440 Member
    crazyravr wrote: »
    nowine4me wrote: »
    Mayo on fish? Yuck

    Ohhhhhhhhhh blew my mind too. I would have never tried if not for sooooo many good reviews. The only difference is that I did not use nor will I ever use tilapia.
    Thats one of those things that sounds worse then it is... Unless of course you just smear mayo on some fish and gulp it down... Ew.

    Now try this with Miracle Whip??? Blech :s

    Miracle whip is like mayonnaise's evil, tangy cousin. I'll only use it if there is no mayonnaise available. (Sandwich's and such.. Not fish.. )

    Edit:: Wait.. That's probably not "Healthy", lol. So I'll just reiterate my hatred for pickled beets. They taste like if you threw sweet pickles in the dirt, and then ate them.
    edited February 2019
  • ccruz985ccruz985 Member Posts: 646 Member Member Posts: 646 Member
    Uncooked celery, peas, salmon, whole wheat pasta, cucumber, cauliflower.
  • andrew9a9andrew9a9 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I hate all healthy foods. But I eat it anyway cause ya have to.
  • jennifer_417jennifer_417 Member Posts: 12,348 Member Member Posts: 12,348 Member
    Brown rice
    Reduced fat cheese
  • zwerchfellzwerchfell Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5 Member
    Celery sticks
    Everything fat free. Which isn’t healthy in the first place.
  • Beaster_BunnyBeaster_Bunny Member Posts: 502 Member Member Posts: 502 Member
    Kale, so I don't eat it and never will.
  • euronorriseuronorris Member Posts: 211 Member Member Posts: 211 Member
    Almost all fish - only like Cod, Pollock and Haddock and even then, not often
    Cabbage - barf
    Raw celery - small amounts in cooked meals are fine
    Mushrooms (on their own) - if they are cooked into a dish (like Bolognese), they're fine
    Any cheese - makes me sick
    Kiwi - I actually like it, but I am allergic so I have to avoid
    Olives - bleurgh
  • euronorriseuronorris Member Posts: 211 Member Member Posts: 211 Member
    Oh yes, grapefruit and Brussel sprouts.
  • stephanne13stephanne13 Member Posts: 211 Member Member Posts: 211 Member
    nowine4me wrote: »
    Mayo on fish? Yuck

    I think it's a Russian thing.. Found a recipe once, & I do it.. it's actually pretty good. I mix a little mayo & sour cream with dill, lemon, ground pepper, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Spread it on the salmon or sometimes crappie, and bake it.
  • ccrdragonccrdragon Member Posts: 2,914 Member Member Posts: 2,914 Member
    Out of all the things listed in this thread, the only thing that I agree with is Tilapia. Tilapia is a total waste of calories.
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Member Posts: 2,438 Member Member Posts: 2,438 Member
    I suppose I'm lucky. Liver is about it. I like pretty much everything else.
  • dsbooheaddsboohead Member Posts: 1,900 Member Member Posts: 1,900 Member
    Kale...yuck! Catfish :s
  • lx1xlx1x Member Posts: 33,655 Member Member Posts: 33,655 Member
    Beets, brussel sprouts, yogurt, cottage cheese..

    long list..
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